Smithtown Nissanthey lied and scammed me

Be warned Smithtown Nissan are crooks and carry out deceptive and fraudulent practices.

I went to Smithtown of Nissan on 07/12/09. It was one of the most terrible days of my life and the biggest mistake that I could have made. My husband and I walked in just as the dealership was about to close on a Sunday evening. We were approached by a sales rep Charles Murray. He lied to us from the beginning stating that the white Nissan Maxima that I wanted was the only one that they had in stock and if I didn't get it I wouldn't be able to find it again. He walked back and forth in and out of the office negotiating with the manager good deal for us. I was not at that point ready to buy a car and I told Charles I needed to think about it. This was the first time that I was going to a dealership so I don't have the experience of buying a car from a dealership.

Mr. Charles said to me if you want you can take the car home and see if you like if you don't you can bring it back. I being naive fell for this lie signed all the paper work and left with the car that night. I got home looked at the financial situation and then decided that night I was not going to keep the car. I called Smithtown Nissan as soon as they were opened the very next day and asked to speak to one the managers. I left a message for Ray who was one of the managers as no one wanted to pick up my call as Charles was not in. I kept calling as it was less than 24hrs since I left the dealership. I finally got Joe Gumban at 2:30 who told us that once we walk out we can't get our money back and we are new car owners. I freaked out as nowhere in our conversation the night before were we told by Charles Murray that we couldn't return the car. Charles kept saying that he would take care of us don’t worry trust him. He told us we could and that he was helping us out. I was so upset as I felt that I was deceived and lied to and I was honest with them and told them I don't have any experience with a dealership and I was not ready to get the car that night.
Charles made it seem that we could have the car and see if we liked it while they held our money and paper work.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Smithtown, NYWell they never held our money charged everything through my credit card and the paper work that they said that they were keeping aside they said that they had FedEx it to Nissan already as sold and it was out of their hands when I called them the next day. How could they be so deceptive and carry out such fraudulent practices. I was sick to my stomach I couldn't sleep that night. I realized that we were misled none of our initial questions were answered about the maintenance agreement. They gave us nothing and brushed of with we’ll take care of everything and in the end gave us nothing and took our money. They are rip offs. Something needs to be done about their business practices. I asked to speak to another manager since Ray never called me back. I spoke to Brain who was so rude and obnoxious and made hurtful remarks are criminal and disgraceful. He said that no one held a gun to my head to sign those papers and I shouldn't have taken the car if I didn't want it. I told him that I trusted them and their word to hold everything and they lied to me.
My financial situation is not good and most likely my credit will be ruined. I'm so upset that they did this to me. These people have no conscience as to how they ruined people's lives. They are unscrupulous and they help each other con people and take their money. I trusted them and though that they were professional and would keep everything on the side until I told them the next day that I was or was not going to take the car. They said I knew exactly what I was doing and they are not looking out for my interest but their own. I hope that no one ever use them as they say whatever they need to say and pressure and force you. Don't sign anything or give them your credit card. If anyone knows what I could do please let me know my email is [protected] I think everyone who had a bad experience and have been cheated at Smithtown Nissan should come together and report them to the authorities. There was a police officer I read who they finally refunded him he said that they are reported to the Attorney General for scamming people.
Again my email is [protected]

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