Sleepys / Not what we ordered

Hr Hicksville

We purchased a mattress for our son as a birthday gift. The specific model of mattress that we were looking at came in a firm model and a soft model. Knowing our sons preference we purchased and had delivered the soft mattress model to our sons apartment. He received the firm mattress model instead of the one we purchased. Being that it was a surprise gift delivered to his apartment we were not able to actually see the mattress till about one week after. When we asked him if he was comfortable he said he would of prefered the soft model, thats when we realized they had delivered the wrong one. We called the Sleepys where we had purchased the bed and they said they would gladly replace the mattress for a $200. fee. We explained to the mngr. that it was a mistake on their behalf and he told us that the only way he could help us would be to pay the $200. fee, company policy. Unable to afford the $200. fee he was stuck with the firm mattress. I will never purchase another piece of merchandise from this company again. I believe that because the salesman knew it was being delivered as a gift and we were not going to see it, he sold us the slower selling firm mattress. We had very clearly stated we wanted the soft one. They pulled the old switch-a-roo trick on us and got away with it.

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