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Smithfield Foods / Avoid their products

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Should avoid its products like you avoid any swine flu. Don't support this evil company Smithfield Farms. Don't increase its profit from practices that violate laws of cruelty to animals. Smithfield Farms endangers the public good with the diseases it generates. The Smithfield Foods plant in Mexico (la Gloria) is the prime suspect as the source of the 2009 swine flu outbreak! Smithfield Foods confines mother pigs in sow crates for all their pregnancy. The baby pigs are mutilated, de-tailed, castrated without painkillers. Because the pigs are fed massive amounts of growth hormones and confined to tiny pens, Smithfield Farms is able to slaughter its pigs when they are but several months old. Smithfield Hams produces pigs like this by the millions. Please inform yourself of this horrific company Smithfield Farms.

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  • La
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Smithfield Foods - Misrepresentation
    Paula Deen Signature series
    United States

    I recently bought a Smithfield Paul Deen signature series of their Chicken and Dumplings. I cannot believe that Ms Deen has tasted this stuff. It had no resemblence to Dumplings at all and at best I would describe it as soupy chicken and dressing. I became sick within and hour of eating this entree. Had I not paid almost seven dollars for it I would have thrown it out during heating because of the amount of sodium and cholesterol. My word over 1500 mg of sodium and 55 mg of cholesterol. I think alot of Ms Deen but surely she doesn't approve this product. It was lot # 91669241

  • Ju
      15th of Jan, 2014
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    dear sirs/ writing cause I am very disappointed in your be exact- thick sliced bacon. lately every time I buy extra thick isn't. I can see right through it. what the heck. I will no more purchase the bacon and with a family of 7 kids that's a lot too lose ...sorry. what happened to your thick bacon.

  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2014
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    Ive recently decided to STOP purchasing. The bacon is getting worse and Worse since Selling the Company!! Every package I get is getting More and MORE Fat. Im switching Brands ASAP
    I waiting for others to start complaining

  • Lo
      17th of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    my husband buy's Smithfield bacon cause it is on sale. no wonder. most 98% fat . we throw out most of it. it is like your eating fat. the price and package are misleading. your consumers are the one's can make you or break you. I will not buy any more of your products.

  • La
      27th of Mar, 2016
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    Smithfield Bacon - Lot # 5 316 Inspected by 699 Total crap. Sliced so poorly I ended up with trash and 1/2 slices. None of the slices were consistent in thickness. Most were 1/2" thick at one end and shredded at the other because it was so thin. Cooking was difficult because there was no
    uniformity at all. After cooking the whole package I ended up with just enough being edible to make 1 BLT. NEVER again will I let my husband buy this product. It was on sale - now I know why. For the price paid, I can buy a local product that tastes better and that I don't have to throw 1/2 of away because it is shredded so badly it's uncookable. I live in North Carolina where pigs are raised all around us - we LOVE bacon, but I will never again purchase Smithield ANYTHING. Quality counts for everything, especially since so many BIG corporates like you now only offer 12oz instead of an actual pound - and charge prices equivalent to buying the golden pig. L GUY 910-441-8477

  • Al
      12th of Apr, 2016
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    Good morning, today is April 12, 2016. I bought two packs of Smith field bacon located in Linden NJ. I bought the bacon yesterday, and decided to cook it this morning. I found several pieces of hair, which cannot be mine, due to I do not have any hair. I was born with no hair. I am very disappointed because I have been eating this bacon for about 15 years. I am going to take action in trying to find out who hair this belong to because obvious the person who hair products was found in my bacon should be fire. In NJ, There is a lab, I can go to which I have to pay for to find out who hair this belongs to. I have never been so angry this morning, because I had to throw the whole thing in the garbage. I cannot upload the picture, but I am going to save this bacon and take it to the lab to be examine. If I find out who hair it is, I am going to get me an attorney, and I am going to proceed with legal actions. This is a business and to send food that has unsanitary things like hair in food, is not acceptable.
    Alesha Ford (908) 696-6330. My email is Good day.

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