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Southern Roc Airedales / poor business practices

1 McIntosh, NM, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (505) 384-4453

This kennel is deteriorated and filthy, just ask Diane Johnson of Big Bend Airedales- she was there to witness this first hand. Southern has been breeding for many years and has put out some good pups but has had many run-ins with breeders mainly because of promises that she don't carry out or lies that she tells. We where one of those, we got a pup from her not knowing about her demise. It seems to us that she has lost track of whats really important! How can one woman in the mental, physical, and financial condition that she's in handle 25 dogs and their pups and give them them the kind of attention that they need? When one of her mother dogs got badly injured, (regardless of how it happen) she never took Dixie to the vet and ended up loosing her and half the litter because of a horrible infection that spread throughout her whole body and also infected the pups drinking the milk. The dog even lost all of it's teeth and she still didn't take her!!! We had several problems with this lady... even had her drunken husband call in the middle of the night saying that we owed them money. We had sent the money to her but she lied and said we didn't but we have all the receipts to prove it.When we told her that we didn't want anything else to do with her because of all her drama then a we started seeing negative information posted on-line about us. One post is here, the funny thing is that she posted it under a false name of John Wohn, that is the exact name she had told us she used in the past to do the same thing to someone else!! Anyone who has dealt with her in the past knows that she uses this name often. Real whack job! Beware!

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  • So
      28th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    It takes a really small person to print what has been printed. 1. My kennels are not filthy nor deteroiated. 2. I do not have 22 dogs and puppies. 3. If I have something to say about some one, I do not have to use anothers name. 3. These people claim my husband was drunk when he called them to demand money, they owe us nothing, nor did my husband call them drunk. He was angry that they thought we switched pups on them, due to a Diane Johnson telling them we had done so. 4. The dog Dixie was taken to a vet, we have the bills to prove so. Mrs Johnson came to my kennel and opened up pen gates after being told not to. This is a woman who bought a female from me and now a year later has bred her. Little breeders are jealous people... seems like the common demonator is Diane Johnson. These are true comments. My name is Southern Sollars and I own Southern ROC Airedales

  • Jo
      26th of Dec, 2009
    -2 Votes

    in my experience southern sollars is an ardent defender of her enterprise and a creative business woman. she goes after anyone who questions her large kennel (?puppy mill?) or her breeding practices. a board called "real working airedale" is frequented by "black" airedale breeders. an important fact: both "rare" black and red airdales (the product of an extremely rare and unrelated mutation, according to supporters) emerged from southerns kennels. detractors, myself and the akc included, believe these dogs are the product of mix breeding with solid black breeds.

    on this board, southern attacks anyone who posts pictures of her dogs next to airedale mixes that bear a resemblance. she also chastizes posters who post pics of her dogs. it seems she doesn't want people taking a close look at er breeding program. to settle this issue, she recently had a dna test conducted by mars laboratory. the $75.49 mars test is designed to determine which dog breeds make up a certain percentage of your mixed breed dog, not to determine breed purity.

    one of the dogs that southern had tested showed that it was 12% bulldog, but as i said, the test was not designed to show breed purity. the results can be found on the 'real working airedale terrier' board.

    i have never heard anyone complain about the poor condition of southern's kennels before and i would'nt judge a person for one accident. i believe she is doing what she thinks is best, she has a huge ego as a breeder and she should. she figured out a way to charge double for impure dogs(imho) the previous statement is my opinion.

    if i'm lyin i'm dyin. check out the results for yourself.

    my personal opinion is that buyers should stick to standard airedales.

  • Au
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The problem with the above complaint is that it is posted on the wrong place. This person has posted all over the internet, with out any knowledge of first hand seeing any of my dogs. This person also is under a phony name, which stands close to another small breeder, and small breeder they will remain. The dna they slam was done by a vet, sent to Mars lab and showed 12% bull dog which goes back to almost the beginning of the breed. The mere fact I have not bred a black in almost 5 yrs is amusing.

