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I put a $250 deposit down in August on a male chocolate lab puppy. As soon as I put the deposit down the breeder disappeared. Did not send me a receipt as promised or confirm she received the deposit, just cashed my check and stopped responding. I reached out repeatedly after learning my wife was pregnant to discuss moving deposit or having it returned to no success. When she finally responded about a week before thanksgiving she said that she had a death in the family, had been sick and would send my deposit back after the thanksgiving. I gave her until middle of December before I began reaching out again. At that point Susan would not get back to me at all, and after reaching out to some of the Labrador clubs she belongs to tried to threaten me with legal action and said she no longer has any responsibility to respond to me. She now claims the deposit is non-refundable 2 months after she initially said she would return the deposit. Susan Hagner and Soundview Labradors out of NC and PA are not to be trusted.

Jan 11, 2017
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  • Lr
      27th of Jun, 2017

    Backyard breeder. No dogs have titles. Wants to stay on as owner of your dog so she can keep breeding go to Endless Mountain Labradors. Donna is great.

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  • Do
      7th of Jul, 2017

    I have dogs from BOTH breeders. Donna is not great. My [censored] from Donna was sold to me under full registration. I have to spay her this year after many years of back and forth emails that I have from Donna that show my [censored]e's line indicate growth around 4 years. My [censored] never grew to the size she needed at age 4 or 5. My [censored] never won any titles and has an entropion in her eye. She cannot breed and cannot show! When I contacted Endless Mountain to ask about getting a new dog under full registration to breed they told me -- I would have to pay FULL price again. I will love my dog from Endless Mountain as a pet but it still doesn't take away from the years of veterinary bills it has taken me to fix the allergies and problems that came with this dog.
    Susan Hagnar can a bit non responsive but her dogs are gorgeous. Many of her dogs do have titles including the male dog we bought from her that is now a Grand Champion. We bought a dog a from her to be a pet and he ended up being a GRAND CHAMPION. She did sell us him as a limited registration but then after many years of back and forth agreed to let us show him under full registration. Once she released his title, he won Grand Champion. She is not a bad person and her dogs are one of a kind. She has a hobby size kennel whereas Donna Stanley is a rip off scam that is breeding to just breed. Endless Mountain is not to be trusted.

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  • Jl
      12th of Sep, 2017

    Susan is NOT to be trusted. She communicates great up until you hand over any money and then she goes silent. She makes endless excuses and brings her personal life into a supposed professional operation. She has yet to return a deposit on a phantom litter that was suppose to drop last fall. Don't waste your time or money on this 'breeder' who is nothing but a con artist and a disgrace to the Labrador community.

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  • Ms
      6th of Oct, 2017

    Susan is unprofessional, unethical and outright spiteful. Her dogs are NOT health tested. She lied about hip ratings on her dogs. Lied to members of her breed club. When questioned about the health of the dogs she bred and the puppy purchased, she took the money for the puppy, the signed AKC registration information and FORGED her friend’s name on the registration and gave the puppy to her friend. NO refund to the customer. Attorney General is investigating her for consumer fraud and forgery. RUN RUN RUN from this woman. No one in the Labrador Community wants to be associated with her, despite her constant bragging about what a great breeder she is. Susan talks negative about anyone who isn’t in the room with her. Preys on people who don’t know better. Her dogs are nice looking. They are NOT show worthy. Most of them have medical issues. The last two dogs she bred had hip dysplasia, allergies, stomach problems and eye issues and are related!!!. Health testing on her bill of sale is bogus. She breeds for the money only. The dogs are whelped and raised by a vet tech and she sees them once before she sells them off. Brookhaven in Virginia is a reputable kennel. AVOID SUSAN HAGNER.

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