Skoda / car damaged at dealer's service center

1 New Cairo, Egypt

Last Saturday, 21st  of March, I have delivered my car to one of the service centers of SKODA dealer in Egypt, ARTOC Auto, at 11:40 am for a spare part change( after waiting 3 whole weeks as the spare part was not available).I left the car in the center and at 4 pm I received a phone call from an engineer in the center informing  me that a maintenance engineer crashed my car upon trying it out side the maintenance center (which is so strange why they drive the car outside the center !!! )Upon going to the center to investigate I found the whole  front of the car in severe damage( as per photos attached). 
This accident is not by all means  accepted and it reveals total negligence,   irresponsibilty and total unprofessional service. The accident affected me financially as I had to look for other transportation alternatives ( the center did not offer to provide an alternative car till matter is resolved ). Also am morally affected as the service center manager did not care to contact me till date as if nothing happened and as if they didn't damage a car whose sale price will now decrease dramatically due to their irresponsibility and unprofessionalism.

Infact, irresponsibility and negligence is all what I met since I started dealing with them. Spare parts are always unavailable to the extent that once I had to wait for more than 3 months to change some spare parts as service center claimed that they don't have some of the spare parts available in Egypt and they have to import it case by case !!! This resulted in waste in time and money for me as a customer, but obviously they don't care about this waste !
Generally speaking, ARTOC Auto and their service centers have bad reputation in Egypt for their unprofessional and poor service. Unfortunately, my bad experience with them, in addition to the terrible damage they did to my car will make me never think of purchasing a Skoda car again, or even recommend it .

I have full confidence that Skoda will deal with this complain with full concern and responsibility in a way that  matches it's esteemed name and reputation,   and that saves  it's customers' loyality.

Please accept my regards,  
Mohamed El Komy

Roomester full option 2010 model VIN  TMBMD45J9A5030


Mar 29, 2015

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