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I have been waiting for a repayment plan for a very long time. It started before the other bank, indymac, sold the loan to specialized loan last june. I was not told until about a month later. I only found out because I was trying to make my monthly payment then. I was not able to because I had no idea who or where to send it. I have been filing papers ever since then. They keep telling me they are reviewing the documents. Then next day I get a letter saying i'm in default. I have been making payments monthly for the amount due, sometimes more. Somehow they are telling me I owe over $ 2700. I don't think so. I
Talk to them on the phone, one person says one thing. The other person says something else. I'm confused. I just want to get caught up, i'm not asking for a refi, just repayment. I'm not understanding what they are doing. Not sure what to do now. I would never choose this company. I was with the original mortgage company for about ten years. There are too many papers to include on this site.

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      Jun 29, 2015

    Our mortgage was bought by Specialized Loan Servicing from our original mortgage holder about 18 months ago.
    We had no problem until recently when we received a delinquent payment notice from a COLLECTION AGENCY. SLS claimed that we had not made our June payment. We had made the June payment early as we were going to be out of the country after May 25, 2015.
    I attempted to call SLS as soon as I saw the delinquency notice. After a 10 minute wait - accompanied by loud music - I was connected with "Erika". She informed me that the May 20th early payment was viewed as an addition to the original May payment. She asked for a phone contact number, which I supplied. She said the situation would be rectified the next morning (June 30). She announced she needed to put me on hold. I requested no music. She said she would put me on "mute". In the process we were disconnected. Since I had just given her my phone number, I assumed that she would use it to call me back. Nothing.
    I do not wish to be subjected to another annoying 10 minute episode of music. I therefore await a return call - preferably from FREDERICK KORB or DOLORES GILDEN to settle this matter immediately.

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  •   Jul 01, 2015

    Hi SLS Victim Clare,

    You are so right to be upset about the delinquency notice you received from a collection agency and about the actions of SLS with regard to posting your payment as I can completely validate your complaints after many dealings with SLS. I commend you for voicing your concerns as it is an important step in asserting your consumer rights.

    You have so many consumer rights and consumer protections under the FDCPA and the CFPB and the FTC and RESPA with regard to your complaint and it only takes a few minutes to submit the complaints online to the CFPB and FTC for an immediate response and action.

    In fact, we covered your complaint today on our radio show The Daily Complaint and provided a pathway for success to include how to contact the CFPB and the FTC - thank you for posting your complaint online via Complaints Board so that others will have the opportunity to learn from your experiences in dealing with SLS. There are firm rules in place with regard to the posting of your payments and correcting errors made by the servicer in a timely manner, you must know your rights in order to exercise your rights.

    In addition to submitting complaints to the CFPB, I would suggest preparing a QWR or Notice of Error for SLS – you can learn how through the CFPB by typing in QWR in their search bar and you never have to speak with them or listen to that awful hold music again. They are required to acknowledge the QWR or Notice of Error per RESPA in 5 business days and answer it in 30 business days or you do have recourse, so listen to us address your complaint on The Daily Complaint today and contact us if you need further information on how to not only attack your problem but to get the solutions that you are seeking. You can hold SLS accountable for their actions!

    Good luck!


    Dana Shafman

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