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Southern Magazine Promotions / Never give your credit card number!

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I recently received a call from Bradley Evans and his supervisor, Melissa, from Southern Magazine Promotions. When I answered the phone, they said that I had been entered into a drawing by one of my credit card companies and that I won a free vacation and three magazines subscriptions. The only thing was that I had to pay for the fourth one. By the end of the phone call, I had signed up for six magazines and was paying $50 a month for 20 months. Of course I didn't do the math and was caught off guard. When I hung up the phone, I had realized that I just signed up for a $1000.00 magazine subscription. I called them back from my caller ID and said that I wanted to cancel the order that I just put in. Melissa told me that I couldn't and she would take a year off. So, I looked up their name on Google and found a link with a letter describing a similar situation listed on your website. I was able to get the whole canceled through the pushiness of my father.

I just wanted to add a complaint to let people know that they are out there again, and preying on anyone they get a hold of. They are fast talkers and will tell anything you want to hear, and then ask for a credit card number. I was gullible to fall for it, so I wanted to try help warn other consumers.


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  • Pe
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    Number one: If someone you've never met is calling you trying to offer a "great deal, " especially on your cell phone, get a clue! Justin you're a POS just like the rest of the parasites who prey on the elderly and/or naieve. When someone makes a purchase for something they want off the internet, a third party of jerks like the ones you work for take and use this information to scam vulnerable people like the ones above. This isn't about offering people a great deal on a bogus vacation or a 5 yr subscription on a magazine they'll never read or be able cancel easily. It's about the almighty dollar and how much of it you can put in your dirty little pockets. If you believe any different you're just as gullible as the people you scam. Dont call us. We'll call you...NOT!

  • Ka
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    I also got a call from SMP, but I never gave out my credit card information. My question is, if they have my name, address, and phone number, do they have my credit card information too? and if they do, even though I told them I cancelled my order, can they charge my card? By the way, how do they get our personal information?

  • Ja
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    I coul'd have written any one of these stories. I'm talking to a lawyer on Mon. I feel like such an idiot. It was such a high pressure sale that before I knew it a was saying ok to a bunch of magazines I don't even want. I cancelled my credit card too. I don't know what to do next I know they will be sending me a bill. I feel sick to my stomach about this..

  • Mi
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Wow.. These people are sneaky as hell! I ordered a KidRobot hoodie and recieve it yesterday. An hour ago i just recieved a call from Logan saying i was intered into a drawing for ordering something online with my visa card in the past 6 months. I got avaca of my choice of any 8 places.. and i was subscribed for 4 magazines and i was intered into a drawing on dec 1st of 2008 for some stupid ammount of money and they would be giving away 1000 prises.. I told her to sign me up n gave me my info but NOT my card info.. She said her manager would be calling.. He called about 15mins later and i ignored the call.. Then he called AGAIN. So i answered and he seemed nice and pretty professional. He explained what i was "subscribed" for and then says okay, go ahead and give me your card number and experation date. I knew right then not to and i said in a nice way, um let me think about this and if i deside i want to ill call you back. His attitude and profesionalize took a 180. He started YELLING at me. MAM YOU HAD ME UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU WERE WANTING TO SIGN UP FOR THIS AND JUST WENT ON AND ON. I kept trying to interuppt him, but he just kept yelling I was sitting on the phone for 2 minutes saying excuse me, excuse me, excuse me over and over again but he wouldnt shut up! I finally just hung up and ive tryed calling the first number back and it just rings and rings and i tried to second and its a busy signal. If anyone has a number i can reach ANYONE at that company at please email me it!!! I am filing a lawsuit.

    thanks & becareful who you give your card info to.
    they can do muuchhh more than just charge you
    for some lae magazines for 20months.. even tho thats ALOT

    beware guys

  • Ju
      4th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please help!! I just stumpled on this website and found that i was not alone! I just received a letter stating that i owe them 884.42 or they will report me to collection agency. how do i get out of this horrible contract? does it really work if i tell them i will report them to the national fraud center? I can not afford my credit rating to go down!

