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The Supervisors in this office/ and billing department need to fired, today! They are more then rude they are truculent, lying, incompetent ignorant, power hungry women. They most certainly should not be representing such a large group of doctors. It started last spring when I got a phone call from one of these women asking me to pay over $ 500.00,
I was confused because I had Medicare Advantage insurance. After I said this they still asked me for the money saying that they were not paid. They wanted me to start a payment plan. I said no, I have insurance, and that I most certainly can't afford it. I heard nothing from them for months no paper bills no phone calls. Then just before Thanksgiving I got another call, this time it was very rude. After I hung up with them I called my insurance company who told me that Sparta was paid and that my patient responsibility on my EOB was 0! I was not libel for these bills period! I have a Medicare Advantage Plan, and I should not be billed unless the insurance company says that I have to pay. Sparta' s response was to put these bills into collections because they said I broke my payment arrangement ! I then called Medicare they said that putting these bills into collections is a Medicare violation! Sparta/Premier were also horrible to the insurance rep. Saying that she lied, and that the insurance company had paid a different doctor! Sparta /Premier has tied to make me responsible for their incompetence, and the technical mistakes made by the insurance company. Sparta Premier made NO attempt at collecting these bills (or fixing any mistakes made ) in the normal manner, they instead we're trying to force me to pay them.
Currently they refuse to remove the bills from collections even though the bills are now paid (by insurance) because they refuse to remove the finance charges and want me to pay them as well. This is yet another violation, and is even considered fraud. Sparta informed me that my patient doctor relationship had ended and they even refused to fill my prescriptions, I had to beg my doctors office manager to fill them. There were more then 6 phone calls in regards to this matter, but today they told the insurance rep. that they never spoke to me about these bills! This whole matter is now under investigation, and I have a new doctor. Please be aware of these women at Sparta /Premier they represent a large number of doctors in Sparta and Newton NJ.

Mar 28, 2014
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      7th of Jun, 2016

    Refused to see my son because he cancelled apt.. actually cancelled as he had been in car accident previous day and had broken leg...they charged him for apt plus interest next time...and also raised price on spot... advised him it was in notice of Mays appointment..they refused his Medicaid so this is all cash for their apt doctor changed his medication..which didn't work when he called 3 days later.. refused to change back to original and said he would have to be seen again ...FRAUD...UNPRPFESSIONAL UNETHICAL.

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