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Skyline Auto Relocation / Stole $12,003 of personal items

1 12300 Washington BLVD ste #SWhittier, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 877-500-0202

I was shipping my car from Florida to California. I shipped my car out on Monday July 20 and it arrived to their office in Whittier, Ca on Monday July 27. They did not deliver my car to me until Friday July 31 around 7:30-8:00 am. They were only a few hours from my location.

When they dropped off my car it was in a median between two busy lanes with cars driving past us left and right. I open my car and all of the stuff in my passenger seat was moved, glove box wide open, sunglass holder wide open, and a light was on. Both my dad and I were very thrown off and asked the driver why everything was moved. He said that they couldnt see the mirror, when in fact when my husband loaded the car perfectly so they could see the mirror.

We wanted to write on the form items were moved but he was very against it and adament to get his check and paper signed. Since we were in a busy street we were unable to check the car.

When I got home and started to unload the car, I began noticing that everything was ransacked. They took tape off a cabinet I had in there and dug through each drawer and left an item stuck to the tape. They realized it was all dog stuff. They stole my ipod touch out of my glove box, 2 duffle bags filled with very expensive clothing, purses, wii u, game accessories, games, and many other things. They also stole over $1500 in makeup that I had hidden in the vehicle. My job consists of reviewing makeup brands. So I had a ton of makeup in there that I could not fly with and I needed as soon as possible for work. They opened every door and dug through my car taking what they could carry. They stole a blanket that was used to keep the cabinet from hitting the seats. I am guessing they used the blanket to hide the items they stole. They put a huge foot print on the leather cream interior on the driver seat and they got grease on the upper cream door frame which I have not been able to get out. Total cost of everything stolen is $12, 003.

They left a flashlight, a ring, and a albertsons preferred card in my car. The flashlight is a manual spin flashlight so it was used to see what was in the car and not for loading because you need two hands to operate it. I know it was done right before the car was delivered because they left my light on and if it was on for more than so many hours my battery would have been dead.

When contacted they were extremely rude and neglected to address the situation. We are filing a law suit against the company because in their contract it states, "Federal Regulations prohibits Skyline Auto Relocation of its carriers from KNOWINGLY transporting vehicles with personal items in the passenger or truck compartent". Therefor, skyline auto relocation broke their contract the second they loaded my vehicle on their truck. Their driver even took pictures of the stuff inside the car so when delivered we will see that nothing was moved. He knew stuff was in the car and broke contract by taking the vehicle. Therefor they are responsible for those items.

This company needs to get flagged and blacklisted so they cannot do this to anyone else. My job is YouTube and I posted a video on this whole experience. My channel name is Madison Miller and the video is titled "I was robbed by skyline auto relocation". Please watch and share it to help spread the word about this company. What they have done is an unforgiveable act and they think they can ignore it. They have neglected to call back our broker and anyone else that tries to call them. This is very unprofessional and should not be tolerated.

Skyline Auto Relocation
Skyline Auto Relocation

Aug 4, 2015

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