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Sprint / additional fee

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I opened two mobile numbers with Sprint in November 2009. The first line I understood it was a two year contract and with that new line I received a equipment discount for a BB phone. The second I provided the phone and was told by the Sprint sales person that if I chose to purchase a new phone during the contract period I would still be eligible for the discount. That was good news since I did not know if the phone I provided would last two years. I received a letter from Sprint in December 09 just two months later with news of a fee that would be added to my account $4.99 monthly because my account is in their ASL Account Spending Limit program. The fee however will be waived if I allow them to automatically debit my checking account for the monthly service.
I called their customer service and spoke to two supervisors after going on and on with the customer representative who was not knowledgeable. It turns out that the fee only applies to the ASL customer (not explained when I opened the account) Discrimination?
I think so... Also that equipment discount for my second line... LOST! The sales person was apparently wrong. If I purchase a new phone for that line it will extend the contract date 2 years from the date of purchase. On the front end the Sprint store and customer service was pleasant to deal with and helpful. After the 30 days trial period expired that friendlyness and will to service the customer evaporated. I am disapointed with their customer service, added fees, and cell coverage. I hope to to get to someone at Sprint that can actually resolve my complaint to my stratification.

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  • Sd
      22nd of Aug, 2006
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    Sprint - Unauthorizes charges
    United States

    After accepting service with sprint over two years ago, I became completely disenchanted with their customer service. I was never sent the promised rebate on the phone I purchased. A couple months later, I added another phone and line for my son. Every time I called about anything there was always very much confusion and none of the representatives could ever find any notation left by the last customer service rep that had answered my calls. After about three months, I was determined to ride out my two year contract then change services.

    In mid May I called to find out when my contract expired and after getting no human response I pushed the number that would allow me to use the "automated response". What I wanted to know was exactly when my contract expired. The verbal robot told me that it expired on July 2008. This incensed me as I knew I had not renewed my contract. I tried unsuccessfully for three days to get a real live person on the phone. Finally when I did, I complained clearly and loudly that I had not renewed my contract and would not be renewing my contract. The clerk acknowledged that no, I had not elected to renew and that the July 2006 expiration would still apply. Within the next few days, in checking my post office box, I found little sprint messages that almost looked like advertisements informing me that my phone contract ended in July 2008. Feeling I had settled this matter earlier in the week on the phone, I laughed at the absurdity of their manipulative tactics. Here is the most irritating and indefensible part of my complaint, after I changed to another phone service my bill showed two $150.00 charges for early contract termination. I called and after spending over an hour on the phone and speaking to four people (all adept at handling this kind of "problem" ensuring that the customer is intimidated into submission of the fees), I was told that I had renewed in April on their automated phone service. I told the clerk I most certainly had not renewed with them and that I was told in June that my contract ended in July.They told me that it was right there in "the notes". I told her that I'd like to see those notes or her a recording of them. She told me she couldn't provide that. I asked the clerk if she saw the notes in which the customer service rep told me that despite the information given to me by the automated recording my contract would end in July. She finally said, yes, she did see it, but only on one phone. She would remove that fee but not the other one. I told her that when I called about the account I called about both numbers. She said the termination fee will stand and it is legitimate. I told her that I would rather pay $400 in legal fees than to pay Sprint $300 for termination of a bogus contract they had attributed to me. The clerk said, if you don't pay it you will be charged a late fee. Finally, I gave up, and out of fear of my credit being affected I considered paying the $150.00 fee. But, I am resolute in fighting this anyway I can, even if it just means publicizing their lousy dishonest business practices. Final recompense for their regretable business transaction with me would conclude with a credit to my account of both $150.00 termination of contract fees.

  • Jd
      17th of Nov, 2006
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    Sprint mobile phone plans

    I bought my 2-line plan in August 2005 and added a third line shortly after. I have moved twice and hence changed the numbers. Their billing system has made 12 or more errors in the year since then.

