Smartways LogisticsThe most dishonest company

We are a hospital in Melbourne that receives medical loan sets that are transported by this company.
Our operating theatres have been cancelling operations since we started receiving our loan sets and supplies delivered by this company. Kon the driver has been forging our signatures for the last year and delivering our supplies almost a week late. Kon also forges our signatures on emergency deliveries and the loan sets are delivered several hours after, I have lost count of how many operations have been cancelled due to this dishonest and disgraceful man. We have spoken to the management at Smartways Logistics but they could not care less, always denying and lying to cover up their own tracks even though they have been captured on CCTV.
If you need vital medical freight delivered please stay away from this disgraceful company, their conduct has been nothing but dishonest and deceiving!!

Jan 24, 2015

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