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I was looking to place an order- It doesnt show you a summary of your purchase before you buy- you hit ciontinue after entering your credit card uinfo (most websites show a summary and then you have the option to proced or cancel) once you hit continue- You bought it... No way to go back... cannot contact company- all phone numbers are automated... cant pull up your order info when you do call auto system or online... no way to cancel... Says buy one get one free- they charge you so much shipping- thast why one is buy one get one free...

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  • Mi
      Dec 18, 2008

    I paid for two of these things and was to get two booklights. No sign of the booklights, no explanation, no way to contact...nothing. Only wish there were more places to log complaints vs this outfit.

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  • Tu
      Dec 22, 2008

    Well I purchase two of this things and got 4 and charge for plus 4 shipping and handling . I try cancelling the order but there was no way getting to this people I expend a lot of time trying to do it is just not fair. And now a month later no adress to return since the package came with nothing no paper no information as to how to return I agree there should places to complain about companies that do this and ways to get then to stop so others don't have to go thru this.

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  • Na
      Dec 23, 2008

    I had the same problems - BUT I did find a phone number with POEPLE! The number is [protected].

    I found this by listening to the entire long message and they gave the number at the end. Took 20 minutes of listening to the automated gargabe. I cancelled my order and will wait and see if they did it.

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  • Le
      Dec 30, 2008

    I ordered a Snuggie from a Sears insert. I did not send it through the Sears bill but sent it direct to them for faster service. That was Dec 18 and this is Dec 29 and have not heard from them. I did get thier address. It is: Merchandise Center, P. O. Box 68993, Schaumburg, IL [protected]. For inqueries write to United Marketing Goup, 929 Plum Grove Rd. Schumburg, IL [protected]

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  • Me
      Jan 03, 2009

    My name Melissa Nelson, I have a 16yr. old sister her name is Amber Sheriff. She is a straight A stuedent. Amber has a rare dease called Mucklewells'. When she gets cold she breaks out into hives, every joint in her body hurts. My mother spends alot of money for products to keep her warm.Not to mention the other things this dease is doing to her. her hearing aids are going to cost my mother 6, 000 . I was just wondering if your company would be willing to donate one of your Snuggies'? You would be amazed how much that would help her at the hospital visits were its cold or the airplane ride she has to take to go see another specialist. Or just lyin around at home. If you could do this, it would be gladly appreciated! Sincerly, Ambers' Family

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  • Rc
      Jan 09, 2009

    This company is a total scam! I ordered to get the buy one get one free (pay ship for both) and two book lights.
    The web site is horrible, no order summary was given prior to the charges to my acct. Their web platform is very confusing
    and by ordering 1-set of blankets with the free stuff, my visa was charged $66.70! I was shocked and horrified but it was too late there was no way to go back.
    It was very difficult to navigate back to their home page and once there the only phone number leads to an automated voice.

    Thankfully I got a number on this page from a previous poster, Nancy. On that number the first person who answered the phone refused to give me any of his contact info such as a first name or employee ID and ultimately hung up on me. The second person I reached upon calling back told me there are no supervisors available. She said they don't charge our cards till the items ship and it would take up to two-six weeks to bill and ship. She advised she'd talk to a supervisor and cancell my whole order on Monday (Today is Friday Morning) because their system will not show a new order till after the weekend.

    This person has given me her word, first name and operator ID, I sure hope she is honest, trustworthy and will be able to follow thru for me.

    Seriously this company is scaming people!

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  • Em
      Jan 13, 2009


    File a complain online with the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut and FTC. The more complaints, the better. The company should be punished for deceiving advertising and poor sales practices.

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  • Em
      Jan 13, 2009

    Also, the BBB follows up with the company until the issue is resolved...

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  • Ka
      Jan 22, 2009

    We ordered two sets of these blankets on 11-30-08 and still have not received them. I have tried to call and I get left on hold or the run around by automated systems that don't tell you anything but give you another number to call. We now have three different phone numbers with automated systems that tell me my ored is still being processed, now almost eight weeks ago. Please no one fall for this. Have to stop this commerical from being on the television some how. It is a fake... Thank You, Kathy from Michigan

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  • Pa
      Jan 26, 2009

    I went to the website to check on my order and it said it was on " backorder "and that my total was 35.85, yet when I checked on it through their automated system it said my orde r totaled 137.55 !! I went through a bunch of numbers trying to cancel the order and finally got a human. She says she cancelled it but would not give me a confirmation.I did file a complaint with the Connecticut BBB. I also wrote the company a detailed letter and demanded they cancel . I kept a copy and suggest you all do the same. The address is : Fosdick Corporation, P.O. Box 3173, Wallingford, Ct. 06494

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  • Co
      Jan 28, 2009

    I ordered 2 sets of Snuggies (for Christmas presents) and a hearing device 8 weeks ago. I ended up with a bill of $111. for all the "free stuff" and having to go through a long taped message.   Have finally got a tracking number and find items were shipped 1-20-09 through UPS.   Tracking says it will be delivered on 2-3-09... we'll see!  Meanwhile, the coldest part of winter has come and gone and my mother is more deaf than ever.   I am very disappointed and hope this company cleans up their act.  Judy

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  • Gl
      Jan 28, 2009

    I also have orderd 3 sets of the snuggies and my credit card has been billed but I seen where they did not ship it to my physical address like I instructed them to do they shipped it to my billling address which is a post office box which fed ex don't ship to post offices and I have tried to contact snuggie and like the rest of you get no answer only a recording saying they are back up on calls and to hang up and try again later in the week and I also contacted federal express and they can't find any record of any packages scheduled to be shipped to my name or either address( billing or physical) there web site shows this was shipped on 01/19/09. my nest step is to report them to the better business bureau and the ftc and the attourny general then I am contacting my lawyer and see about lapping them with law suit we may think about all banding together and do this like people do against drug companies I think that will get alot of attention to this company and if we can get this out to the public through the news we at least stop this from happening to someone else. thank you, gloria dixon

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  • Bo
      May 18, 2009

    i'm writing a buisness letter to the snuggie buisness.
    do i write ATTENTION SNUGGIE: ?

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  • To
      Oct 18, 2009

    bull crap i love snuggie! just go to wal mart or a sports store and get one relatively cheap, probably more than on the website but at least you'll be getting it right away

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  • Lo
      Nov 14, 2009

    Hey what do yall think the sentence should be for someone charge guilty with the various crimes possible with a business like this? Just curious on peoples outllook on human nature and any expectations they may have had.

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  • Ca
      Dec 27, 2009

    I just want to make a suggestion to alter the Snuggie and make a huge profit but I can't find an email because I'm definitely not telling them over the phone. I want this in writing so if they use it I can get my royalties! LOL Perhaps the "As Seen On TV" website might have an answer.

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  • Je
      Dec 29, 2009

    This isn't a complaint, but I think they should make 'Sex Snuggies' and the slogan should be 'Never get cold with SEX SNUGGIES!'

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