    1. First, "taxes and surcharges and government mandated fees" (fees in
    short) should be based on the billing address and sprint accepts that. In my case they have added fees for the county I purchased the plan and my billing address. Then every time I moved they added these fees for the new location without removing the old ones. As they don't give detailed calculations for these fees and moving from one "Orange" county to another "Orange" county, I didn't notice this error until the fees began to top $25 every month. Once I informed them (in April 2006) they send me around for about 4 months. (25+ emails and about the same number of phone calls. Promises to fix the problem, promises to call back, please contact that department, etc.) The last guy I talked to first offered to refund $25 despite I have been overcharged $10-15 for 7 months. After another 10mins of talking he told me that the max he can give me is $34. By that time I was sick of this issue and accepted it. Sprint stand is that according to the contract they do not make refunds for errors older than 2 months. They were never apologetic of making the errors and on few times tried to deceive me that there is no problem at all. Also they don't accept anything in e-mail and want you to call, probably because they don't want any evidence. 2. Apart from this, Since February 2006, there has been 5 unrelated billing errors, each time overcharging me about $5-$10. Add a line charge when no line was added, extra $5 for one line for no reason, minutes on one line being counted outside the plan, list goes on. Every time I call the girls first try to tell some story and convince me that there is no problem. After I hammer in the point, put me on hold for a while and later credit the amount back to me. Sometimes they try to sell something extra at the same time. Last couple of times I asked if they give any extra credit back when they make repeated mistakes as customers have to spend lots of time - no luck there. Basically I have been doing their billing calculations for few months. For the number of hours I have spent checking and getting things corrected I should get a fair compensation I think.

    Another thing that I keep pondering is how all these "mistakes" (6 separate type of errors) happen to benefited Sprint and never me.

  • Re
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    I called sprint to ask if my 2yr agreement had ended and was told by a customer representative that it had. I then went to Verizon. I have been on the phone for several hours with a sprint reprentative who has not been able to get any records of my phone conversations except notes from a representative that I had inquired about phones. And now they state I had two months before my contract was suppose to end I received a bill from Sprint stating that I need to pay a cancellation charge of $600. I am very disappointed with the service I received from sprint and their dishonest customer service information. I just want people to know that they should make note of every Sprint call they make to their representatives because they will not give the customer the benefit of the doubt.

    And they are very selective about what they chose to make notes on.

  • Va
      8th of Dec, 2006
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    I had been with Sprint for 6 months when my daughters cell phone fell into the pool. Trying to replace it (yes, buy a new one!) has been a nightmare.

    Since I hadn't been with them for a yr, I wasn't entitled to ANY discounts and only phones to buy are $200+. (funny, the cheapy free phone I was given when I signed on is "not available anymore-huh?) You're told one thing via the phone, another thing in person at store. They dont care one bit about customer service AFTER the sale, they're ONLY interested in signing up new customers. . Was told by a Radio Shack mgr, "try buying one on Ebay" So i did, now Sprint is telling me I now have to wait another year to receive a "discount" on replacement phone. Can i purchase a new line with existing contract, get a new phone? Nope. Can I buy a used phone thru you? Nope. Ask in store employee for suggestions? His answer " you should have bought replacement insurance". Thanks for the help. Terrible company, even worse customer service.

  • Ak
      11th of Dec, 2006
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    Sprint - Unauthorizes charges
    United States

    Never call sprint pcs service desk as they will renew your contract without telling you. They will tell that a discount is being applied to your service and will send a mail which will look like an advertisement. So please ensure to read the mails which looks like advertisement and ensure to call them and cancel the change so that you will not be duped into a contract.

