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NEVER REDEEM A VOUCHER FROM SPIRIT INCENTIVES! You can't pick the date you want to go on and if ANYTHING happens and you can't go, you WILL NOT get your money back! Unless you have no children, no job, no reletives, and no life at all, things happens and things change. You can only travel during Fall and Winter months as long as the date doesn't fall within 10 days of a holiday. Then, they will sell you something called "Travel Assist" which is supposed to allow you to change the date of your vacation one time in case somethin happens. But, when something does happen, you have to pay another $200 - $400 to change the date of your trip! The trip is not "free" as they would have you believe. I gave them nearly $600 to take a "free" cruise. This amount included the cost for govt taxes and fees, an upgrade to a regular interior cabin (the cabin they give you for "free" comes with bunk beds), and the cost of the travel assist program. Now, we can't go on the trip unless we pay extra money. Our money is gone and we can't get it back. Please don't make the mistake that we did. Book your own trip because nothing in life is free. And if someone tells you it is, they are lying.


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      Nov 25, 2009

    I completely agree. Our "free" cruise was going to cost us $1000 because none of the bunk bed cabins were available. lol I just cancelled our certificate. We will see if we get our $100 back. I can book a cruise for that much any day and go when it is a more suitable time for us to go.

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      Dec 07, 2012

    You are so right! This place sucks and I can believe they allow them to continue in business! Just booked a stay and thy put me in a horrible place. I read the reviews and there is no way I will stay there! At least I am out 60 and that is it! If its to good to be true then RUN!

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