Shellprice jacked

I just filled up at the Shell station at 527 W Cevallos in San Antonio. The prices here are at least 20 cents higher then everywhere else. I use shell and I am a part of the rewards program, and usually never have an issue and I love using the rewards. What is the point of having the rewards if owners are going to jack up there prices to way over the average.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX If I would have noticed it prior to pumping I would have left and gone else where. Also the pump was broken, and the fuel full sensor never triggered causing gas to spill all over the side of my car and on the ground. I will never ever use this gas station ever again. Below I have attached 2 pictures below showing the price gap between this shell and one 2 miles away. I can understand a couple cent difference but .20 more then the competitors is outrageous.


  • Updated by MrsSalinas, Nov 28, 2018

    Also I just realized, I didn't even get the full .30 off that was my reward. It only took of .20 cents.

    price jacked

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