  • Jo
      28th of Dec, 2009
    -2 Votes

    this was not a complaint, just some background information on the "black airedales." did i say something incorrect? i noticed that you did not try to correct anything i said.

    as to the dna evidence, i believe one of your dogs did not show any bulldog in it, does that mean it is not a real airedale in your humble opinion? i may be a backyard breeder, but i do not wish to mill out puppes for a profit. i've stated the purpose of mars testing, anyone who wants can google their name and find out what i said was true. i have no information about your current breeding practices regarding the "black" and "red" airedales. i noticed that you said you havn't bred the blacks in 5yrs. is that because you started breeding the "even more rare and profitable reds" instead?

  • Di
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Looks like jonathon riker needs to take a few classes in DNA. He owns one of Southern's Airedales also, then has the nerve to go flapping his jaw; then we have Ms. Piggy, Diane Johnson, whom I believe owns 2 of Southern's Airedales. These people are a bunch of jokers to tear apart the very kennel they bought from and are now breeding out of. Good Lord almighty. What will it be next? By the way, neither of these people have any credibility as far as experience goes anyways. Shoot, they both qualify as simpleton backyard breeders, with barely a little or two under their belts. Won't it be a barrel full of laughs when then see a "rare" red or black pop out of one of their ###. lol The whining will be all over when they are running to the bank with a top dollar dog and will deny ever having used the term "Airemutt".
    As far as Bull Dog goes - do your homework and take a history lesson. I think you can find reference to that on some Airedale information sites out there if you take the time to look.

    Jonathan - go spend some time in the closet where you belong, since you choose not to be rational and see the light of day. Diane - just keep your head in your slit where you like it the best. MMMM -Hmmmm! Good eat'n.

    By the way, the party that is writing this has gone under several different names out here in the big wide world of cyber-space. A person by the name of Ryan Womak went into the site of real working airedales as Conan and signed in as Womak with a ip address that goes back to Houston where Diane resides, now he is out here running as Jonathan Riker. That name is very close to Kurt Righter. While on Real Working Airedale Board, posting under several different names he even told the owner of the board to participate on an oral act upon himself. This guy is a real grass roots operation.

  • Jo
      29th of Dec, 2009
    -3 Votes

    divine justice...or southern herreraaka creator of the black airedale fraud...

    a little history lesson for any insuspecting buyers out there.
    southern herrera created the black airedale lines buy mixing solid black dogs with her airedales in the past. bouvier flanders, labradors, black bulldogs, and shnauzers are possible leading conteders for this mix.

    btw, i have never bought a dog from southern, but i know people who have. i choose to use several aliases (the spelling is off on most of them but look them up and you might find it interesting. i'm sure some people have got a kick out of you attacking johnathan righker :) and ryan womak)
    becasue southern will go after anyone who gets in the way of her money making enterprise. she always loses in court, the akc kicked her saggy a$$ but i don't want the hassle. ut she is vicious and slanderous of others(as noted by others who have complained of her attacks)

    i first became aware of her scam awhile ago and then got a glimpse inside her operation at the "real" working airedale site. as previously stated, the site is a location where all the "rare" black airedale breeders congragate and attack the akc.

    i was kicked off that sight for posting pictures of southerns dogs next to airedale bouvier flandrs mixes and drawing the comparison. the board moderator highcountry( as in highcountry "black" airedales) and other "blackdale" breeders attacked me for posing the obvious questions i did about the black airedale origins. hicntry then called me a coward and other things i won't repeat. i responded in kind and was banned from that board. it is a tiny board really. i think most people eventually figure out what is going on there and leave. the place was starting to turn my stomach once i realized what most of the members were.

  • Di
      4th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Diane, you boar hair covered lump of lard,

    You have most likely never been to Southern's kennel, and should have absolutely no beef with Mars, Black Airedales or any other dogs. What's your issue with the big breeders out there? You might want to look up the definition of a puppy mill before you start accusing others of practicing the pathetic art.


  • Di
      4th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    btw - I don't think Southern has the time to deal with the likes of you or your type, so quit addressing me as such.