  • Lu
      15th of Dec, 2006
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    Changed phones from nextel to sprint, nextel service was ok, in order to have bluetooth. this was done in Atlanta accommodate a new auto hands free use. I was assured that i would have the same coverage at my home in Fl. that was provided by nextel, this sounded reasonable. However when I returned home I found sprint service unavailable in my neighborhood although Cingular service was excellent. I spoke to customer service at Sprint and was passed thru to other depts. and finally was assured that the penalty would be waived. Nextel and Sprint advertise as one co. so my presumption of same service was reasonable

  • Er
      17th of Dec, 2006
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    Sprint Pcs - Sprint PCS teams up with Wirefly for Scam
    United States

    I do not know what scam is going on between Wirefly and Sprint. I ordered through Sprint's Employee Referral program and they are telling me I ordered through I had never heard of until Sprint mentioned it to me. The reason I contacted Sprint about my account is that I noticed that there has been an $8 charge for 500 text messages package for the last few months. I never ever signed up for this... I only use one or two text messages a month, I don't need 500. Sprint says that Wirefly added this service to my account and I have to take it up with them since I purchased through them. Well I did NOT purchase at and they added these 500 text message package without my permission. It is not noted on a single one of my invoices, but magically appears hidden in my first statement. It took me a long time to notice this additional charge because they hid it on page 4 of my statement.. shouldn't basic charges be on the first page under Your Sprint Bill ?

  • Va
      18th of Jan, 2007
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    Sprintpcs - Sprint has withdrawn over 200 dollars from my account without my authorization
    United States

    During my 2 years of service with sprint pcs, I was told that the only way for me to make payments to my account was to go to a sprint center or mail a check. I tried to change this so I might make payments on-line or over the phone. The company's customer service REP. told me this was impossible. When my contract expired I switched to Verizon. This morning I checked my bank account and found that sprint has withdrawn over 200 dollars from my account WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. Is this illegal? I would like to know.

  • Va
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    Sprint Pcs - Unsolicited telemarketing practices!
    United States

    I have been a Sprint customer since 2001. The last few weeks I have begun to receive telemarketing phone calls to my cell phone from Sprint.

    When I answer the call, it asks me if I would like to hear about new offers or promotions, press whatever number, etc. These calls are received during the day, thus using up my "anytime minutes". Today I received 2 calls, and this comes after I contacted customer care and requested my name be removed from their call list. In the past 5 days I have received 5 calls.

    I have been signed up on the "Do Not Call" registry since 2003, and this is the only telemarketing call I've received since that time! When I have spoken with the customer care rep, they have been apologetic and given me "free anytime minutes". The number that I'm receiving calls from is: 866-463-3020. It is an automated call, and I'm not sure if you will ever get to a real human being, or not? I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and am told they will pass this information along to the department that enforces the law on this.

    My contract is due to expire in December, and I intend to seek wireless service from a competitor. Since Sprint merged with Nextel, I have found they are very inflexible, and SOME of their customer care reps are not trained as efficiently as in the years prior to the merger! I've heard they are laying off employees. So, I would imagine customer service call-ins will suffer.

  • Un
      2nd of Feb, 2007
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    Sprint's terrible customer service. One guy lied to me and said he could not block text messages on my phone. Then his supervisor , transfered me, then tech dept trans me, then billing transfered me to business, then business promised me some credits. then my bill had charges on it instead of credits. Plus the technical dept could not help me, they put a block on text messages and I still get personal messages. Plus I was told your company can not stop the advertisement text messages, but the reply button for the ads DO NOT WORK!!!! I can not stop the charges from reaccruing on our bill !! Every time I call customer service I get someone who can't fix the customer service issues. I don't have access to email at home and it gets blocked at work. One lady told me I couldn't get a credit for a game that didn't work with out internet service ! This is the worst cell phone service I have ever had (customer service and phone service).
    plus when we got our phones , the 2 phones they sent in the mail NEVER worked properly, the fully charged battery only lasts 1/2 a day .so if you work full time do not count on your phone working. Plus, the phone doesn't ring and goes straight to voicemail ALL the time on mine and my husbands calls. The phone will be sitting on the charger and no ring. Someone will call my home number and ask why I did not answer. The voicemail is delayed 1/2 a day to 1 day. I wanted sprint's customer service to send us 2 new phones that actually work since they never worked from the start of service. Then I could send back the ones that don't work right. But they kept telling me I have to go to the sprint store to ACTUALLY get our cell phones working properly ! One sprint worker told me you can only charge your phone for 3 hours or the battery will not work if you charge it to long. Do you have time to send alarm clocks for your cell phone? If you don't then don't get a sprint phone.

