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Cb Sep 25, 2014
Contact information:
Phone: 800-829-0965

On Aug 20, 2014 at approximately 5:00 p.m. my wife and my daughter went to our local Best Buy Store (Store No.168160) in Elk Grove, California to purchase a cell phone. My wife spoke with a salesperson, David and she decided to buy the sprint family plan. She was told that the entire monthly bill for three cell phones would about $160. This was to include the no contract cell phones and the monthly service. She figured this was a good deal and would fit into our budget.
On Sept. 16, 2014 we want to our local Sprint store to pay our bill. They were unable to access our account through their system. They suggested we go to best Buy to pay our bill. We went to Best Buy and to our shock we were told our bill was $302 dollars. We called the Sprint and talked to Eric (ID No. [protected]) in your Tucson, Arizona store who informed us that our bill would always be $302 dollars monthly. This is way above what we can afford my wife was mislead this is WRONG. We asked Eric if we could return the phones and cancel the plan. He said it was too late and if we cancel we would be charged for the price of each phone. ($649.00)
This appears to be false advertising and we think this is wrong. We want to return these phones and be free of this no contract agreement.

Thank you
Cory Jones & Remedios Jones

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