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SM Hypermarket / taking advantage of customers

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I was shopping in SM hypermarket 6pm - my usual grocery purchase is P9, 000 - when it was my turn to pay in the counter the cashier told me that I have to pay P3 per plastic bag. I was surprised because there was no poster nor radio spiel about the additional charge. So I left my groceries because I felt cheated.

No where in the world have I ever heard or encountered a grocery charging for plastic bags! For me it is taking advantage of customers because aside from the margin that they make on groceries they are so greedy to make money on the plastic bags - wherein this should be free for customers.

I will not go back to shop in SM hypermarket or any SM grocery because they taking advantage of their customers. I hope this complaint will reach the highest executive for him to know that the head of the grocery is crooked and manipulative.

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  • Gd
      15th of May, 2015
    +3 Votes

    That does not sup prise me in the least.
    I have a better one.
    Went to SM Mobolo this morning to stock up on groceries to take to Camotes. There was one checkout that did not have a lineup. I was refused service and I was informed that the girl standing around picking her nose was there for PRESTIGE CUSTOMERS ONLY.
    Well that suits me fine. I left 4 shopping trolleys full of meat and dairy at the checkout and went to Ayala where they were more than happy to take my P32, 000 tourist money and even had helpers take my trolleys to my car.
    Good luck SM as I intend to spread the word in every internet media avenue I can find.
    I already have many tourist supporters. Looks like you wish to discriminate against visitors to your small minded company.

  • Ar
      22nd of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    is it right that your guard will kiss his co employee during their hour of duty?...the guard has a name plate of SG BACAYAN his under the TOPWATCH AGENCY...and the girl wearing a yellow green uniform with a slocks...please check your employee because intead of doing their task they just spend it for some affair...

  • Ja
      11th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    I had a very bad experience dealing with a lady at Western Union Hypermarket at Jazz Residences Makati. There are numerous reasons why she shouldn't be in that position, or get fired. First of all, she should treat her customer with utmost care and respect. She is rude and snotty. She then started with me with an attitude of telling me that she couldn't give me my money because my American Passport was expired. She did not even get the time to read it and handed it to me with an attitude. I told her to re-read it and make sure that what she's telling me was right. How could I get into the country with an expired passport to begin with? She was insisted it to me, but guided her instead to the part of my passport that says otherwise. She smirked and says, fine. I thought that everything was settled and she will give me my money. However, I was dead wrong. She then continued to ask me for another ID. A Philippine ID. She says she can't give me my money at Western Union with just my passport. How on earth I could possess a Philippine ID, if I'm not from the Philippines? Common sense, right? Ridiculous!!!. So, a foreign national could not get his money from Western Union at SM Hypermarket with his passport as proof. She requires me to get a Philippine ID, otherwise I will not get my money. I have never encountered a rude, disrespectful, incompetent Hypermarket employee. I will never have anything to do with this store again, unless that lady is gone. I own a unit at Jazz and I will take my business to Glorietta in Makati from here on out.

  • Da
      27th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Jazz Resident Hello my name ius Danny, along w a financial suit, I am filing a criminal fraud suit against windy city. Would you be willing to give a statement or testify in court? We have the financial means and attorney power to bring this place some accountability. Call me at 4088543247. The details of my experience are on yelp under my name "Danny" we have 8 verified ppl on board, thats jus 4 more just since i started posting thesed replies this evening! Numbers speak loudly...

  • Mi
      18th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I bought a chicken (magnolia ) at SM supermarket yestrday afternoon and when I reach home to cook it for dinner...guess what??? It was smelly and colored green I was surprised coz it looked fresh when I bought it...where should I raise my complaint? I have the receipts and original plastic packing.

  • Lu
      15th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    SM's produce is half rotten. They even have the gall to cut-up rotten fruits and repackage them to hide the decay. I bought a package of prawn tails from their frozen seafood section. Upon cooking them, I find the prawn tails are cleverly moulded fish paste disguised a prawn tail. This is outright FRAUD!

  • Ja
      8th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    this cashier is from SM supermarket general santos. Just read the captions to the picture

  • Ma
      27th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    Pls... can you bring attention on separating the senior citizen from the prestige card holder on savemore supermarket dinalupihan branch.. i've encounter one time and most of the time they are giving me the shrugs..senior s are getting mad at me whenever i went to shop and went to the the senior/ prestige lane.. always telling me.. "it's for senior only" & told them i'm a prestige card holder.. and the senior told me" whatever" but still i'm a senior so you should be at the back".. but the senior just arrive... My gosh.. the attitude" but how can i be disrespectful to them while even my mom used her being a senior to be the first on the line or should be given a good attention in every establishment in the country.. so pls... separate our lane from the senior.. you can put the prestige on the liquor counter if i may suggest 'coz that counter aren't getting so much customer.. pls.. give attention to us even if the save more supermarket here is small or not meeting their gross sales compared to much larger supermarket like in sn fernando.. but still help me not be put in the hotscene here in our place.. i'm still a prestige holder who need to experience what you've promise to us if we aquire one..

  • Ke
      8th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    Poor quality vegetables sometimes good fopr animal feed, over-charge on weight for dressed chicken, double-pricing for same product but different fragrance 169.75 vs 199.75 for body wash, no price tags, no price indicated on nearby shelf, hard to locate/access price checker, not so clean premises and much more.

  • Ly
      24th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    The plastic bag that you pay 2 pesos is smaller and will self decompost in 6 months. It should be given free because you are advertising the supermarket when you use the plastic bag Actual cost from supplier is less than half peso. What happens to the money collected from the sale of the overpriced plastic bags?

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