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Siberia Husky - Shake a Paw / Sold Us a Sick Puppy

1 285-11 South Broadway, Delco Plaza, Hicksville, NY 11801Hicksville, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5169387877

We recently purchase a Siberian Husky from “Shack a Paw” in Hicksville, NY.
I cannot begin by any other way except to tell you "DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE OR ANY OTHER ASSOCIATED STORE. RUN THE OTHER WAY NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY OR PROMISE YOU." What this store does is sell sick animal that they buy at very low cost from breeders and they hide behind the contract that they make you sign. The agreement releases them of everything and the reality is that they will not honor anything anyway. They will not give you any money back or a refund. What you have to do is file a complaint with your credit card company, the BBB and file a small claims case in your county to suit them. I am currently doing this and would like to invite anyone and everyone in Nassau County to join me and if we have enough parties to suite them we can file for a class action and take these scammers and jerks out of business. It is a sin what they are doing to people buying, the poor sick animals and the children that fall in love with these animals.
Here is my story. I purchase a puppy for my 5 year old son about 2 weeks ago. When we purchased the puppy we asked a lot of question to the sales person before purchasing the puppy. We asked if we can have the puppies vet records from birth until now. We were told that it was their records and they could not provide to us. The sale person told us that the puppy was 100% health and that he was recently checked by a licensed vet and had no issues of any kind. 100% healthy and if it does not pass health check it would not be sold. We mentioned to the sales person that we were also interested in breeding the puppy in the future and this is why we wanted to confirm that the puppy was 100% pure breed and that it was in perfect health from any genetic/congenital diseases and any other issues. We were told yes and that if anything happened within 1 year from purchase they would guarantee the puppy and they would take care of any medical bill or if the puppy died then they would replace. While to shorten the story up a bit. We purchases the puppy and were very happy until we took the puppy to the vet that shake a paw recommended. (Garden City Park Animal Hospital). The vet advised us that the puppy had several conditions. Here is the list: Elbow Laxity, Decreased ROM both hips, Cryptorchid (testicular balls are not dropping into Scrotum), and Abdomen ropey, left ear infection, and possible hernia, cough/gag elicited on palpation, colitis with loose foul smelling stool in colon. This was just what was found on the first exam. Vet suggested that we pay for a stool analysis to really know what is wrong with the puppy since it had blood in the stool sample. After all of this horrible information, we went directly to “shake a paw” to confirm them regarding the findings and they just gave us the run around and claimed that the puppies testicular was there and had dropped when they examined it two weeks ago. The store manage claimed that he personally checks every dog and cat sold and he claimed that the testicular ball was there two weeks ago. He went on the tell us that the testicular must have gone back up into the canal after it had dropped and he told us to wait another two months and then they we see what he can do for us if it does not drop. Also he told us to wait a day or so and he would call us to schedule a second option with a vet of their chose. The funny thing is the original vet was they vet and the one they recommended to us. Well as you can assume, they never called us and are avoiding contact with us. We have tried to return the puppy and no luck.
Shake a Paw is simply a bad store to deal with and I urge everyone not to buy anything from them. They are not taking care of the animal properly there and for this reason all the animals are sick. They hide behind the sales contract and promise you the world and they deliver nothing that they say. I have found several people that have had the same experience with them. Please do not take this warning lightly. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM ANYTHING. Feel free to contact me here if you want to join me in suing them. I feel that they have frauded me intentionally and I am sure that there are many more people out there that had the same done to them by “shake a paw”.

May 16, 2015

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