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Snuggie / Fraud, overcharging, not completing order

1 Selma, AL, United States

My mother was going to order this for me for Christmas, She called the company in the beginning of December. When they told her that she would be charged for the "free" blankets shipping and handeling and that shipping and handeling was almost as much as the actual blanket. She was put on hold. She decided not to purchase the blankets. She hung up when she got another call. She never acutally confirmend the order. Today, January 29th 2009 more than a month later, the charges came thru. My mother is on disability and a fixed income. As most of us are right now, with this economy. She had a positive account when they took the 71.40 out of her checking account. Now she is overdrawn more than 80.00 overdrawn.

This is a discrace. She looked for the charges for a three weeks thinking that if they were going to charge her, then they would have done so during that time. But when they did not she felt safe to use the money on groceries. Now she is not only indebt but she feels used and violated by this company. We wonder when we recieve these blankets..that cost over 35.oo a piece. Not the 19.99 they advertise.

THIS Is FALSE ADVERTISING. This is DECEPTION OF PRODUCT. THIS IS MISLEADING THE CONSUMER. THIS IS MANIPULATION OF MONEY PRODUCT. The time allowed to take money from an account should not exceed three days unless they stipulate it in advance.

I for one would like to get a part of a class action suit. Because if they dont refund my mothers money and the overdraft fees, then I will contact my lawyer.

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