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Sonny's Bbq / Awful horrid service, bad employees, liars

1 310 n alafaya trailOrlando, FL, United States Review updated:

Awful service at this location...Have been here many times with good service--this time it was a nightmare. I was in a rush to get somewhere..First had to wait like 10 minutes in line. When it was my turn, the girl had got my order wrong and rung me up for osmething else. I explained to her that she's charging me wrong. She was smirking and being kind of snide and rude...Bad attitude... I was already upset at the way she was acting and how long it had taken. I explained to her she charged me for the wrong item. She disagreed..And said that she had been working there 6 months...And i said i ordered that thing...Many many times..And knew the price...She rung the wrong thing up in the computer again...I told her it can't be right...I asked if i can talk toa manager-- she made me repeat myself several times...She kept saying she couldn't hear me..This was getting tiring. I then waited for her to get the manager-- 5-7 minutes later, she comes back claiming...That they have one price for everything and that some ones are cheaper...And i explained to her again that i ordered a kid's turkey sandwich and it was one price...Again she disagreed.. I finally said to her can u please just give me my food, ...I'll pay...But i have to go im in a rush--again she took forever...Made me repeat myself...She was acting like a total rude person plus a liar...By this time several of the incompetent low life females that worked there were standing by the register acting as if there was a show going on and they had to watch...I told the girl again..Can u please just give me my food??? She again kept asking me to repeat myself...Being rude...I was so frustrated..Finally i got my food after waiting and waiting...Then i tried calling the manager-- and it was a nightmare to get the number..When i finally got it, he ended up being an incompetent fool, who began saying he went to go look at a menu to get the prices (The manager or workers dont know the basic prices of kids meals)?? Then he kept saying "well im not trying to stick up for her--but)...Excuse me? Your employee is overcharging customers, lying to them and u dont seem to care? He was very stupid...Not really rude but rude in the sense that any manager should have apologized, offered a meal comp for the hassle and let the customer go-- i was in a rush to a place i had to get to and having to deal with the incompetence of the sonny's bad staff...Who are lying and then defending bad employees. This 'manager' kept me ont he phone a good 10 minutes...Saying that i needed to talk to the 'general manager" (Huh)? A small purchase for a minor kid's meal has become now a huge problem stress factor and inconvenience...With bad employees overcharging people, lying to them making up false prices...Being rude...Then the manager did nothing..I explained to the manager that he should have just comped the meal and talked to the girl or girls who were being rude...And this isn't good customer service...And its that simple..Why he's going through menus and even justifying the girl's horrible attitude was confusing..He seemed like he was very incompetent and stupid...I finally told him ive had to spend 20 minutes or more on this and i need to get off the phone..Again he didnt' care...And was keeping me on the phone longer...I finally hung up...What kind of service is this?? Sonny's is 'supposed' to have good hospitable service, not this mess of a nightmare...Ive never had an experience like that at sonny's before, but that place needs some serious customer service adjustments...The staff is terrible incompetent and the women that work there are terrible...What a terrible place and experience... Dont expect good service from there, expect to be bullied, treated badly, overcharged, lied to and then not comped for all the hell you had to go through over a kid's meal?

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  • Ol
      28th of Feb, 2011
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    I think your acting like the fool, I work for a restaurant, no Sonny's, and we can not change prices, the computer is programed for the price we charge. You were in a hurry you said, so every one has to drop everything for you who cant plan. If you can wait 5 mins to place an order, you could of used that time to make you won turkey sandwich at home for you child, or go to a fast food place. At the end, you say you should of got it for free. Why? Sounds like you like to complain to get stuff for free. If you dont like the service, go to a different restaurant. Why should you get free food?... I bet you have the guts to answer me on these points...I think your a cheap skate. Ps and a drama queen!!!

  • Jo
      19th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    you're an idiot oldguy--in case you didnt read the post u stupid piece of [censored] its written that the person rung up the wrong item...and yes people shuld get items for free if they have to go through THAT kind of hassle just to get one deserves to be mistreated at a restaurant for no reason-- you def sound like one of those jerks who work for a restaurant and likes to treat customers like crap...hope no one has to run into a low life like you

  • So
      23rd of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I dont umderstand how you think you can call the other female wotkers there "low lifes" im sorry, but if i see someone acting a fool in a restaurant, I'm going to watch too. I work at a restaurant as a server, and i find it extremely offensive. I was married and had a 6 month old child when my husband passed away. He had his own business and we hhad to shut it down due to his illness. When he got sick i had to quit school and quickly fi.d some kind of work to support my family. I ended up getting a job as a server. I still have that job and it had helped me through all my times of need. I just hopr next time you want to call someone a "low life" you should really think before judging a book by its cover. You could be missing an amazing story. Im 21 and have dealt with more than most people will in a lifetime. You are the fool.

  • Cl
      24th of Aug, 2012
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    This is the mos scam I ever buy. I went to Soonys to pick up a chicken with ribs and a half of slab of ribs and it was the worst food I ever buy. First they over price it and no food. It was 4 pieces of ribs on the half of slab and 3 on the plate with the chicken. Please . if you pay $27 for food you can expect at least something decent. not the hole menu but your money worth. I can get $27 of two full slabs on another restaurant. Please if you want to steal the money at least be honest and tell the customer. So I can have the option to buy it or not. Or at least before you charge me for it, let me see it. Jerks!!!