  • Gi
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    My boyfriend and I found ourselves in the same situation as everyone else listed on here. We tried cancelling the credit card on the account, but bills kept coming. When we tried cancelling the account, the woman I spoke to tried to get me to pay $79 to get it cancelled saying that this money covered the issues that would be sent to me in the time it would take to cancel the account. When I told her I couldn't pay it because the account was in my boyfriend's name, she freaked out because she wasn't supposed to talk to me, only the account owner. She said she could be fired for speaking to someone who wasn't on the account. My boyfriend called later thinking that he would then pay the money and cancel the account, but when he called back, they told him his account had been cancelled. Maybe the woman was afraid we would turn her in, but no matter don't fall for paying to cancel your account. Be persistent, refuse to pay, and insist on cancelling! DON'T ALLOW THEM TO STEAL MORE MONEY FROM YOU!

    And to Justin who commented on page one saying he works for this company...Justin, you should be ashamed of yourself for making a profession out of scamming people. Try getting a real job you can be proud of...

  • Br
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    They did the exact same thing to me also! Knowing me, i went through with it! I tried to cancel it but i couldn't get through so i cancelled my card so my account wouldn't keep going over. I do keep getting the magazines, but im being billed all the time. One bad thing about it though, it will go on our credit and look very bad. Now, every now and then i do get phone calls saying, "you have won..." now i hang up. I have definently learned my lesson.

  • Jo
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow! i just got called from them like 10 minutes ago. This lady named Sharon Lucky called me and told me i would be getting 6 free magazines and they would like me to help with one of them and i picked Time, they where gonna charge me $3.87 every 20 months but it would come out as $49.22 every month, she was talking so fast and i was trying to get back on the phone with someone else on the other line i really didn't even know what i was getting myself into. So she got me on the line with this other lady and she reviewed everything i was getting the trip and some other drawing they where gonna do in Jan and May i gave them my credit card number. When i got off the phone i still had no idea what the crap i just had done and how i got entered in this drawing so i looked up SMP and found this! I called back and got this guy and told them they where frauds cuz i had found lots of bad things about them on line he said they had been in the business for 30 years and they wouldn't be if it was a fraud i still explained to him that i wanted everything that i had done canceled i think he did...i called my dad and said they had my credit card number and he's pretty sure they didn't canceled it so I'm so praying that they did.

  • Jo
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    How do they Get our Information? what all do they know about us?

  • Un
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I work for a Police Department and these people called me at work and offer me this same deal. Saying I was entered in a drawing by my card company and that I won a 3-day vacation and I would have to pay for the gas and whatnot, but they would pay the hotel bill. I had to agree to order some magazines and pay for one of them. He continued and went through the whole process but never asked for any of my credit/debit information.

    Herschel Harper - SMP - Souther Magazine Promotions

    As far as I know, they haven't taken any money out of my account yet. After I got off the phone with the above named, I decided to check my bank account. Bare in mind, I did NOT give him any information in reference to my bank account or debit/credit number. He asked me the following:

    Employeed full-time?
    Single or married?
    And he wanted an alternate phone number. I answered these questions, but he never asked for any card numbers. He stated his supervisor "Sherry" would contact me shortly.

    I decided to check my bank account online and noticed $50.00 exact was deducted. I did some searching, their phone number wasn't listed. So I searched the company name and found this site.

    His supervisor did infact call me. This is a summary of the conversation:

