Sonic Drive-Inemployment

I was recently fired from Sonic Drive-In located in McMinnville, TN. To start this process. I had asked for the the Crew Leader position. I was already working the hours and completing the task of a Crew Leader; the only thing I lacked was the pay for which I deserved. I am a full time student in college, I live alone, and I hold a full time time. So in a result of all that, I had over slept one day. I contacted my manager as soon as I woke up and informed them that I could come into work. I got no reply. When I returned to work the next day. I was informed that I was wrote up for the first time and they filed it as my third write up. That is lying on government forms.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in McMinnville, OR Than I was working day that I was not scheduled for. I had a rough week for I told my manager that I needed a break (a day off). I had already had another employee covering my shift. She did not reply, again. Later that night I received a message from another employee. She said, "hey girl they wanted me to let you know that you're let go. Im sorry:(". That was word for word how I was "fired", it is stated in the Laws that you CAN NOT fired an employee through another Employee. It MUST be a member of management that informs the employee that they no longer work there. This is just a few out of many, MANY, laws that were broken during my time of employment at Sonic Drive-In, McMinnville, TN, 37110.

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