Snap Fitness 24-7 [email protected] 7512 W. Oklahoma Ave. West Allis, WI. 53219the equipment is breaking down.

The equipment is falling apart and breaking down and not being repaired. One elliptical machine has been broken down for 3 months and another one for 4 months. One of the bicycle machines has been broken for 3 months. The tanning booths door has been broken for 3 months. The drinking water machine has been broken for a month. The cushion flooring in the weight lifting area is torn up an has been taped together so you don't trip and fall over it. Half of the head phone plug-in's for the small TV's need to be fixed and replaced. The Snap Fitness Corporation needs to get on this absentee owner or make them sell. They give the business a bad name, and people are starting to quit. People that are serious about their workouts certainly wouldn't join this club.

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