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Hi all,
I had paid 4K for one single call and in the first call person called RAJESH/PRUTHVIRAJ they are the persons who provide call. Today May 5th 2017 they asked me to sell bank of India intraday at 190.80 with stop loss of 193₹. I lost 17000₹ and 4000₹ for the amount which I paid to speculatefund total 21000₹ brokerages extra. I asked for refund then they are like I'll provide you one more call on Monday. Please don't contact this kind of fraud company. I am attaching all the required screenshots. Forgot to mention they even gave a call yesterday May 4th 2017 buy IOC @438.60 thank god I came out with cost to cost.


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    Speculate Fund customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

May 5, 2017

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  • Ki
      17th of Jun, 2017

    Totally Biased review rish. I worked on same recommendation on 5th May in Bank of India and that day my profit was 55k+ in 1 lot only. I have confirmed with speculatefund only and I saw your full conversation.
    First of all you are totally fresher and you don't know how to place order even.
    second thing that You did not have enough capital to trade while trading with bank of India stock needs atleast 1 lac capital because margin of BOI was around 1.90 lac on that day.
    I have contract note of my profit on that day because I followed them perfectly.
    If you are not following them and you don't know even basics of market, you can't earn from market.
    I have checked your conversation with them. You exit your position without asking them and they told you to enter again at 194 and 191 even but you did not enter because you don't know how to place order and bank of India crashed to 175 on that day itself.
    That was bumper sell call from them and you couldn't earn from it because of your mistake.
    Contact me on my email address, I will guide you how to trade properly in this market so that you earn profit next time dear.
    Kishan More.

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  • Sp
      7th of Aug, 2017

    @Kishan More hello sir,
    is it a good thing for a company from the perspective of small traders that the call hitting hitting stop loss valued to rs.17000/- loss and the second call giving profit of rs.55000/-;

    what is the use ji; because small traders always afraid of market and want to be well aware of losses; thats why we pay huge subscription even for single call;
    see in case of rish55, he paid rs.4000/- for single call that means, in a month of 20 trading days; it seems like he subscribed at value of rs.80, 000/- subscription;
    then how much could be the accuracy of call, it should be atleast 1000% accuracy; ok;
    we small traders having capital of rs.50, 000/- want to trade and earn money with out losses; thats why we ready to pay even more than 10% of our capital as subscription cost even for a single or two calls;
    pls understand that kishan ji;
    one thing for sure is persons with huge capital cant loss money easily in market; ok;
    thank you,
    phone no:8344240138
    email: [protected]

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  • Ki
      8th of Aug, 2017

    I don't know who you are and why are you posting here on behalf of above person but you mentioned my name so I have to answer you.
    Either you are not aware of Stock future segment or may be you are new to this market.
    First thing One should not trade in future segment with 55, 000 capital.
    Second thing Stocks like Bank of India are highly volatile so you have to be quick while you are trading by yourself.
    If you will trade after 10-15 minutes, market will not wait for you till than.
    If you don't know basics of trading, you should not trade or atleast take proper training before you trade.
    Because you don't get chance to learn during live market.
    And as I stated above, Speculate team told Rishi to sell again 2-3 times but he did not.
    I checked his conversation in whatsapp as well. His response time was very slower.
    So blaming service provider is not the right way.
    Why I am favoring them because I earned around 55, 000 profit on that day in same stock.
    I hope you understand what I tried to say.
    Thank you

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  • Sh
      8th of Aug, 2017

    Hi there kishan, I'm New and very interested in finding the best info as I'm interested in trading but only have a little idea how it works. Would you be nice enough to give me some hints on what/where I should start.

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  • Su
      6th of Dec, 2017

    SpecuFund is a fraud. I know of 2 of my friends who faced issues with them. They did not refund me my Rs. 75, 000 for last 5 months. Though they are promising 100% money back. They did not keep any Stop Loss for my trading calls. Is there any trader or advisor in the world who don't keep Stop Loss for trade. They are big cheaters.

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  • Su
      6th of Dec, 2017

    Correction, It is SpculateFund. They are cheats.

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