    Divine Justice

  • Jo
      9th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    be quiet southern

  • Di
      9th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Just so you know my real name is Sam Beauford and not Southern. I resent the fact that you cannot pull the facts together and converse like a real man, which you are not, - Diane. Your low self esteem has promoted you to new levels of nothing. Just a great big echoing hole for that mouth of yours is all that you've proven to be. How many a miner have you lost in there anyways? I'm lucky enough that Mrs. Sollars donated a service pup to my wife, which we are having trained. You couldn't reach this level if you even tried, which you are incapable of doing anyway. If you continue harassing Mrs. Sollars, we will make public all this information to the authorities. and if you think I am kidding you hairy ### in heat, just try me. I owe Mrs. Sollars and will do whatever it takes.


  • Jo
      10th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    southern aka sammy aka divine,
    maybe you should look up harassment laws before you threaten to release this to the "public."

    "Diane. Your low self esteem has promoted you to new levels of nothing. Just a great big echoing hole for that mouth of yours is all that you've proven to be. How many a miner have you lost in there anyways?"

    are you implying that i am a depressed slut or whore????

    i have done nothing but post facts about the origin of the black airedale and the dna results that southern had done. this is not harassment, buyers have a right to know the truth. these are facts, which is why you won't discuss them. instead you libel my character. watch yourself southern.

  • Di
      11th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    OK, you whack job. I see you are grasping for straws by advertising on other peoples web sites. And, what would make you think I am Southern Sollars? That gaping whole of yours, which by the way is your mouth, not what you think it is. Don't even go there and claim yourself as a good Christain lady like your facebook bio says. Talk about misrepresentation.
    I have never seen someone so desperate that they have to hack into other breeders web sites to advertise and take their pictures as without permission. This you and I know has been done more than once. It's far time to pull yourself together because I hear the sounds of the men with the little white coats and thorazine coming your way. Have fun in the cookoo's nest!

    Have fun you dumb ###!

    Sam Beauford

  • Jo
      11th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    divine (aka southern or her little ### sammy),

    if i mistook you for southern, it is only because you came posting at her beck and call like a little ###. i am not who you think i am. i have never hacked into anything in my life and i am only advertising the truth. once again you fail to address the very real and factual points i have brung to the table.

    these facts should not scare southern, but apparently they scare her to the point that she has to call in one of her little ### foot soldiers to make posts on her behalf. you are a pathetic little man. until you address the discrepancies of southern's dna test, the peculiar circumstance that both the red and black airedales emerged from her kennel and hers alone then we have nothing more to talk about. i won't be bogged down in personal attacks from small men. i have defended southern's business practices on another thread. my concern is about the breed purity of her dogs. these concerns are based on facts. until southern or one of her little ### surrogates address these concerns i am entitled to my opinion.
    the fact that she sends her goons out to attack people and has people kicked off websites for posting pics of her "black airedales" next to black airedale mixes makes me think she has something to hide.

  • Di
      12th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ms. Johnson. My name is John. I own Espinoza's Airedales. I was going through my web page this morning and I noticed that you had linked your kennel, (Big Bend) to my webpage. Ms. Johnson, I am aware that this link page is freely accessable but I am not appreciative of a competitor using my web page to try and sell dogs off of my site without being associated with me. This appears to be an underhanded manuever so I have removed your link.
    First off, I work closely with Southern Roc Kennels and Tenkiller Airedales. I know the great stock that these kennels have and I also have some great stock that I am very proud of.
    Secondly, I have some very satisfied customers and would not want my customers mislead thinking that I am in any way linked to your kennel. As I stated, I am very proud of what I sell and I take my business seriously.
    I am in no way knocking your stock, I have no idea what your stock is like, but I will not promote anything that I am not familiar with, and I ask that you refrain from using my webpage to link to your webpage.

    John Espinoza
    Jan 11, 2010


  • Jo
      12th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    john or sam or southern or anyone else who posts under this moniker "divine justice",

    it is your webpage, you can link to whomever you like. would you consider linking from your webpage to be "hacking?"i only have one other question, do you breed "rare" black airedales from the line that originated out of southern's kennel?

