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Silicon Solar LLC / Does not honro warranty

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Silicon Solar LLC
Upon the recommendation of a Silicon Solar Customer Sales representative regarding my need for a flagpole floodlight, I purchase one Silicon Solar Commercial Sign Light (SKU: 16135) on January 31, 2008. The light was subsequently mounted on my flagpole and worked just fine following occasional sunny days throughout February and March. However, beginning sometime in April the battery began having difficulty accomplishing a full charge following total sunny days. E.g., the floodlight stayed light for only 4 or 5 hours, instead of the 10 hours throughout February and March. By May 1st the floodlight would not light following totally sunny days.

Subsequently, I hired a solar engineer from Earthwell Energy Management (Louisville, KY) the check the solar panel placement, incidence angle, and orientation. The engineer reported they were perfect. He suspected the battery was malfunctioning and suggested I contact Silicon Solar to request a battery replacement. I reported this information to a Customer Sales Representative who rudely informed me there was nothing wrong with the battery and refused my request for a battery replacement, stating the two-year Silicon Solar Commercial Sign Light warranty did not include the battery, which was only warranted for 60 days. Furthermore, she stated the 60-day battery warranty was stated in the Terms & Conditions Agreement I accepted at purchase. A review of the Terms & Conditions Agreement does not state any information about a 60-day battery limited warranty. In the meantime, the engineer returned to the flagpole site a second time, took the floodlight off the flagpole, and reported the battery would not hold a charge.

Your web site states the Silicon Solar Commercial Sign Light (SKU: 16135) is backed by a two year warranty. If there is a small worded Terms Agreement statement regarding a 60-day battery limited warranty somewhere on your web site then your company is practicing deception. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to request your company refund the $240.00 I paid for this product.


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N  28th of Apr, 2011 by 
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I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with our company. Unfortunately batteries are not covered under warranty due to the fragile nature of their life expectancy when combined with solar products for end user use. If a consumer does not properly position their panel at the correct incidence angle, with the proper orientation in a free from shadows area, the battery life expectancy is in danger. Typically a batteries life is 2-3 years. But if not correctly positioned, performance starts to decline eventually leading into premature death. This is because of battery sulfation.

In an analogy, lets think of a battery as and 8 oz glass filled with water. Then let's think of a bottomless container of water being a solar panel. Dumping the water out of the glass can be thought of a device consuming power from a battery. So lets say that your prohibited at any time from spilling more then half of the glass (the circuitry in the light will not allow the battery to deplete beyond 50%). So you spill 4 oz of water out of the glass throughout the night (simulating the light working at night). The following day your only able to fill the glass of water up with 2 oz of water (simulating shadow crossings at some point in the day on the panel which prohibits the panel from charging the battery at all). So that night you can only spill 3 oz of water because there's only a total of 6 oz in the glass (simulating shortness of light operation). The following day again you can only fill 2 oz of water, so that night you can only spill 2.5 oz of water and this cycle continues until your left with only 2 oz of water left in the glass after a refill.

This is much like whats happening with your light. Shadows from obstructions move 360 degrees around objects throughout the day and they get longer in the winter months because the sun gets lower in the sky. So Even if at the time of the initial install there were no shadow crossings on the panel, or even that day for the matter, doesn't mean that that they don't occur throughout the year. That's why we recommend to install the unit on a bright sunny day in the early morning, then between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm check the panel every hour on the hour for shadow crossings. Then do this once a month for an entire year adjusting the panel as necessary. Even the slightest bit of shadow crossing on a solar panel can cease the entire panel from producing power because each cell acts like a power switch to all of those preceding it throughout the panel. If one cells is crossed with shadow then all the cells behind it can't get power through. Much like a road block.

Depreciation in lighting performance (hours of operation or brightness) is directly linked to the charge capacity in a battery bank. The charge capacity is directly linked to the output of the panel which is directly linked to its installed position relevant to the sun and obtrusive shadow crossing objects such as high grass, shrubbery, tree's, other foliage, telephone poles, sheds, houses, decks etc.. If your light begins to under perform before 8 months in a gradual slope, it's a 99% guaranty its directly related to panel positioning. So even if you have the proper inclination and orientation, if a shadow crosses the panel your battery will die prematurely.
N  28th of Apr, 2011 by 
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If you can provide me with an invoice number it will help me to rectify the situation.

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