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Snickers / Bad candy

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I bought a Snickers bar and was promised to be satisfied. This did not happen after consuming 1 snickers bar full or chocolate, caramel, nugget, and nuts. Instead my life is spiraling into a burning put of hell with President George Bush at the head whipping the Iraqis into submission. Down, down into this pit of hell which suddenly starts to resemble oil. Wait... this is a pit of hellish oil! Was that an exit to Global Warming we just missed... oh well Mr. Bush seems to know the fastest way down to the depths of this pit. My eyes burned as I try to keep the fumes from burning my eyes. The oil slides over my hair and leaves my hair feeling fuller, softer, happier (buy head & shoulders) killing any skin on my scalp and leaving what once was youth, gone. I start to wonder if it was all a waste of time thinking that one simple chocolate bar could make life easier, or is it? Damn you Snickers!

  • Rbisme's Response, Jul 07, 2018

    Now after looking at it . It is a bandaid... im a little sick to my stomach

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  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Snickers will not satisfy all your hungers, even if your stomach becomes full (somehow, with a pitiful 2 oz swaddle of simple carbs and processed junk), your emotional hunger will remain. You'll still feel a voracious need to fill your life with pointless extravagant things like Starbucks and sushi, and to dump gas down the toilet by driving an enormous SUV, just because there's some kind of void in your life.

    As for finding yourself in a pit of oil after eating Snickers, I'd suggest not eating them while working an oil rig. The instant spike in blood sugar will then spiral you in a woozy hypoglycemic state as you lose balance and plummet to a greasy death.

  • Sn
      28th of Aug, 2011
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  • Vi
      16th of Dec, 2017
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    I often purchase snickers candy bars. I bought a snickers peanut butter that was horribly out dates even thing He date said January 2018. This bar was about dates it had a white haze on it & the nougett was hard as a rock & nearly chipped my tooth. This candy bar was bought at the Shell Gas station on 35th Ave & W. Cactus rd in Phoenix AZ on 12/16/2017 at approximately 330pm

  • Ja
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    Snickers - Candy bars
    United States

    Can you please stop making nasty flavors. The regular flavors taste better. If you're going to make nasty have kids test them first 🤪😵 thanks

  • Rb
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    Snickers - Almond snickers
    United States

    Purchased multiple almond snickers bars from walgreens for me and my family. When trying to enjoy bit down on somesort of hard fabric. Broke a small piece of my tooth off.. honestly just would like reimbursement for what i payed for.

  • Ju
      18th of Sep, 2018
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    Snickers - Snickers chocolate bar
    New Zealand

    I am writing to complain about a Snickers chocolate bar as I found a little piece of paper in the chocolate while I was eating a mini snickers bar. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and this is really disgusting and very unpleasant.

  • Ri
      19th of Sep, 2018
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    Snickers - 2 Bars
    United States

    I got my Snickers bar from a vending machine at my university and bit into it and there was a stick in the bar. Like, a real stick. From a tree. It was small enough to fit in one of the bars in the 2-bar pack but it was thick and hard to bite into and I really could've broken my teeth.

  • Le
      14th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Snickers - Snickers fun size candy bars
    East flat rock
    North Carolina
    United States

    I was eating a snickers and I was trying to chew what I thought was a nut turned out to be something I can't describe I nearly broke my tooth . I can't even break whatever this is with a hammer . I am maddddd. I seriously want a refund .

  • Ch
      21st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Snickers - Snickers
    United States

    I bought a candy bar yesterday and after opening it there were discolored spots all over it. I tried eating it but it had a very odd taste not happy with it at all.

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