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This company would have done well if they had someone who knew what they were doing. I ordered my snuggey for 14.95 then i was suppose to get a free one with a reading light when it got to picking the quantity I chose one which would have been 1 snuggie plus a free snuggie and book light then it got to the color I chose blue then it asked for the second color i chose burgundy then put all my credit card info in then it says thank you for your order you will recieve your order in 2-6 weeks, then hung up I couldnt believe that they didnt give you an amount or a chance to cancel anything ( i wanted these for christmas) I tried endlessley calling this company to be put on hold for over an hour when I finally found a web site to check on my order i couldnt believe my order was 71.00 dollars apparently when they asked for a second color they through in another snuggley set which they then charged 8.00 per snuggey (so ridiculous) How can they get away with this. Then when I finally got a hold of an actuall person [protected] she proceeded to tell me I didnt listen to the instructions, WHAT!!! what instruction they asked quantity I said one they asked color I said blue and burgundy for the free one They asked for the credit card number and then hung up. I cancelled the ordered thank god before they could charge my account and just out of curiosity asked her when I would have gotten it she said january 20th almost a month after christmas!!! What I dont understand is why dont they just do the right thing why do they try to screw people out of there hard earned money. The public is getting to smart for this kind of stuff I will never order from a t, v. commercial again!!! Hint if your trying to reach that 1-800 above stay on the line even when they tell you to call later on in the week I was persistent someone eventually picked up.


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  • An
      Jan 09, 2009

    THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! I I ordered my snuggie then i was suppose to get a free one with a reading light when i picked the quantity one, color blue then it asked for the second color i chose burgundy then put all my credit card info in then it says thank you for your order you will recieve your order in 2-6 weeks- no conformatiopn page and apparently i had ordered 3 sets which came to $98! i was soooooooooo mad i still havent been charged and its been almost a month it says on thier website that its on back order but no clue as to how long? and i as well thought for a while that my order must not have gone through, but i suppose i shouldn't even attempt to call the customer service # now after reading here what will happen- does anyone know if that is leagal not to confirm your order on the page before you are charged???

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  • Go
      Jan 29, 2009 - non-delivery of merchandise
    United States

    failed to deliver product ordered, billed mastercard, provided u.p.s. tracking number, stated shipped on 1-26-09. ups states the have issued label for package but have not recieved package from shipper

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  • Sn
      Feb 04, 2009

    Success! I also had the same scam pulled on me. My husband ordered them for Christmas. He canceled the order middle of January. They sent the "surprise" it's a double order anyway. We were watching for it and another "surprise" it came in my name not my husbands, so I opened it. Now I'm mad! I read your website and called them. They answered the phone promptly. They tried to tell me it was shipped before I cancelled and I told them the billing on my credit card was after the date he called. She gave me my return info. I asked for the shipping and handling refunded she said she could not guarantee that. So I told her I would keep the snuggies and call my credit card company and dispuite the charge. I asked her to speak with her supervisor. She answered me back they would immediately refund my credit card shipping and handling $31.80 and when the snuggies were returned they would refund the other $39.90 throught he normal returns process. I will watch my credit card statement on line and when I'm refunded the shipping and handling I will return the Snuggies.

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  • Ge
      Feb 04, 2009

    Go to bed bath and beyond to buy a snuggie! They have them there. No "free" one, but no unauthorized charges or scams.

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  • Ou
      Feb 12, 2009

    BUYER BEWARE of this company's outrageous charges!!!
    I also have fallen victim to this outrageous rip off company. I ordered 4 snuggies at the end of December, 2008 through an automated phone system, never received a total dollar amount for my order or confirmation number and when I tried to find an extension to speak with a representative, I was cut off. When I finally received the snuggies in a box, I looked for a packaging slip or invoice to see what the total amount of the charge was but there wasn't anything in the box except for 4 black bags. Then I looked at my credit card statement on-line and nearly fell over when I saw the total charge of $72.45. I immediately started dialing the 800 # on my credit card statement, and after 40 some odd minutes finally spoke with a representative. I couldn't believe the b---s--- spouted; first of all I was told they do not include a packing slip because someone other than myself may received the package and all my information would be on an invoice or packaging slip (this is absolute nonsense, because I have ordered from other reputable companies and always received an invoice or pack slip with my name, address, items ordered and total charge - these slips never included my cc # or other pertinent information). Next I asked for a breakdown of the charges and when I was told I was charged $31.80 for shipping and handling, which is almost the total cost of the snuggies without tax - I lost it! (First of all, I weighed each package on a digital scale, and individually they weighed "O" lbs.) I asked how I could be charged $7.95 for each package when they all came in one box and the total weight of 4 snuggies and the box only weighed 5 lbs. (mostly box weight), I further stated that I have placed many mail orders with other companies and was only charged S&H for the Total order and not each individual item. In addition, I told her that if the automated recording had specified that there would be S&H for each individual order and had given the total cost before proceeding to give my credit card info, I never would have continued with placing the order or would have canceled the order if that option was given. I did realize that the buy 1 get one free deal did include a S&H charge for the 2 items, and the recording stated that the buy one order would be charged a $7.95 S&H charge and the free (???) one would be charged a separate $7.95 which totals $15.90. I could live with this, I was livid and outraged that I was charged S&H for each individual item. I then asked to speak with a manager, was put on hold, and then the same representative told me that the manager confirmed what they told me. Needless to say, I never got to speak with this "so called" manager. I wish I had looked up this web site before I even picked up the phone to place an order. I refuse to give up, I am searching the web for a Snuggies corporate office address, any other agencies that will look into this complaint and I'm even considering contacting a local TV station in NYC for help regarding this outrage and scam.
    Unlike the guy with the magnum who got a date out of his efforts, I am still steaming and outraged!!! by this rip-off organization.

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  • Na
      Mar 04, 2009

    Oh my gosh, not only did all of this happen to me, but they sold my private unlisted phone number and the last four of my VISA debit card to a company called Avalon Marketing. They called today and said they had my info and wanted to thank me for my business, acted like they were from VISA. I did lots of research and found out (by googling their phone no) that others have had the same thing happen to them!

    I have two siblings who are attorneys, I am going to have them contact their legal dept. I ordered mine over the phone and said no to all the extra things they offered me and now they sold my info! I will start looking for their corporate info and post it as soon as I find it. I cancelled my debit card today because I was worried they sold the entire number!


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  • Mo
      Aug 19, 2009


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  • Kc
      Oct 21, 2009

    They indicate very clearly that the free one MUST be the same color as the ordered one. If you choose a different color, it is no longer free.

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  • Ch
      May 03, 2014

    Does anyone know how to get into EMAIL contact with this company? I really want to order 2 electric snuggies, one for my very sick Mum who cannot regulate her body heat, and one for myself, as I often have to stay up later with her. I cannot find a way to contact them via email, not even a web contact form? Anyone who can help? Please let me know! Thanks, Cherylee Dougan

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