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13021 Hymeadow Circle, Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

Shell turned me into my chase identify for past due balance, I called your rep tonight 04-17-2012 @ [protected] in regards to this problem.
I moved in octbober from 9800 lonsdale, austin, tx 78729 to 13021 hymeadow circle, austin tx., I never received a statement., I asked your rep, to send me a statement so I can get this cleared up, he said he would do so.
I have had simmular situations, (postal service screw up) please review my past record, the bill will be paid in full as soon as I get the starement.

My shell account is [protected] the last 4-digets of my ss is 2149
Douglas w. kruemcke my e-mail is [protected]

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      7th of Jul, 2012

    Stop the blame replyer. The poster posted a bogus address and account number, because Shell's skip tracers are complete maniacs. The poster will pay it WHEN THEY CAN AFFORD to. I"ve been through this, and no matter what the situation, even if a customer is dying, missing, or getting a crime committed against them, they are still hounded and destroyed by Shell's skip tracers who are too narrow minded and psychotic in their mindsets to realize that cirumstances sometimes prevent someone from paying a bill on time. It's narrowmindedness and cynicism toward the debtor, like how you responded, that makes it's worse. Nobody should have be driving into completely insanity and even death due to crazy skip tracers. ANd yes, I do believe a Shell employee went ballistic, so I"m closign my shell accoutn as a skip tracer goes into, not just my shell accounts, but tries to follow on ym credit report, seeking and wishign to damage my credit worthiness when I've paid on time or only maxed out the account until I could pay half off. This Shell is another maniac creditor. Putting up bogus addresses and account numbers is the only way to get away from a psychotic skip tracer who enjoys disheveling a person's total lifestyle over a stupid bill for 20.00

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