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I went to Sonic in a hurry but since Sonic is usually very fast I figured 25 minutes to order and get to class would be fine. First it took 15 minutes just for a wrap and a drink cutting me down to almost no time at all to actually eat the thing. The credit card machine outside was not saying my total so when they came out they had to take my credit card inside. She gave me my receipts with my credit card and I left in a hurry. Later on that day I went to my online bank to check on some things and I realized that my charge for sonic was $12.95 instead of the $4.63 it was suppose to be for my meal. I checked the receipts the lady had given me and all she gave me was a grill receipt no credit card receipt. I called the store at that moment hoping they could just take the last 4 digits of my card and check their receipts so they could see the problem and fix it right then. Thats when the lady told me she couldn't do anything about it and I would have to call back a different day and try to get ahold of 1 of 2 other managers. The next day when I called I was told those 2 managers would not be in for a few days. So I explained to the manager on duty what had happened and she told me to bring up my bank statement and the receipts I have showing my total and they would give me a refund. Since I do visit Sonic almost on a daily basis I called the 800 number just to make sure it was the right store number and I wasn't confused on a previous visit else where. I gave them the store number and they told me the store which I was right about. They asked me multiple times to tell them what happened so I did but explained how they already told me I would receive my refund when I went up there. One of the 2 managers that was away even called me asking me some questions wanting to know who the carhop who took my receipt looked like and explained how to do what the other manager told me to do and I would receive my refund. When I went to the store the following day (as thats when I had time to do it) the manager who the day before told me to bring up only my bank statement and receipt than told me how I would need to have the bank statement that is sent in the mail before she could do anything. I told her how I only get online statements and this is what it is.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wichita Falls, TXShe then told me how since it was most likely the banks fault and none of their own I would need to go to the bank and have them print out the same paper but the charge needed to be posted the day that I had visited the Sonic (which she already knew it would not be posted that day as how often are they really posted that day but it would say the date it was purchased) and how I would then need to go back up there only on the days and hours she was working. I then told her how both her and another manager told me this is all I needed and I didn't think it was right that I would have to find the time in my busy schedule to go to the bank when they are open and then go to her only when she is there and when they aren't busy and when she can get this all done. I was here now and it was their mistake and they needed to fix it. I even called them just a few hours after the incident happened so they could themselves find the mistake on the machine so they would know I was telling the truth but they had refused to even listen to me really that day. She then continued to say how it could by a slim chance be their mistake but it was most likely the banks fault or my own fault and how there was nothing she could do. They more than double charged me and than refused to give me a refund because supposedly they do not make any mistakes. They even sent me a card for a free sandwich saying that hopefully that would make up for the events that had happened but still are refusing to give me my refund. Before this event we visited Sonic almost daily (there was actually 3 visits to Sonic that day once from my husband, my visit for my lunch, and then before I found out about what happened a visit for drinks. Even a visit for a small snack the next day since I was in full faith they were going to fix their mistake). Since the refusal of my refund (slightly over a week ago) Sonic has only been visited once. It was at a different location for some drinks and that will be the last time we visit it (they had no ice and did not even tell us until they brought us our hot sweet tea what a waste of our money that time too). Sonic use to be our favorite place for everything and now its the one place we are avoiding now and plan to for the rest of our lives since they make absolutely no mistakes and their consumers are the ones who make all the mistakes!

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      Oct 10, 2009

    I have noticed everytime that if You add your food and check sonics subtotal before tax its always more than it should be!!! they overcharge every customer.

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