    I have more complaints but I got other things I need to do now.

  • Co
      2nd of Feb, 2007
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    I started with Sprint September 2002 and the customer service has been horrible since they merged with Nextel. Currently, I'm being telemarked twice a day by Sprint 866-463-3020. I have called Sprint numerous times to get the telemarketing to cease. The people who answer the phone are ineffective, and unaccountable. It will cost me $200 to get out of my current contract, which I never would have renewed had I known about the telemarketing.

  • Va
      9th of Feb, 2007
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    I spent 6 months attempting to correct fraudulent billing issues upon cancellation of my Sprint long distance service in November of 2005.

    I was so frustrated with misinformation and their inability to resolve my issues I cancelled two home phones and one cell phone with nearly a $200 credit they refused to credit despite multiple clear statements to the contrary. Imagine my surprise when two years later I receive a "Welcome to Sprint" notice in my mail. Believe me I would walk to a pay phone before I would ever subscribe to Sprint. I immediately called only to receive the same conflicting information I was accustomed to receiving from Sprint. One person told me I had been a customer that entire without year time but could not explain why I had received no bills but had no balance prior to that day, the other insisted I had just activated the service the prior month. (I had made no changes to my phone service since cancelling Sprint two years prior, in fact I had a block on my phone to prevent them being added). One Sprint representative even insisted the block was to maintain Sprint as my long distance carrier and I could not have them removed ever. Wrong answer. After more frustrating conversations I was assured by both my local phone service as well as Sprint that I had no active account with Sprint. February 8, 2007, two years and three months after initially cancelling Sprint service with a significant credit balance I was never able to receive refund for I receive yet another BILL from Sprint. Sprint is worse than AOL in their inability to resolve their mistakes and permit cancellation of service. It is like a fungus that won't go away, no matter how many times you eliminate it, it just keeps coming back. I hope to post an update that I do not receive further bills but my experience with Sprint tells me that will not be forthcoming.

  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2007
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    This exact same thing happened to me, but I never called Sprint. I knew I was moving in a few months but wasn't worried because my contract was up then. I get a letter a few weeks later stating my contract was renewed for another 2 years and if I canceled it, I was out $200.

    What a company...

  • Su
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    I made a contract with Sprint on Feb 2005 for a family plan with 2 phones for next two years - I am not sure the exact amount but it was under $90/month plan. The bill never stayed at this amount and every months I've been paying a way over one hundred dollars. Because this reason, I talked to someone in their retail store (Seattle Downtown)to help me so I wouldn't ended up paying so much.

    Anyway, make a long story short, I took their advice from the store and add to more minutes in my cell phones (that's what I thought but found out yesterday that they did only with one phone and not only that, after the change, I was ended up with two different plans - and paying two different plans instead of one every months. I was tried to save money on monthly billing but I ended up paying more. I was paying around $125 max on my original plan but since they change to the new one, I've been paying anywhere $200-$300 each month.

    Including bad reception and their terrible services, I've been waiting a long time for this contract to be ended and finally this year February is the expiration date - I couldn't hardly wait to get out. But my happy thought was destroy yesterday. I found out something I had no idea about until yesterday when I was on the phone with Sprint. I found out when they put me into an another plan, I didn't know they were extending one phone (only one) for the contract year to the next year, 2008. And, they put me in two different phone plans for the original share plan - they keep me one phone for the original plan and the other phone for a new plan.

    I've never authorized to have two different plans. The worst of all, when they changed the plan to other phone, they also extended the contract date to the next year (one year from this date). So now exactly I have two different contract. They said two plans but actually if one ends this year and another ends in the next, it is two contract which I have never authorize to do that.

    The result of this: I have been paying more because I had to pay two plans instead of one share plan - I've been paying anywhere between $200-$300 every month instead of I would of paying around $120 max with the original plan. And, since they locked one phone till the next year I won't able to get out unless paying the penalties.