  • Rv
      28th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am writing in concern for my daughter and her boyfriend. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, The Saint Cloud, Fl store is a 2. My daughter's boss, my daughter and her boyfriend ate from this location. They all got very sick. My daughter and her boyfriend end up in the hospital and missed several days work. The medical bills totaled almost $9, 000 and $800 in lost wages due to miss work. Even after their insurance they are out about $1550 in medical cost and the lost wages. This has exhausted his medical coverage for the year under his insurance plan.
    We intend on never eating at another Sonnys ever again. People need to know the risk they take when eating at this establishment. I feel the public needs to know what the possible cost to them is for eating at this establishment.

  • Mi
      15th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Eating at the Sonny's in Valdosta, GA. The worst service I've ever experienced at a restaurant anywhere. Our waiter brought me my drink wrong three different times and argued with me that the drink he brought was what I ordered. Then he came to ask did we want a refill we said No and he proceeded to refill our glasses. The meat was very dry and the sides were awful just the absolute worst service from both the waiter and the cook. We do not play on eating here aGAin ever. They should focus more on customer service.

  • Th
      23rd of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    The whole Sonny's franchise is hurting Americans! When the franchise learns how they promoting diabetes by serving triple carbs, heavy on the sweet sauce, tons of sugar in the tea, wake up America obesity is killing tons of people and the Sonny's franchise is making a ton of money doing so! Feel good bbq = slow death!
    just saying

  • Th
      23rd of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Please provide as much information as possible...

  • Co
      12th of Jun, 2014
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    Sonny's BBQ - Bushnell, FL - Filthy facility
    Sonnys BBQ
    United States

    First visit to this location and let me tell you it was filthy everywhere from the tables to the glass petition between tables to salad bar to yuk the discussing bathroom with dust and filth on the floor about 3 inches thick the employees were just sitting around some playing on tbeir phones and there were only a few tables being used at 1130 in the am there was no excuse why the place was so dirty I would never eat there again nor recommend this place to anyone

  • Ra
      16th of Feb, 2015
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    I am a former employee of the Panama City Beach location ( I left do the horrid management & not being paid the wages I was told I would make). First during training I did not receive the minimum wage $7.93 as required by law but instead I only received server wage $4.91 but no tips, then I was asked to work a catered wedding event using my own vehicle & gas, & was told I would be paid $10 an hour. The wedding reception venue was a very similar name to another place about 10-15 miles away on the beach & when I called the manager to ask for direction he told me " to google it" then hung up on me. On my First paycheck I was only paid for server wages even though I had to train for "3 days" & the catered even was never reflected on my check. The manager was very cranky & yelled at the employees all the time, & for some stupid reason you could not separate a check unless you had managers approval. ( I always ask first but sometimes after they say just one check after you bring the check they then request it to be separated). The other manager was not much better he would just stand around talking & act like it was a bother for the server to get him to come do a discount or coupon. & once he transferred one of my tables to him after a customer gave him the credit card slip while out the door & he kept my tip from them after I waited on them & cleaned the table & he did absolutely no work on that table other than the people handing him the credit card slip on their way out rather than leaving it on the table. So after a few short weeks of this I just couldn't take it anymore & left the company. Now I am having issues trying to get my W2 from this company. I have called the local store, I ended up having to call the corporate office in winter park only to be told after a week of calling that they only handle w2 from Orlando & Gainesville, & the nice lady I spoke with gave me the number for our local franchisee corporate office, & again I have called for almost a week & only get a voice mail. Finally I called the local store again just for them to tell me know that I have to go through southeast personnel now to get my W2 & I'm not having any luck with them either I have left numerous voice mails & sent emails requesting my w2, still nothing. The thing is my address is correct & I have verified it, but for some reason mine has never been mailed to me. From what I am understand what happened is the leasing company mailed the W2's to the stores & when I didn't come in to pick mine up it was sent back. Which is so very against federal law, which states that the W2's be mailed to the address listed on my W4 not to the store or company. Well here it is three weeks later & I'm still waiting on my W2 just to file my taxes so I guess now my next step is to call IRS & have them contact the employer to get my W2, since federal law states that if an employee hasn't received a W2 by Feb. 14 to call IRS & have them attempt to get it from the employer, hopefully they have better luck than I. Sonny's BBQ has been nothing but a runaround nightmare, I just cant wait to be done with this place

  • De
      31st of Dec, 2015
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    Palatka Florida 12:15 pm ( lunch hour )_normal lunch hour crowd / waitress wanted to seat in bar area and I stated I didn't want bar/ Serving:: One person / normal seating is row 3 table 4 but today was row 2 table 4. / I have eaten at Sonny's more then 20 years with the past years at the new location on hwy 19. I eat more then 3 times a week with friends different hours of the day and I am familiar with most meals especially the 1/2 chicken which is my favorite.
    /New waitress turned me over to some other new employee describe as dark hair and some what obesed who became sarcastic and rude because I sent back an undercooked chicken rear at the bone that was return in the same condition with a sarcastic remark in less then one minute. The so called 2nd chicken was also undercooked and was not a breast which I have had many times. It was peaces of chicken surrounding a bone. It was rare at the bone also. I walked the 2nd chicken to the prep area since I didn't get a response for service for a period of time... (Ignored would be the word as eye contact was made.) The waitress was hostile and began a lecture on chicken. I pointed out the rareness of the chicken and stated I would pay for the beans and slaw and drink only. The original waitress brought the bill for the drink only and so I tipped her including drink 5 dollars to get out of waiting for change. A blonde waitress witnessed the incidence (I believe) and said something to the second waitress who is a new replacement . I don't like a waitress ruining my day with her nastiness. Investigation is needed..

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