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  • Sb
      14th of Feb, 2010

    I called the 800 number very soon after it was announced. I did get through. All we were advised to do was to provide our address (presumably for a check), and the number of cans. We were told to throw out the cans immediately.

    Now, they are saying they want receipts, or UPC labels. Sorry, all thrown out. I sent them a copy of their own instructions to us consumers, which told us to throw out the cans immediately, and nothing about UPC labels. I had 79 cans at the time. What a sorry company. Anyone else having trouble getting a refund?

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  • Iv
      25th of Feb, 2010

    I called in for my refund in Dec called back 2 days ago, Slimfast will mail me out a $12 check then I have to fill out more funds. To add to this insult they only want to pay me $1 per can. Knowing full well I paid more money thasn $1 per can this sicks.

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  • Ne
      1st of Mar, 2010

    Same thing here. They sent a check along with a form requiring pics, UPC or proof of purchase as if I would keep those for months.

    This is another case of a company doing the least possible to avoid prosecution. I will never buy another product from this company again.

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  • Ga
      4th of Mar, 2010

    I have the same complaint. 12 weeks ago I called the automated line for my elderly mother who was using slim-fast to suppliment her diet every morning and had 48 cans. No responce back at all... I can't get through to a live person. It is obvious they are not trying to pay. I still have the cans even thought they said in the automated system to throw them out. I kept them because I didn't believe they would take care of this. Who owns Unilever? I am begining to believe my own instinks on this!

    I sent them an email this am and have yet to even get a conformation of receipt of it. I believe this company has no morals!!! Soon I will contact the Attorney Generals office in NEW York State.

    Gary Spencer for my mother Louise Spencer in Manlius N.Y.

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  • Cn
      14th of Mar, 2010

    I am having the exact same problem with Slim Fast. I am calling again today for the THIRD time. I have never received the letter so I can request the refund. I have been holding onto my cans, thanks God so they can't try and rip me off like they are trying to do other people. I can getting ticked that they are just sitting here using up space and I can't do anything with then now for TWO solid months waiting on these people who have not responded once to my detailed phone messages(have not gotten a live person). I believe I am going to program the phone # to my cell phone and just call them every few hours for the next week(every time I get a chance just to see if I ever get a live person and make notes of this so I can file a complaint with the attorney general because I am getting completely ticked about this whole deal. I had started drinking the cans when I heard about the recall and abruptly stopped. I had 2 packs in my fridge and another 5 packs sitting(I buy everything in a large amount at a time) so I am just aggravated to have to keep looking at them for so long and to think of the amount of money spent for something I can do nothing woth for fear of possible illness. PLEASE if anyone hears of any kind of class action suit because of this crap Slim-Fast is pulling email me directly and let me know because I am wondering if I will EVER get my letter to request my refund much less the refund I am owed. My email address is: [protected] Thanks.

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  • Ch
      28th of Mar, 2010

    Same thing has happened to me. I called in December and left my name and address. When I didn't hear anything after a few weeks, I called and spoke to a representative who said it takes 8 weeks to get the refund. That deadline came and went, no result. I went online and filled out another form, no response. So I went on last week and filled out a comment form, all I got was an email (not acknowledging all the contacts I had tried so far) telling me I had to fill out a form they had never sent! Just a scam, a way for them to get better publicity until the media was no longer interested.

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  • Ne
      29th of Mar, 2010

    Lets keep up the pressure by passing along this page via twitter and other social networks.

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  • De
      1st of Apr, 2010

    We happened to have 90 cans of Slimfast in our house. I called the 800 number and left our address the first day the recall was on I never received the form, and called back in late January, again in February and twice in March. I still have 89 cans - I drank one - but after leaving four messages without any response, I am in agreement with the rest of you here.

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  • 20
      30th of May, 2010

    Left a second message tonight, as they did not honor the first (after over 60 days, they have not even sent me a refund request form). Fortunately, I still have all the product labels from the cans I threw out. We shall see what happens next. In the meantime, I will stop purchasing the product. I'm definitely seeing a lack of good faith on their part.

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  • Ro
      27th of Feb, 2017

    MY Slimfast was not sealed on the in side when i open it

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  • De
      12th of Jul, 2018

    BUYER BEWARE: This company has diluted their product because I've been buying it for awhile and can taste the difference.
    I've called their 1-800 number and left messages to call me back but did not receive one.
    I called and spoke to someone at their call center and she said they did not take complaints. She had no number for a corporate office, either. This is probably because they don't have one.

    This product is not worth buying anymore. The creamy taste is gone. It now tastes like a weak flavored water.
    Now that I know what this company is all about, I will never buy their product again.

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