    I spent already so much time trying to resolve this issue with them on the phone, but they were insisted either I stay with their plan or I will get the penalties (one that expire in the next year). I am getting out early from work to find somebody in their store today to find a way to settle this issue, but I don't see it's going to be easy. I already spent so much time on this and am very frustrated. It angers me because I don't see much of fairness in their business practice and there is no one there to really want to take care the issue.

    If there is any mistaken in my part would be I trusted their customer service (or sale's rep) and taken an advice when I was looking for a way to save and not get over charged.

    They told me yesterday that when you change your plan, you are extended your contract date to one more year - no body told me this before - it was the very first time I heard; it seems they make up their own policies as you go without telling customer about it at up front. It seems, either way goes, I would be damaged: I would either spend so much time and energy on this to correct the issue or I would ended up paying the penalties or if not paying the penalties I would get a bad credit reports and am afraid I do not have much time dealing with these kind of problems. The worst way to run a business!!

  • Je
      20th of Feb, 2007
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    I recently cancelled my subscription from sprint. I have yet to receive a bill to close my account that i have had for 5 years never had any problems till now our phones were turned off twice in the same week after a payment was made now they say we owe 400.00 dollars but we haven't received a bill for no one can explain to us why our bill is so high. We will take this to court because i have good credit and i intend to keep it that way and i don't plan to pay for something that i haven't used. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

  • Br
      20th of Apr, 2007
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    Sprint - Florence, SC

    This is a copy of a letter which I sent to the Sprint Corporate Office. The phone number I found for them is 913-794-0000.

    As time passes by, we appear to become more dependent on the latest technology.

    I am one of these fools who depends on his cell phone/email/PDA.

    I have three personal lines and a number of business lines with Sprint.

    In January of 2007 I upgraded to the Treo 700WX. From the moment I opened it I experienced problems.

    * Network connection continuously failed.
    * ActiveSync would not connect to my Exchange 2003 Server

    I started out by going to the local store for help. They were unable to find an answer. I was instructed to call tech support at Sprint or I could try Palm’s tech support.

    Neither was able to help.

    Eventually I found the trick to get the Treo to sync. Where the fault lied is unexplainable still.

    From there I continued to have numerous problems that apparently graduated from one to another.

    * ‘BlueTooth enable’ would automatically deactivate itself.
    * Not a matter of repairing the device but having to place the tick mark back on the ‘Turn On Bluetooth’ location. The Bluetooth headset I know works without a problem with my office phone, so I can’t blame the headset. The Bluetooth connection was so untrustworthy, it became routine for me to call my voicemail prior to making the intended call. Many times this would lead to numerous calls to my voicemail due to troubles. I’m sure this is all notated in my call log on the sprint system.
    * Occasionally the buttons would not lock. I had the keyguard set to enable when power is turned off. I would hit the power button and it appeared to turn off but it didn’t. I would discover that the tick mark on this also disappeared.
    * The phone would go into Roaming within the Sprint peak locations. The only way to get out of roam was to pull out the battery. This happened in the sprint store and still they refused to find that the problem was with the phone.
    * Phone calls would mute. This could happen right from the start of a call or during a conversation; my voice would mute and the caller was unable to hear me, yet I was able to hear them.
    * Phone would freeze during a call (and sometimes reboot itself).
    * To reboot – pull battery
    * Headphone jack did not work. I received volume through only one side and I was unable to use the mic with a stereo headset/mic.

    Sprint techs did offer to trade the phone out for a refurbished phone but being this was a brand new $650.00 phone that was defective right out of the box, I refused to accept a refurbished model. They suggested I go to my insurance company but that was going to cost me another $50.00 which again was not acceptable to me (my phone was defective, not broken. Insurance is there for when I break, lose, or the phone is possibly stolen).

    After maybe 3 months of complaining with the Sprint store and the Sprint tech’s they decided to get me a brand new phone. This process took 2 weeks. The day it was supposed to be in, I expected a phone call whereas I received nothing. I called for information. I then was told the data was entered wrong and I needed to give them the ESN number again from my phone. The next date I expected the phone to be in I had to call again to find it still was not there.

