Skoda / No PDI inspection

1 Colchester, England, Essex, United Kingdom
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A main Skoda garage found PDI suspension blocks still in the car, limiting the main suspension And making the car unsafe to drive. Other PDI elements had also been missed e.g sat nav installation and wheel nut caps etc leading us to believe a PDI has not been done well or at all. The ride has been extremely uncomfortable but we put this down to low profile wheels and sport suspension. 4 front tyres have been punctured whilst going over bumps and drains in the road and we had to constantly swerve going over any imperfection in the road. We were just about to move the car on when the blocks were found and removed and what a difference this has made to the drive. Skoda customer services do not think it makes any difference having the blocks in and even deny that they were left in in the first place. I have asked for the PDI cert for 3 months and have not provided it to date and an Executive manager suggested that it was not worth the paper it was written on as, the main dealer where I purchased the car from (Underwoods Skoda), could write one retrospectively! Skoda will not admit they have left the blocks in even though their garage found them and removed them. Damage has been caused not only to the tyres but to the dust boots too. I do not know what damage has been caused or will come to light in the future although. Today they have said they are closing the complaint.


May 22, 2015

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