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Snappy Music / Fraud and scam!

United States Review updated:
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Phone: 18008078277

This service says that you can sign up for music downloads by paying a yearly or 2 yearly fee and that you can cancel with no obligation within 8 weeks. I canceled my account because the company is simply telling people to download a service called "Limewire", which is free by the way. I tried to call their customer service number and no one ever answers. Their "live chat" feature is always offline. I was finally directed to open a "trouble ticket" and got the response that my account would be canceled but no refund issued because i agreed to sign up with the service. Okay i get that they have terms of usage and i saw that it said that they reserve the right to deny any refund BUT i canceled my account within and HOUR of signing up. This is very bad business. I checked and A LOT of people are getting scammed by this business. I think it is a fraud as they have no address listed on their website and no contact # that actually gets you to a person. Any help getting my refund and also stopping this business from scamming people would be SO appreciated. I don't know if you can also give advise as to any further steps i can take to get a lawsuit going. I know my $30 is small peanuts BUT they are scamming a lot of people and I'd like to see justice served.


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  24th of Mar, 2008
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They are a legit company and their customer support was available when I needed them to help me with my connection issues. They don't give you limewire and they tell you the total you will be charged before you join. Try their live chat support to have someone help you.
  30th of Mar, 2008
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Adrian, there's NO LIVE SUPPORT! If you can give me some numbers to call then that would be hepful.
  2nd of Apr, 2008
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Snappy Music / Lime Wire - Fraud
United States

Snappy Music complaint!!!

Hey there! I to made the same mistake as you did today. I have tried to contact someone to cancel the membership but of couse the line is a bogus number and the live customer support is always offline. I also made the horrible mistake of putting the memebership on a credit card. Did anyone have any problems with them finally canceling your account? Did they continue to charge you? I'm wondering if I am going to have to cancel my card?? Anyway, sorry you had to go through this to. Any information you have would be GREAT!!
  3rd of Apr, 2008
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  6th of Apr, 2008
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how do i get to a trouble ticket so i can at least get rid of the service (even if it means losing $36)??? I don't want them charging me for anything else...
  7th of Apr, 2008
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Snappy Music is a SCAM, someone used my credit card number on my comp I found this out an hr later when I looked on my bank account statement online, tried calling cancelling THERE IS ABSOLUTLEY NO ONE TO HELP YOU THEY SHOULS BE PULLED OFF THE WEBBBBBBBB
  7th of Apr, 2008
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Do I feel stupid, and enraged. Like some, I've had no success reaching a live voice to cancel service. What should I expect for the inexpensive cost advertised for unlimited downloads? I should've known better!!!

This site should be pulled from the web for misrepresentation.
  8th of Apr, 2008
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Man I feel like an ### for this. this site is a scam and the idiots who try and say that its not work for them. i started to download the so called software and learned that its just limewire/frostwire both are the same and both are free. guaranteed most of you all probably did like i did and google music service. how this got to be one of the trusted services I have no idea, but hopefully someone will learn from this mistake and pass it on before its too late
  11th of Apr, 2008
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I agree they are a scam I just signed up with them and ended up with a 47.00 bill on my credit card. I think the way they had there site set up is very decieving I check ed the 1.99 a month charge thinking it was a monthly installment fee and saw my credit card bill and was charged for two years of service.What service limewire is free I already use limewire and they do not let tell you about limewire until after you sign up. If I had seen that I would have known it was fishy. After I singned up I found a 50% off coupon to use in thier news article not out front where everyone can see it oh and you have to use the coupon before you signup. As far as cancelling they told me there is no cancellation. Someone stated above about 8 weeks well they offered me nothing. I tried to cancell within 1 hour as well. This stinks I am going to report them to the site that had thier offer listed. If anyone gets a refund please let me know s I can get my money back. Oh one more thing there phone number is bogus and thier live chat is still unavailable. They do take support tickets but when I asked them about limewire I recieved no response from them.
  11th of Apr, 2008
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I was scammed today by Snappy-Music. I caution everyone against limewire/frostwire. I just had to buy a new computer because my motherboard was fried thanks to limewire music sharing-viruses and bugs!
Stay online and report Snappy-Music! Go to the Better Business Bureau online and file a complaint. Make sure you get to the screen which actually will show a real address for Snappy-Music:
15111 N. Hayden Road Suite 160
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-2555
If we all file complaints, hopefully they will get shut down.
You can also file a complaint by mail or phone to the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix:
The Better Business Bureau Phoenix, Arizona
4428 N. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ. 85014-4585
Phone: 602-264-1721 Fax: 602-263-0997
Web: http://www.phoenix.bbb.org

I'm holding out hope that I will get a refund of my $35.88 also. First I'm going to my bank to report it was fraud. You all should try the same. I think they can reverse the charges if you fill out an affadavit.
Good Luck all,
  19th of Apr, 2008
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Ditto on the complaints. I just signed up 4/17 and had all of the same problems as all of you. I called my bank and cancelled my card. They are going to do an investigation. In addition, I went to "Google Fraud Department" and filed an official complaint. Please, do the same; as one of you said, if everyone follows through, we can put a stop to it. Reminder: when you type in "Snappy Music" on Google, on the right hand side of the page there is a small advertisement for Snappy Music which states "Try It For 60 Days Risk Free. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!" I'd print a copy of that; if you register an official complaint they ask for supporting documents.
  22nd of Apr, 2008
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I too fell into the snappy scam, I wish I would have seen this site before I signed up. I have contacted my credit card company and refused the charges. Very deceptive company.
  5th of May, 2008
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what do u guys expect? nothing in life is free and everything is almost always too good to be true
  11th of May, 2008
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Snappy Music is a total scam. I forgot my user name ( my fault ) and since no one at snappy music ever answers the phone I can't tell them the problem. The online support has also been down every time I've tried to use it. And I have to have my user name to use it anyway. As most of you have already figured out Snappy Music is just limewire, except your being charged for it. The government should shut down rip-off companies like this, except they're to busy ripping us off!
Snappy Music, you suck!
  19th of May, 2008
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This company is a FRAUD! I too agreed to a 2 year membership at $1.99 per month. They charge the full amount at one time! If I had know that, I would have joined for the lifetime membership which was about $10 cheaper. They have no customer support. The phone # is a recording. When you do put in a support ticket, they delete it as if you never existed. What happened to the 100% customer satisfaction that is on their site? STAY AWAY!
  28th of May, 2008
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I wish I had done my homework before I fell for the Snappy-music scam and lost my $47.76!! I thought my problems were related to Windows Vista, but tried it on an XP machine this morning with the same problems and now NAV keeps stopping virus's from their site. I'm definitely filing a complaint and will contact my bank as well.
  30th of May, 2008
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ADRIAN WILSON, not only is scamming this complaint board with the above comments but is also the OWNER of Snappy Music. You cannot reach anybody by phone and the web site is written in a misleading way.
  30th of May, 2008
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I am so angry that I didn't research Snappy Music before subscribing. Here I am trying to download music legally and I get screwed... I think that legal action should be taken against them. I called my bank right away and they are going to investigate this company.
  2nd of Jun, 2008
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This site is a rip off - they share music files which is AGAINST THE LAW!!!
  5th of Jun, 2008
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I did not have any problems with the service; however, it was the upfront charge that was a kicker, but it did state that in "fine print", but I get all the downloads I want and everything.

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