  • Jo
      12th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes



    Few modern dog breeds are as shrouded in mystery as is the Airedale Terrier. The veiled mystique
    surrounding the foundation stock of the breed is largely undocumented and references to the
    contributions made by dogs like the “Bull and Terrier” further confuses the precise origins. Collie,
    Otter hound, and the old rough coated black and tan terrier are typically cited as being progenitors.
    The selective breeding practices of the early breeders dictated assortative matches: dogs with known,
    demonstrable abilities were bred to ### with similar abilities. Features like coat color were not
    important to breeders until the advent of “dog shows” at the English Agricultural Fairs of circa 1850.
    By 1900 however, the Airedale Terrier had become fixed in type, size and coat color. The standard was
    set on a dog of square profile, long legged, short crouped and rough coated. The acceptable coloration
    was then dictated to be black and tan or grizzle and tan.
    As the breeds popularity increased, many became interested in the breed and began writing about
    Airedale Terriers. All the literature, from the earliest days of the breed through today, follow a pattern.
    Details of the Airedale are discussed at length, feeding, care, grooming, training and history are each
    documented and described. Pedigrees are offered and different families or strains are identified. But
    regardless of the writer, or their place in time, one thing none of them have ever mentioned is a solid
    colored, pure bred, Airedale Terrier.
    It is not surprising then that when a certain breeder began advertising for sale, pure bred, all black
    Airedale Terriers that the ATCA (Airedale Terrier Club of America) took notice. The breeder was a man
    named Frank Drach who had purchased an all black puppy ### while he was employed in Alaska.
    Drach registered this ### with the AKC (American Kennel Club) in the early 1980's and on her
    registration listed the color as Black. AKC accepted the registration paperwork and attendant fees for
    “Frank's Tina Lorray”. Once back home in Phoenix, Arizona, Drach began breeding Tina Lorray to his
    typical colored Airedale and registering those puppies with AKC too. Those who were, Drach listed
    their color as Black and as per their norm, AKC accepted the paperwork and the attendant fees.
    Suddenly, in national dog magazines, advertising called attention to the Drach-Black Airedales. And it
    then became known to a highly regarded breeder/judge, Mareth Kipp, that one of her Moraine
    Airedales had been bred into this Drach-Black mess and she brought it to the attention of the ATCA.
    Polite inquiries of the Drachs proved unresponsive as to specifics and an investigation ensued. AKC
    asked a well known and highly regarded professional handler, Clay Coady, who was located in the
    southwest, to visit the Drach Kennel, investigate the veracity of the breeder's claims and observe the
    anomalous “Airedales”. Coady came away unconvinced as to the purported purity of the dogs and
    reported that, in his opinion, the dogs were cross bred Airedale and Labrador mixes, Labradales. Coady
    also reported that the Drach operation was an unusually poor example of back yard breeding with dogs
    running loose in a large yard full of junked cars and other detritus. AKC responded to the Coady report
    by removing all the Drach stock back to Frank's Tina Lorray from the stud book and the registry. Frank
    Drach and, his then spouse, Southern Drach, filed suit against AKC and Mr and Mrs Kipp. The Drachs
    hired as counsel Steven Gladstone who had at one time sat on the Board of Directors of the AKC. The
    court found against Drach and he appealed. The appeals court found against Drach as well. While the
    legal issue was being settled, the mainstream media got hold of the story and one writer, Herm David,
    styled a story akin to David and Goliath in which he portrayed AKC as the Goliath backing an equally
    vilified cohort, the Kipps, against the downtrodden little guy, Frank Drach. Dog News published
    Herm's fairytale and other magazines pursued their own slant, many finding the story to be a tale of
    hucksterism and poor record keeping.
    The issue should have been settled at that point. The Drachs however, realized that they were facing
    significant financial loss from the AKC action against their dogs and the courts ruling for AKC and the
    Kipps. Frank and Southern Drach contrived to resolve that problem. Their research disclosed a little
    known, privately owned dog registry in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and it was to that organization they
    applied. The States Kennel Club accepted the genealogical paperwork and the necessary fees, the
    Mississippi registry accepted their dogs and issued papers to the “purebred” stock. And Abracadabra!!!
    The breeder was back in the purebred Airedale Terrier business. It was shortly after this new registry
    began including all Black Drach Airedales that the all red Airedale also emerged at, incredibly,
    Southern Drach Harrison Herrera kennels.
    This conundrum of all black and all red Airedale Terriers surfaces with annoying frequency on
    INTERNET discussion boards and other e forums. Attempts to put this issue to rest have been met with
    “I have DNA proof!” The facts are obvious though and a short review should settle the matter once and
    for all.
    Apparently as of this date Mr Frank Drach is no longer involved in the breeding and selling all Black-
    Drach Airedales. The kennel is now known by the name of Drach's former wife, Southern, and is called
    alternatively Southern and Southern/Roc Airedales. The new proprietor is, according to her website,
    Southern Drach Harrison Herrera. It is here that the story gets it's scientific angle. Anytime the
    question as to heritage comes up, Southern Herrera will bleat loud and plaintively, “I have DNA proof”.
    The proof Herrera claims to have was supposedly collected and tested at Texas A & M University's
    College of Veterinary Medicine, in the 1990s. Without a doubt, Texas A&M is a fine veterinary college.
    There are several little niggling issues with Southern Herrera's DNA “proof “and the science necessary
    to establish and corroborate it.
    Given the situation, it must be acknowledged that mutations do occur in genetically closed
    populations like dog breeds. To accept the “proof” that Southern Herrera claims one must also accept
    that the Southern/Roc “Airedales” experienced not one, but two mutations: the first mutation, acquired
