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South Side Dogs provides the best dogs AND I HAVE ONE! I don't think the people who posted their complaints regarding "No dog, no refund" should be trusted. Yeah, I'm ticked off because I was all excited about getting a dog from South Side Dogs, then I stumbled upon this site and you whiners totally rained on my parade. Thankfully I actually talked to Frank and he gave me his side of the story. He explained exactly what happened, the best he could recall anyway, and it all became clear to me. Frank was the one being jerked around. He even told me up front, just like the others, what to expect, but sometimes it doesn't go as planned. I even read on his site that the $250.00 deposit is non-refundable. Anyway, he said if I want my money back, he would give it to me. He said it's just not worth it even though he is in the right. Long story short, I thought he was being honest, so I ended up getting a dog from him, WOO HOO! My dog has been to the vet already and I was told he's a great example of the breed (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and in perfect health. Man oh man, I am so happy! I was so close to callin it quits, but there were too many things about South Side that I really liked that couldn't be ignored. One good thing about this complaints board is that it made me talk to Frank. Now I feel even better about the whole thing. Thanks to everybody for helping me make the right decision - to get a dog from Frank at South Side Dogs!

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  • Ss
      3rd of Aug, 2010

    This Frank, from South Side is contacting breeders of Miniature Bull Terriers all over the country trying to buy puppies so he can start selling them too. He seems to have told many of these breeders lies about why he wants them and what he is going to do with them. Good breeders talk to each other and everyone is talking about Frank and his wanting to buy yet another breed he can sell and make money off of!! Everyone beware!!!

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  • Ha
      21st of May, 2011

    I wouldnt be suprised if Frank or his assistant wrote "the real story". Frank Popolizio is nothing but a smooth talking liar. Believe me, i was his tenant for about a year and it was the worst experience of my life. I have no doubt he swindled these people out of there money and hopes of a puppy. When i rented from frank i could not find a single person that had one nice thing to say about him. The lady at tenants rights even called him frank poposleezio. Even the cops felt bad for me and gave me an earfull when i told them frank wrote me and my roommate bad checks for our security deposit back. The guy at the hardware store had nothing nice to say. the guy from national grid who came to look at my heat after frank never called me back for 3 days and if was 30 degrees out had alot to say about his run in with frank . the lady at the bank whos daughter got swindeled had nothing nice to say. The lady at the relastate office when our house went on the market had her own run in with frank and nothing nice to say. oh and our house we rented was in foreclosure and going to action and i found out when i read it in the paper. i could go on and on.

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  • Kb
      5th of Sep, 2011

    My husband and I found Southside Dogs on the web. We immediately called Frank when the website said "limited availabilty".
    Frank had told us a litter has just been born a few weeks ago, however, Only 1 male was born from the litter, which was exactly what we wanted. My husband immediately made arrangements to make a 5-hour trip from Long Island to Worcester to see his place...We were impressed to see how clean and how nicely the dogs were cared for. Frank told us our puppy would be available the beginning of August. We picked our new bundle of joy August 6, 2011 with no hassles, I think we hassled Frank weekly on the puppies progress! Every week, the puppies were getting bigger and we had NO ISSUES at all. I'm sorry some of you all had troubles, BUT puppies are babies . . . and like babies . . . THINGS HAPPEN! Our male Vizsla, is the LOVE of our LIFE. We couldn't be more happy with how smart, obedient and truly fabulous the Vizsla breed is! My husband has been training him daily and I'm not sure who's more tired at the end of the day, ROSCOE or my husband? The Vet said besides, a small ear infection, which is no reflection on the breeder, He's in perfect health! Anyone who is reading this please go visit Frank At Southside for youself before sending money. We got lucky because we wanted a male and he had one available...Simple as that! He's truly a beautiful puppy :) Our new child w/Fur !! We would recommend Frank!

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  • An
      6th of Jun, 2012

    June 6, 2012
    Area kennel owner faces new felony charges
    By Denise Richardson
    Staff Writer

    The owner of South Side Dogs and South Side Farms in Worcester was arrested during a court appearance Tuesday on additional charges related to his business activities, Otsego County deputies said in a media release.

    Frank Michael Popolizio, 66, of Schenectady, was charged with first-degree scheme to defraud, third-degree grand larceny and fourth-degree grand larceny, all felonies, and petit larceny, a misdemeanor, deputies said.

    Popolizio was arrested when he appeared at the Worcester Town Court to answer previous animal abuse charges, deputies said. He was arraigned on the new charges by Worcester Judge William J. Fisher and released on his own recognizance, pending another court appearance at 4 p.m. July 3.

    Popolizio was arrested after a six-week investigation by the Otsego County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division.

    Deputies received a complaint in late April from a Virginia resident who said she sent Popolizio $2, 100 as a down payment for miniature livestock in September, but she didn't receive the cattle or her money back.

    Based on further investigation, Popolizio is accused of stealing $26, 435 from numerous customers during the past five years as he "engaged in an ongoing fraudulent course of conduct by using false or fraudulent pretenses, representations and/or promises, " the release said.

    The customers lived in Virginia, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania as well as New York, deputies said.

    If convicted on the additional charges filed Tuesday, Popolizio faces up to 26 years in prison, deputies said.

    Otsego County Assistant District Attorney Marvin D. Parshall Jr. is prosecuting the case. Anyone else who believes they have been subjected to fraud by Popolizio is asked to call deputies at 547-4363 to file a complaint.

    On Feb. 2, Popolizio was charged with 49 counts of animal cruelty after state police, who investigated complaints that dogs there appeared to be neglected, raided South Side Dogs. The dogs were confiscated.

    The Susquehanna SPCA is caring for dozens of the seized dogs, and Popolizio's attorney said recently that he is opposing action that his client pay for their care. In a separate case, Popolizio already faces potential state prison time if he is convicted of any of five felony charges brought against him by the state Department of Taxation and Finance. Those charges related to his alleged failure to pay sales taxes collected at his now-closed Schenectady restaurant, The Pentagon.

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