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here are 2 letters i sent to sky, useless ###

To whom it may concern
On the 18th of February this year I decide to temporarily cancel my subscription to sky due to moving home until I could find another job, so I decided to contact your cancellation department and was willing to pay the cancellation charge but I was lead to believe that if I deactivated my sky talk account and my broadband account I could pay just £16.50 a month starting from march until I was back in work and ready to upgrade again something I was happy to do,
Until yesterday when I was about to upgrade my basic sky account I looked at my bank statement and realised I had been paying over the odds for the last three monthly payments, on the 3rd of march I paid £33 and on the 1st of April I paid £27.
I put this down to a simple technical error so I made my first call to sky and ended up being put through to some one who give me a different excuse to the following calls I made later that afternoon, basically saying it was my fault and talking in technical jargon only a law graduate or a bank manager would understand and this was after a fifteen minute conversation broke down into phonetical alphabet, the answer I got was more or less its tough and your going to pay the bill.
So I bit my lip and carried on my next call which was to set up my sky to the new home where I mentioned my previous problem to the call taker only to find out that someone had been making calls from my previous property using my sky talk account after this I set up a online account with sky to view these calls then called you again to sort out what had happened,
after being passed from department to department I decided enough was enough and its time to cancel before I get stung for anymore money where all of a sudden a team leader was willing to credit my sky account for £16.which I was ok with but it still left me £15 out of pocket after some time on the phone I decided to leave it for the day.
Today I called about the getting sky + Installed which is advertised at £30 but I found out it doubles for an existing customer, this doesn’t really give me incentive to stay a customer then I find out my new internet connection is going to have to be broadband connect? £17 for a slow connection £12 more than my original 16mb deal but I wanted to stay as a sky customer until I checked my updated bank account balance only to find sky are going to charge me another £27 tomorrow, just to inform you this direct debit has been cancelled and so have all other transactions between me and sky, I made one last phone call to sky and ended up talking to the technical department for some reason or other who where the most helpful and they mentioned that I had infact cancelled my sky talk but it hadn’t been finalised on the system, more jargon but nether the less they informed me that this is not my fault before giving me your address .
I have no idea who made these calls as the property was under renovation and the letting agency wont release the details of the landlord as they are no longer a client to the landlord, but regardless I did cancel my sky talk and for the money you have been taking from me it would have been simpler and cheaper to pay the cancellation which I will not be paying for now.
I am aware this breach of contract but so is taking money from my account for something that has been cancelled.
My overall sky experience hasn’t been too good as when I first signed up I was paying for sky for around six weeks before it was all set up and ready to go.
It all seems a little misleading and complicated for a bit of entertainment.
If you wish to contact me my email address is ………………….or you can contact me on ………….. or you can pass a message on to ………………… as I work shift patterns.
I don’t really want to settle this in court for not paying for the cancellation fee or the direct debit I just want to be reimbursed for all the money that was taken from my account for the sky talk then I will pay the cancellation fee but I will not be returning to sky as a customer as the customer service is very poor.
I hope we can sort this out without me having to fork out more money or go to court.
Mr ……..
several months later there still raping me for cash and debt collectors are looming so heres the next letter

To whom it may concern
I recently had major problems with your cancellation service as you where illegally taking direct debits from my account, an issue that took some time to sort out, days off work and a large phone bill due to a technical error as well as poor customer service in certain departments, eventually after sending a letter of complaint (which I have included for reference) I got reimbursed with £15 which was no where near the amount you took of me without my consent which involved more phone calls to get back the full amount I was owed.
While this was processing I was advised by your customer service to cancel my direct debit as another payment was due the following day, due to this cancellation and all the messing about with my direct debit I had my bank account closed down and then you passed my remaining debt on to a debt collecting agency which has now severely effected my credit rating resulting in me not being able to open a new bank account, thanks a lot.
It was made clear in my last letter I was no longer using your service as it would have been cheaper for me to just go ahead and cancel my account in the first place.
You had also failed for the second time to cancel sky talk in my previous address, which resulted in the previous residents running up a phone bill for the second time in my name, something I have not been able to follow up due to privacy laws as the property has been passed over to a different agency, yet again I cancelled this twice.
After you passed my debt over to the debt collecting agency I was informed to pay around £35 immediately or not doing so would result in court action been taking, this is extremely threatening and very angering as you took money form my account illegally advised me to cancel my direct debit which resulted in my bank account being closed and credit rating being affected, your company really has some nerve, so I have give in and decided to pay £5 a month as I felt I had basically been bullied into this and didn’t have a hope at sorting this out, a month later it goes up to £70 and then Friday just gone it has been increased to £100 pounds with no explanation or statement, just to remind you my contract expired anyway in July, besides I have cancelled it enough times anyway so these charges don’t make sense, I have already paid £15 which I feel I shouldn’t of as you broke the terms of the contract by taking money from my account without consent .
I will not pay anymore money and I think its time you wiped this ridiculous debt and cancel my account all together for the 3rd time for free with out no more stealth charges or technical jargon and if possible somehow restore my credit rating as this problem started with you and should end with you .
Sky where very quick and responsive to take my money and to set up an account, but it took nearly 2 months to set the sky broadband up, but when it came to canceling and so called downgrading I hit a wall something one of your advisers told me was not my fault as departments where being swapped around and some other technical talk about errors in the system .If I receive anymore threats from debt collectors about this situation I will be reporting this to trading standards and any other governing bodies who handle problems like this .
Just to remind you because of YOUR technical error I have lost my bank account, lost money due to time of work to sort this out, run up a huge phone bill making calls to you as well as the sky talk account you didn’t cancel, had my credit rating effected resulting in me not being able to open a new account and now I have to deal with threats from debt collectors and court orders, all this to watch repeats.
I have nothing against your staff as some of them mainly the ones based in Scotland where very helpful but on more than one occasion I was being redirected over seas to staff reading from scripts who couldn’t care less, I will not be paying another penny as my account should have been closed and forgotten last time I had a problem I just want this bill wiped and the debt collectors of my back so I can get back to normal and if all goes well I might consider using your services again when I move to my next property,
And just to add I have not used your services since February so its not as if your being ripped of by a unhappy customer .
Mr angry


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