    with Tina Lorray in Alaska, introduced solid black coat color; and the second mutation introduced solid
    red coat color. The odds against such an occurrence are astronomical! But to get at the heart of the
    matter a review of what is possible, and when it became so, is in order.
    First, in the 1990s it was impossible for any one to discern the genetic difference between a wolf and a
    Chihuahua. The technological protocols weren't available and the knowledge to perform such a
    comparative analysis was largely theory. Second, it was not until July 2004 that the genome of the
    domestic dog was mapped. (Genome is the total genetic material in an organism) Third, it was not until
    late 2005 that the genome of the Airedale Terrier was mapped. Further, the research which produced the
    domestic dog genome was done at the Broad Institute, MIT and Harvard, of Cambridge, Mass and the
    breed genome research was conducted at the Hutchinson Cancer Institute of Seattle, Wash. Texas A &
    M, in the 1990's, had neither the genome maps nor the technological protocols to complete an accurate
    DNA profile to prove breed purity by comparing a sample to a known genome! Those facts beg the
    question as to exactly what “proof” Southern Herrera refers to as being established by Texas A&M.
    Today, on the INTERNET, there are five breeders who advertise for sale “Rare All Black” and
    “Extremely Rare All Red Airedale Terriers”; as well as over sized Airedale Terriers: Southern/Roc
    Airedales in McIntosh, New Mexico; Tenkiller Airedales, in Demming N.M.; Hi Kountry Airedales in
    Wyoming; Bairedales in Idaho; and Pinnacle Farm Airedales in Kingfield, Maine. Along with coat
    colors and oversized dogs, these breeders all have similar health guarantees, their dogs are registered at
    the same registry in Mississippi and they all claim to have DNA proof. The breeder at Southern/Roc
    Airedales is, in all probability, the source of the foundation stock for the other four breeders. In
    researching this story, the writer tried unsuccessfully to get a written statement from any of these
    breeders detailing the DNA “proof” that each purportedly has. None would answer any of the following
    questions: When was the sample collected? Where was the sample collected? Who, exactly, performed
    the analysis and evaluation to determine breed purity?
    The sad thing is that these crossbred dogs are having some difficulties which are going to cause
    Airedale Rescue and the ATCA continuing headache. The dogs in Arizona were undoubtedly out of
    Southern/Roc kennels. Since that “establishment” had moved out of state, they could not be located by
    the Maricopa County authorities to provide care for these dogs. The dog in Hawaii has been cared for
    and funded by private donation. The common feature in both cases is that Airedale Rescue was
    mentioned in the news in an unflattering fashion: uncaring of the plight of these dogs. The fact is that
    Airedale Rescue did respond to the plight of these animals and assisted in their care but used private
    donations from around the country and not Rescue funds for Airedale Terriers. Another fact which did
    not makethe news stories was that very experienced Airedalers took some of the Arizona dogs into their
    personal care and reported that these anomalous dogs did not act like Airedale Terriers, they exhibited
    personalities very different from those of pure bred Airedales. Yet the public perception and that of
    Animal Control personnel was that the dogs were Airedales and they turned to the Airedale community
    for assistance when the situations arose in both Hawaii and Arizona.
    The challenge now for Airedalers is to continue the effort to educate the public and law enforcement
    communities that these animals are not pure bred Airedale Terriers. In 1980 there were no claims of
    solid colored, pure bred Airedale Terriers. Yet in 2009, there are five different kennels that are actively
    breeding Labradales and fraudulently misrepresenting them to the public as pure bred dogs!
    In summary, recall that no writer, from the earliest days of the breed to the present, has ever mentioned
    either an all black or all red Airedale Terrier. Clay Coady, a very well respected professional dog man
    acting at the behest of the AKC, reviewed the original stock of Southern Drach Harrison Herrera and
    decided that they were Labrador Retriever Airedale Terrier cross bred dogs. Two different legal
    proceedings, a District Court and an Appeals Court, both determined that the Drach Black Labradales
    were not pure bred dogs upholding AKC's right to remove ALL of the Drach connected dogs from both
    the stud book AND the registry. Some twenty years after the Coady investigation other long time
    Airedalers, some of whom are breeders, took in and cared for the 19 Drach Black Labradales and all
    said the dogs did not have signature Airedale personalities. The question of DNA proof, as claimed by
    Southern Drach Harrison Herrera and her apprentices, could not have been established at the point in
    time that she claims; it was a scientific impossibility. These five kennels know this to be true. If they
    had certain proof, or truly accepted that what they had was proof, why would they not answer
    the three simple questions to support their contention?
    The marketing of these Labradales is a detriment to Airedalers across the USA. It questions the breeds
    integrity and it further confuses the public with an incorrect picture of what an Airedale Terrier is, what
    an Airedale Terrier looks like and how an Airedale Terrier behaves. If it comes to your attention in a
    publication that these dogs are being marketed in the classifieds, contact the publisher with your
    legitimate concerns and convince them that by accepting this type of advertising the publisher is
    enabling these hucksters in undermining our breed and scamming the public. If you are a breeder and
    have a website, make it clear on your website that these Labradales are not to be confused with pure
    bred Airedale Terriers. Get the word out to your local Animal Control officers that these Labradales are
    not to be confused with pure bred Airedale Terriers. Challenge the contention that these Labradales are
    pure bred each and every time you are confronted with it. And do not rest. In a space of 30 years we
    have seen the profit motive of one greedy, unethical individual bloom into a nationwide attempt to
    confuse and scam the public using the Airedale Terrier to further their illicit goals. The only way to stop
    this assault on the breed purity of the Airedale Terrier is to challenge it when it appears and use the
    facts to refute these spurious scam artists.

