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Dear Sir/Madam,

Flight EK7714, EK 405, EK 39. Flight date: 30th Nov 2018. Serial no: [protected] and [protected]

I am emailing you because having passed through Singapore Changi Airport many times previously, my husband and
I were devastated by the most recent ordeal we have just faced at your airport and hope to receive fair compensation.
At the end of our holiday, we were returning from Kuala Lumpur to Birmingham via Singapore. What went wrong is as follows:

1. For the second leg of our return journey we were passing from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai via Singapore and we had to go through the embarrassment of trying to board the flight, finding 2 other passengers sitting in our seats before then being told by your airport ground staff to leave the plane in front of the rest of the passengers with no explanation as to why. What made this worse, was that we had a 3‐hour transit at Singapore Changi Airport and your airport ground staff knew our flight bookings had been suspended a while before we had tried to board. This is because when we asked the ground staff about our check‐in luggage and if it had been loaded onto the flight we tried to board, we were informed our luggage was still at Changi Airport and had not been loaded onto the plane as our flight bookings had been suspended. Therefore, it seems that despite knowing during this 3‐hour window, it was either not communicated between your airport ground staff, or no‐one had the courtesy to inform us beforehand and instead let us go through the embarrassing ordeal of being removed from the plane. Not only this, but considering we were not on the flight list, there were multiple points where we could and should have been stopped by your airport staff before boarding the plane and so somehow your staff failed to stop this security breach leading us to this embarrassing ordeal.

2. The lack of empathy shown by your airport ground staff when we were first, escorted and left in an uncomfortable waiting area with no food/drink from 22:30‐04:30 waiting for an explanation as to why our booking was suspended and how we would be able to complete the rest of our journey. Second, only after asking if there were any beverages we could have after being made to wait for so long, we were handed a sub‐standard Burger King voucher (7.15 SGD per person) for dinner.

3. When trying to get new tickets so we could complete the rest of our journey back to the UK, the lack of empathy and interest shown by your airport staff. First, we were left waiting for 2 hours with no communication from the check‐in counter staff on potential tickets, second, when we tried asking if we could contact the reservations team (who we never eventually got through to) the check‐in counter staff pointed us to the airport customer service desk, who did not even try to help and pointed us to the payphone for us to use to call them ourselves whilst your staff continued sitting around chatting to others. trust this has given you a clear reflection of the events that we went through whilst at Changi Airport and that it goes without saying our experience was the complete opposite of what your airport's message is "Changi Airport's suite of facilities and services are all designed to make passengers' transit smooth, seamless and enjoyable". I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Mr Soong Loy Yap and Ms Yon Moi Yue (Mrs Yap)
Email: [protected]
Tel: 044‐[protected]
77 Hay Lane, Solihull. B90 4TZ. England

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    Please respond to our complaints as soon as possible

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    Indifference attitude of some ground staff

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