Shellthe gas station cashier name oliver customer service

I was a customer at Shell gas station and request a receipt of purchase, all the other cashiers manually print a receipt for me without any problems. But Oliver refused, stated "I closed the register already and it will not allow me to print the receipt again". I replied that's a lie everyone else print the receipt out for me without a problem and this isn't my money, so I want to give my daddy his purchase along with his receipt like I always do.

This is the second time you did this, and I want to talk to the manager or business owner right now. He replied, "I am the manager right now and dont know the business owner number so your out of luck, get out my line". I replied no I want my receipt, or I will report you. He stated, "what you can't count, I gave you the change?" I am a business owner, I have many years in the profession of customer service, he was very rude and didn't care about customer satisfaction nor did he care the store was field with customers while he yelled at me like I dont understand.

I am going to keep submitting complaints until I see a positive solution and I will even report to BBB, IRS along with any other business registration until I get a positive result. He can't get away with disrespecting a good customer, I didn't deserve that, and this is the second time Oliver did this to me. I know his name because I asked him his name when I asked him to call the store owner.

As a business owner, I respect all my government entity customer, business owner customers and end customers. I refuse to allow anyone to disrespect me and specially when I am a loyal faithful customer, whom always respect everyone. I have all legal business registration connections as a business owner and I will keep submitting this complaint to until I get a positive response.

I made a purchase with the next cashier to make sure I have the correct date and time on a receipt, which the other cashier stood next to him gave me my receipt without any problems for my second purchase. Receipt number from the other cashier who didn't give any problems, Register: 2 Trans#: 7385 Op ID 2 at 05:36:13 pm. But unprofessional Oliver was the cashier at the register by the lottery machine.

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    This is one of the worst gas stations that Shell have

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