  • Di
      13th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    OK - let's get this straight - once again I am not Southern and I also see that you are stealing articles, posting them and believing they are true. You are one stupid broad. Not only is your ### thick as a two ton brick, so is your head. You have both a propensity toward mental instability and an inability to comprehend right from wrong. You are one unstable crazy, mixed up ###.
    Also, the IP address that these are coming from have all been traced, so no worries. If this comes down to what the truth really is, YOU are going to be held accountable. Stealing and lying are sins that will drag you toward the further depths of hell. Being stupid is just a birth defect. Count yourself lucky that Satan won't have to pound as much sand as might be possible. You are getting to the point where any type of repentance is futile.

    Don't you find the following information most telling of your character...


    Ms. Johnson. My name is John. I own Espinoza's Airedales. I was going through my web page this morning and I noticed that you had linked your kennel, (Big Bend) to my webpage. Ms. Johnson, I am aware that this link page is freely accessable but I am not appreciative of a competitor using my web page to try and sell dogs off of my site without being associated with me. This appears to be an underhanded manuever so I have removed your link.
    First off, I work closely with Southern Roc Kennels and Tenkiller airedales. I know the great stock that these kennels have and I also have some great stock that I am very proud of.
    Secondly, I have some very satisfied customers and would not want my customers mislead thinking that I am in any way linked to your kennel. As I stated, I am very proud of what I sell and I take my business seriously.
    I am in no way knocking your stock, I have no idea what your stock is like, but I will not promote anything that I am not familiar with, and I ask that you refrain from using my webpage to link to your webpage.