    Hi, may I speak to *name*?
    (Yeah, give me just a minute.) [I began recording this conversation for records]
    (You still there?)
    Yes, ma'am.
    (Ok, this is she.)
    Hey *name*, this is Sherry, Herschel's supervisor and I'm calling to go over this order you've placed with him.
    (Ok, I was just wondering if I could cancel anything I may have ordered.)
    Uh, no you'll have to do that with him, so are you willing not to help out with the magazine?
    (Well, he said I had to go through you to cancel.)
    He could have done that there at his desk, um, did you tell him you didn't want to purchase any magazines?
    [While on the phone with him, I repeatedly asked if I could just cancel anything I may have agreed to without knowing, since he didn't really ask me bluntly if I agreed to order them. Just wanted to make note of this.]
    (I asked him if I could cancel and he said I would have to go through you.)
    Ok, well they do ask that you're gonna stay with us and not cancel, 'cause what happens is *name* to make a committment with the publishers to guarentee the price of the magazine for the full term. Which is the 60 months.
    (Ok, so does that eventually equal up to $50.00 a month?)
    Well, it's $3.87 a week.
    (So, does that equal $50.00 a month?)
    It's going to, yes.
    [Editorial note: $3.87 X 4 =? Someone doesn't explain the details of what's going on very well. Either that or they don't understand math.]
    (Ok, well has that already been taken out of my account?)
    No ma'am.
    (Ok, well $50 has been taken out of my account.)
    It already is?
    Well it wasn't by us 'cause we don't have that information to do that. And if by chance it ever was us, it says MAGAZINES and then there's a toll-free "866" number that's our customer service number. It shows out there beside it. It's $49.92 have you spoken with anybody other than us? As far as myself and Herschel?
    (No, I haven't.)
    Ok, then we don't have your account information. You have to give that information to us before we're allowed to actually do anything.
    [She just stated that I infact did NOT authorize them to use any means to retrieve my money. If any money is deducted and given to this company, they will have STOLEN the money.]
    The reasons I say that is because it's $3.87 a week, $16.64, but they bill it 3 months at a time so it does make it $49.92. And if that's been deducted from your account it's not from us, unless one of our other represenatives have already spoken with you, and if it is from us then it shows up as MAGAZINES like I said with a toll-free "866" number that is our customer service number.
    (Ok, well either way I'd like to cancel anything that may have been ordered.)
    You'll have to do that with him so I need to pass your information back to him, ok?
    (Alright, I appreciate it.)
    You're welcome have a good day.

    Fore warning to anybody, don't give your information out to anybody and if possible, avoid using your credit/debit cards on the phone or internet. I know it's easier to order stuff online, but if you can select using a money order or cashier's check instead, it's much safer and if it is a scam, you may have lost a few bucks, but atleast they won't have your information to do more harm.

  • Du
      26th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    this stuff is real u dumb ppl

  • Ka
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    same thing happened to me, they NEVER told me that it was gonna cost me 998.40!!! I am disabled and live on 500.00 a month, i called my bank and put a stop on ANY payments to this company!!!It's a fraud and they should be caught and punished for takeing advantage of people. i even told them i was on disability and they didn't care!!! KARMA

  • Jt
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    give it up people you act like your victoms...god, next time a telemarketer calls you HANG UP!!!

  • An
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    hi. please list ur name n what city n state u live in if u placed your order with smp in tifton, ga. they have ripped the wrong person off n if u could list ur name if u have been charged and still have recieved nothing plese tell so we can put a stop to this. further legal action will b taken for this matter. thx

  • Co
      13th of May, 2009
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    Southern Magazine Promotions - tried to cancelled
    Southern Magazine Promotions
    210 S Grant Street
    United States
    Phone: (866) 452-4415

    I tried to cancell, lady said I couldn't so, I said I will cancell my credit card, I was told I was still going to be billed for the payments.SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THESE PEOPLE!!! THANK YOU!! CONNIE PARROTT

  • Ro
      14th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thank you for the email!! I almost believed their sweet southern voice!! Beware

