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My son was sucked into a scam by this company. They called him about a vacation. That's literally all he remembers about the phone call. He knows they asked a bunch of questions but wasn't sure what. then all the sudden all these magazines start showing up. We live in a small town so even though the mailing address was WRONG, the magazines still ended up in my box. I didn't know what was goin on. It was my son's name but I know he would never order "Time" or "Handyman. He was called by the company today and was told what I've read in several stories, about how he agreed and they have verification and stuff and that he better pay or they will ruin his credit. (By the way, my son is 19) He told them he would have me call and then he hung up. I called them back and asked to listen to the verification tape.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Great Falls, MTThey were right when they said it was his voice. But something was off. First a computer would ask him a question, then a lady would come on. My son's voice would be garbled, and then a lady would repeat the answers. (or her version of the answers) He had pauses before some answers and no pause for others. There is no way this was an actual conversation. It's cut and pasted. The lady asked me what I was going to do and I told her I would call my son and visit with him. But we are gonna let them know that we will just turn this over to the Better Business Bureau and that I've found large numbers of complaints of this company with fraudulant claims. If needed, I'm sure a lawyer will be able to get this taken care of. We were some of the lucky ones. They didn't get our address right or the credit card number right. So they have no way to charge him. As for his credit. I don't think so!!!

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  • Er
      Jul 08, 2008

    This company pulled the same crap on me. They promised me a free vacation and I never recieved one. Fortunatly for me my bank caught this company trying to access my account and blocked them. I then changed my credit card number so they can never charge me. They keep calling from all kinds of different numbers that I keep blocking on my phone. I called them a few days after they had first tricked me and told them I wanted to cancel. Then when I called a few months ago they said they had no record of me trying to cancel my subscription. Of course they wouldn't! This company is as sleezy as they come and I will never pay them anything.

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  • An
      Aug 23, 2008

    I had someone call me on my cell phone! I'm 18, I have no idea how they got this information, and they said something about a trip, then she said that she was billing me for a magazine and I said, well wait, no no no, if I have to pay for something, I don't want it. She notified me that someone from billing would contact me. Two minutes later, I receive a phone call from her supervisor asking me what the problem was. I told her, that I didn't want to the magazines or anything because I have to pay. She very rudely then said, "Why did you give her verification and authorization then?" (While being on the phone, she asked if such and such was my address and I said, "well yes". AGAIN, this was on my cell phone and I assumed it was something vitally important for a deposit I had just made. They also claimed that I won because I am a visa credit card holder. I said yes but in all actuality I'm not. The supervisor hung up the phone as soon as I said that I didn't want anything and said it was going to be billed anyway. They didn't ask for my credit card information, so I'm assuming that they can't do anything. I might be wrong, can someone tell me what to do, so they DONT begin billing me?

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  • Wo
      Feb 05, 2009

    I am nervous now, I did not give them my information but I did say that I would call back after I considered the offer. But they had my address on file, so is it possible they have my credit card information too. I called the number back but received a busy signal. If you get the second call does that mean you confirmed the order in the first call?

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  • St
      Jun 19, 2009

    I got sucked into the free vacatoin thing too but i took actions to get all of my money back this is what i did:

    1st. I filed a police report (they more then likely can't do anything but you can use the info for your bank)

    2nd. I went to my bank and had them fill out papers for fraud, they did an investigation and i also gave them a copy of the police report.

    3rd. I ended up gettin all my money back in less then a week

    So see there are ways to cancell you subscription and still get all your money back. These people need to be stopped. All of their fast talking and promises are crap. So that is what i did hope it helps you all.

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