    John Espinoza

    Then we have the issue of stealing the photos off of Rev. Scara's web page. The Rev. had to go in and personally remove them from your web site, being that they were posted without permission.

    And, by the way the dogs in AZ belong to Ardith Elmore and Norm Nagel. They still reside in Pheonix, AZ.

    Carl Egglestrom and Southern Sollar's bailed her out 2x of Maricopa Counties dog pound with her 19.

    Before you throw stones you oughta know what you're talking about.

    Once again the IP is coming from you.

    You might be better off feeding pigeons in the park in Cat Springs than bothering legitimate breeders on the internet. The mentally ill do have issues holding jobs, obviously your mother can see that now since she got your last job.

    You stomped through the Sollar's kennel like the Japanese version of Godzilla, leaving nothing but destruction in your path, now you're out here like King Kong with baring your hairy chest and roaring to the masses like you know what you're talking about. Go back to the jungle babe.

    The breeders find this harassing, because you have no real information. You're a small minded wanna be with absolutely no credibility behind you. And just for your info, the Mars test was done just to prove that the Bulldog was within the breed which was introduced in 1873. No other breed should have shone as was suspected by some. The test rang true. Anybody with and sort of since could see by the DNA that these dogs are purebred.

    Why don't you have you dogs tested Mrs. Johnson and see what comes up, or are you afraid of that. It is apparent now, why you have no friends and no breeder alliances. Your underhandedness of posting other peoples work on your website has been dually noted and has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

    It seems that you have an ax to grind with Mrs. Sollars' because since your smear campaign has come along since she refuses to have anything to do with you.

    In other words, get a life.


    Sam Beauford

    again when it comes to ### like you I just can't resist.

  • Jo
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    john got his dogs from southern, he is hardly an impartial bystander in this debate. he does have class though, which is something you and southern lack. you are either lying, or completely ignorant (i'm leaning towards ignorant)about dna. if bulldog is an integral part of the airedale breed, then all airedales should show bulldog in them, not just one of southern's mixed breeds. if you read the mars dna test report clearly it proves my point. if you are a man, please stop obsessing over my ###. you couldnt handle it anyway, since it is obvious southern hasn't left you intact.

  • Je
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    Mr. Righker, At this time I have purchased 1 female pup from Southern Sollars. She is about 18 weeks of age, hardly breeding age. we are very proud of her. We also plan on future purchases of stock from Southern. The reason is that her stock we greatly compliment my stock and vice versa.
    Now Mr, Righker you chose to use my name in this debate so lets get the record straight It is not an insult to me when you quote" john got his dogs from southern". But I am my own breeder and have my own stock which I am very proud of. Any stock that i have put out are pups that I have bred at my kennel. Again my future breedings will have some of southerns stock.
    Now that is the reason that I wrote the letter to Ms. Johnson of Big Bend. As I stated, I was not knocking her stock, I simply do not want to promote something that I am not familiar with.

    Mr. Righker, I hope that this post has set the matter straight as far as I am concerned. There are no lies or hidden messages. I you wish to contact me in a professional manner you may do so through my email. You will find it on my web page that I believe you are familiar with.

    Thank You, John Espinoza

  • Jo
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    mr. espinoza,

    i have no quarrel with you. my concerns focus on the nature of the black and red airedale. it is my understanding that ms. johnson breeds black airedales as well so she is no ally of mine. i want to get to the bottom of this debate and you can't do that without questioning southern. instead of answering some very reasonable questions southern( and her eunich sammy) have attacked me and ms. johnson(who hasn't participated in this debate at all.)

    consider the record between us settled. i never meant to insult you. i was under the mistaken assumption that you were breeding black airedales from info obtained from the "real working terrier" website. thankyou for setting the record straight. i will google your page and email you if i have any further questions.

    like i said, my main concern is for the purity of the breed. i obviously question the purity of southern's dogs so i would suggest that you not do business with her, but this is america and a free country. thankyou for keeping our discussions civil. if only the people with the answers to my questions would conduct themselves like you have, this issue could have been settled long ago. have a nice evening.

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