    Finally when I did receive the “NEW” phone, I made one test call that lasted for 10seconds and left the sight. Within the next 30 minutes I noticed no activity only to find the phone was off. Hitting the power button 3-4 times it booted up (not turned on).

    Confused, I let it go to find another hour down the road I attempted to make a call and the phone was now turned off. During that conversation the call was disconnected. I could not call back. Eventually I received a return call. This lasted for maybe 30 seconds.

    I immediately turned around to take the phone back. The tech shop was closed so I went to the Sprint store. This phone was not new. It was a refurbished phone and I was lied to!

    Now the Sprint store tells me that they are no longer responsible for this phone since it was swapped out by the tech store. Apparently it is a third party store with a Sprint sign out front. I now question why I was not informed of this when I was originally sent to the store for technical help.

    My experienced problems with the new phone were:

    * Phone reboot by itself
    * Phone disabled itself
    * Could not make calls

    * It would attempt to dial
    * Error: connection failure

    * Freeze up
    * Screen would flash

    I spent two hours in the Sprint store that night. They could not get this phone to work at all. They would not swap it out. They could not sell me a phone at cost. Because of their new “updated” policies I was stuck without any contact.

    That night I called customer support and spent at least an hour on the phone with Stephanie. I was promised action first thing in the morning. She was supposed to contact the Sprint store and the Tech shop and make arrangements to get this matter solved. As the day progressed I received no update call.

    I attempted to get back in touch with Stephanie but failed. I was cut off 3 times from customer support. I then tried to call the local store and again was turned down for help.

    At this point I went back to the tech shop. I discovered that Stephanie had never attempted to help me that morning. Neither location was contacted by anyone other than me regarding this issue. Since no one was able to help me with getting a working phone I suggested a renewed contract on one of my lines, allowing me to purchase a phone at minimal cost and putting this new phone on my direct line. The agreement was accepted and I went to the Sprint store to follow through with this process. When I arrived, I then was informed that they were unable to follow through with this due to the manager not being available. No manager because he is on vacation! No assistant manager! On one to make managerial decisions! This is a great way to run a store! I asked for someone to contact the district manager only to be informed that this was not possible. Customer support was the only answer. Again!

    Customer support only assured me that a new phone was being sent to me and they would credit my account $25.00 for my troubles. Personally, this was a slap in the face at this time. Quite simply, a phone could have been removed from inventory and placed in my possession. When the “well assured” new phone arrived it could be replaced back into the local inventory. It’s not like this is not possible! It was just too much trouble for someone to go through to help out a fellow long time customer. Apparently it’s not important to try and keep the long time, big spending customers happy.

    The reason I am a long time customer of Sprint is because in the past, when I had a problem, the local store would take care of me. Now that Sprint policies are “updated” I find it hard to consider staying with them. I need onsite local help.

    I will be calling Verizon this week to see what they can offer me for contracts and whether their technical support is local or not.

    What’s really ironic is that a sprint salesman called me this morning to see what he could sell me. I found it hard not to laugh. Thank you for the morning laugh! I really needed it!

  • Li
      28th of Apr, 2007
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    I have been with sprint for 4 years and until recently i really was quite satisfied. I purchased a new phone in feb. Of this year and was swindled into buying a red razor because it was buy one get one free. I was not supposed to be paying but 10.00 more for the 2nd line with a renewed contract for 2 lines. My normal bill was never more than 110.00 dollars. Imagine my surprise when i received a new bill for 555.45. I felt as if i had been raped by a cell phone company. When i called the tech at customer service could as she said only reduce it by 50.00 and needless to say by the time i got this first bill my free time to change my mind deadline had past. So if you don't have sprint don't get it they are a rip off.

  • De
      8th of May, 2007
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    Get a life and ready what you are singing up for before you click SUBMIT.

    It is clearly stated in the TOS who the firm is that manages the SERO program.

  • Fr
      23rd of May, 2007
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    Had I known the poor quality of Sprint Tech Support, I'd have never signed with this rip-off company.

  • Ed
      24th of May, 2007
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    At least you were told that you would have to pay $200.00 to get out of your contract. I was told that I would have to pay $200.00 per phone.

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