  • Se
      15th of May, 2009
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    I’m searching a lottery game in the internet to find what’s the number is coming out that day. Then I saw a website said free government lottery game. You don’t have to pay so I signed up and in the next day a lady called and she told me that their company is the one who sponsored of the government lottery. But before that I need to order a magazine for one year. They let me to select the payment order. They told me $3 each magazine. Then the rest I don’t understand what they said because they talk so fast. After she talked to me her manager call back and she told me all I need to do is to answer the machine who asked me a question. I didn’t know what they do to let me agreed to order the magazine. After that I realize that I’ve done something wrong so I called her back to the number she used when she called me. But the phone is not working, I can’t contact her. So I began to suspect that there was something wrong. I try to contact theme again to cancel my order still the same, the phone not working. After a week I receive a bunch of magazine and I receive a call from them and they try to offer me some staff like 30% off if I ordered another magazine. I told them no thank you and I told them that I need to cancel my order from them. They hung up the phone and I don’t receive any call from them for several weeks. Then I received another call from them for the same reason to offer something. I told them that I like to cancel my order the lady said she can’t cancel my order then she hung up on me again. Then last Dec. 2008 they call me again my husband answered the phone and told them if they can cancel the magazine I ordered. The man said they can’t do it and they give us the number where we can cancel my order. I called to the number they give us but there’s nobody there to answer my call. So I leave a message to call me back as long as they received my message. The lady called me back in the morning. I told her that I like to cancel the magazine that I ordered. I told her too that I’m not always at the house coz we’re traveling a lot. So I don’t need the magazine anymore. She said ok as long as I pay the last magazine they sent me. I thought she cancel my order that time. Then last January something happen my debit card stop working. Then they start calling me again to collect the payment for the magazine they sent. I was surprised I told them that I cancel my order a long time ago. They told me “no ma’am your order is not canceled”. Then I realized that they keep charging me even though I called them to cancel my order. Then I asked them again to cancel my order but they told me they can’t do it. They give me a phone number to call then I called that number immediately but there’s no one there to answer my call. I leave a message to call me back. They call me in the morning. I told her to cancel my order and to send me a billing letter. She told me, she can’t send me a billing letter and about to cancel my order I need to pay the 2 years order. I was surprised because that’s not what I know. I ordered magazine only one year. Supposed to be, It’s the end of my order last December 2008. I asked again to send me the billing letter. The lady insisted that she can’t send a billing letter, she want me to pay her that time. I told her my card is not working and she asked to give her my checking acct. no. I don’t give it to her. I told her that I won’t pay until she don’t send me a billing letter. After the argument she told me that she send me a billing letter. Then she hung up the phone while I’m still asking here. Then I receive a billing letter but it don’t say anything there. Just the amount that I need to pay. Then It’s says in the letter If I wish to pay quarterly I need to pay them at the amount of $ 152.98. I told them to send me the cancelation fee and the price for the last magazine they sent me instead I need to pay theme quarterly. I try to find the address they give me in the internet but I can’t find it. Instead I find this website that a lot of complain about them. In their address says P.O. Box so they don’t have an office building.

  • St
      19th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got sucked into the free vacatoin thing too but i took actions to get all of my money back this is what i did:

    1st. I filed a police report (they more then likely can't do anything but you can use the info for your bank)

    2nd. I went to my bank and had them fill out papers for fraud, they did an investigation and i also gave them a copy of the police report.

    3rd. I ended up gettin all my money back in less then a week

    So see there are ways to cancell you subscription and still get all your money back. These people need to be stopped. All of their fast talking and promises are crap. So that is what i did hope it helps you all.

  • No
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    it's not a fraud. people just do not pay attention. The company actually gives you a deal on the magazines and you can consitently switch the magazines to yours and your family's interests. The deal is set up for magazine lovers and families who have multiple members with magazine interests. If a family is indeed set up for this then they recieve a deal and can also choose magazines from a list in which you may not find at any newstand. The vacation is given as well and involves no timesharing or conferences. People do indeed win in the contest as well. All of the prizes are also legit. I can say as a past winner, vacation user and I also saved $3, 000.00 in magazines thru them for my family of 6, that this company is not a fraud though set up forpeople who need this stuff. Maybe, paying a little more attention to what you're doing could help but not ragging a company who actually saves people money and also gives children something to do like reading interesting magazines during the summer in a crazy, drug infested country we have.

  • No
      13th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Mr. I am a police officer. Well I am an officer of peace for an orginization much higher up than you. I can get the records and backgrounds of all their workers in one click. They do pay for your hotel you fool just not your gas or airfare...whichever it may be.

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