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Spg Consultants / SPG Consultants are fakes

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SPG Consultants is run by a telemarketer named Winston Grant. This business is run out of his apartment using a Telus Mobility pay as you go phone. He has no interest in helping his clients avoid getting scammed. They sell you a directory from a different company name, you pay the bill and try to cancel your order, then they call the same customer and claim they're calling from SPG Consultants this time and say they can get you out of competitors bills by paying SPG. What makes this business so lucrative they make their money coming and going all while discrediting a bunch of competing businesses. Look at some of the names on the so called scam list, is among them. That is the official yellow pages web site, not a knock off, the real one, on a list of companies they are trying to convince customers is a scam. All they do is post a list of any competing businesses on any blog related to complaining about business and hope google picks it up that way when you google a competitors business hopefully the first thing a customer will read is their claim. Are they incorporated? Do they have Tax ID numbers?

Similar companies also exist, one of which is run by Robert Bradley Duskes

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Robert Duskes -

    4570 Saint Kevin, apt.11, Montreal, Quebec
    1324 Lexington Avenue, #286 New York 10128
    United States of America
    Phone: 888-315-5770
    Web Address:

    Category: Questionable Activities

    Submitted: Friday, October 01, 2010

    Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010
    I am so happy I found all these warnings on Robert Duskes...if only I had seen them before he hired me!

    Let me give you a first hand account! I worked with Robert in his crummy little the way...he says he's surrounded by important lawyers...more like pimps and other telemarketing rooms...there are at least 2 other scam telemarketing companies that work in the same building...I friends work in them!

    I worked for Robert's main business

    Right beside me was another telemarketer, he would call all the important businesses that weren't paying on the behalf of Robert's other company a joke...just like Robert is. Robert didn't dress to well I guess he's not making that much money...and yes I can confirm...the office is trash's cheap..just like Robert. Robert owes me $546.31 Canadian dollars...I don't think I'll ever get you know what...I am going to post 546 comments on Robert and how cheap and scammy he is...that's called both ways!

    I sold on average 5 directories per day...other telemarketers sold up to 20 per day!

    By the way...I read his comments...his name is not Robert Bradlely...Bradley is his middle name, his real last name is DUSKES...why do you think he would lie on that point? I know...he's a scammer that's why. It was a crappy experience working there...I think I'll be taking another profession! Telemarketing

    Anyways...I am happy that I can give my unique point of view...I hope he gets stopped, arrested...he deserves it...all day long his company just scams people! I am sure he will get what he deserves! $546! Man! What a waste of my time! I should have a picture of him soon...this way you all can see the face of the con man himself!

    Remember one thing Robert if you read this... you won't last long..all scams come to an end...and if you rip both your own employees and customers off...that's bad news for you!

    Nationwide Business Directory. My job was to call Canadian and American businesses to sell them a bogus directory between $399 to $499...whatever I could sell. This was my first telemarketing job...and guess was a total scam...and in the end I got scammed...Robert didn't pay my last paycheck!

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