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Sleepy's - Miralux Mattress / Warranty not honored

Ti Feb 17, 2014 Review updated:
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We purchased a bed from Sleepy's in October of 2007. We paid over $3300. for a king. We were given one sheet of paper about a warranty without a full disclosure. When we asked at the time, we were told that one little paper was it. OK. We had what we thought was the perfect mattress. It seemed less firm when it was delivered, but we got the pillow top and assumed that was the difference. Had it until we moved to a new home and decided to give the mattress to our oldest son and purchase a new one - queen size this time as we were moving into a smaller home. (No - we didn't buy from Sleepy's this time - it was just too expensive) My son and his wife had the mattress for about a year and a half and called us to ask if there was a warranty as the bed
was very compressed and they "rolled" to the middle and both are having back issues..

I called Sleepy's in DE where we purchased it and was told to give the information to my son and have him call for the warranty follow up. My daughter-in-law called and was told the warranty was not transferable along with a list of other things about the original address, how much compression was allowed and so on. (Why did any of this matter if the warranty was non-transferrable?) My son in turn let me know what was told to them so I called again. This time I was told I had to call customer service myself and they would follow up. When I got the customer service rep. I was told the warranty is not transferable. That would have been nice to know and we would have known if we had had a full disclosure when we bought the mattress or along
the way when these phone calls were made or if someone at Sleepy's DE would have been honest about what kind of warranties they carry.

I am shocked that a company like Sleepy's would do this. No full disclosure about the issues of the warranty until you try to share a problem about the bed. So what Sleepy's warranty is saying is that we can't give a mattress to a family member and expect that he/she will get the rest of the warranty-life on that mattress? I will never buy a mattress from Sleepy's again and would advise
anyone who does to be very aware of the warranty and ask for the full disclosure before you buy. Fortunately, other companies have quality beds for far less money and warranties they honor... whether you give the mattress away or not.

I finally after many many weeks got a phone call from a “rep” who told me quite frankly the warranty is non-transferrable and there’s not much else they can do. She claims the warranty comes from Miralux, the manufacturer of the bed and then I find they are out of business. Wow. Sleepy’s is unbelievable! It’s not their warranty and they didn’t supply me with a copy and now the other company is out of business. If I handled my clients the way Sleepy’s handles theirs, I’d be out of business. Oh and the rep who called back had the audacity to tell me I did in fact get a copy of the warranty with my paperwork when the bed was delivered. First, she wasn't there and second the bed was not delivered. We picked it up in our truck. Again, unbelievable Sleepy's.

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  • Jc
      27th of Apr, 2014

    Similar thing happened to me. They are terrible!

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