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#2 pump faulty. When my wife & I stopped for gas 6/2/09, and had over one quarter tank of gas. We had to pump for app. 10 to12 minutes to fillthe tank. The pump showed we had put in 14.74 gallons of gas. My tank only holds 15 gals! At 25.59 per gal. /$37.74! I shoud have put in only app. 9.50 gals. Of gas! The magr. (Mary) was not willing to help us at all! Somebody owes me some money. $14.69. And you need to get your pumps checked! I use shell gas only for now! Please contact me by phone #[protected] 0r at butch. [protected] asap. Thank you for listening to me. Gordon noble.

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      Mar 04, 2012
    Shell Oil Gas Station - weekend employee frauding customers
    Shell Gas Station & Car Wash
    Next to Dennys b4 state fairgrounds
    Del Mar off via del valle exit
    United States

    Employee on weekend day shift intentionally tried to fraud me twice ., gave me incorrect change and put the remainder that he thought I wouldn't notice on the register changing plate, I said you gave me the wrong change my change was .65 cents you gave me .40, that quarter you put up on the register is mine., , then he pretended to count out 9 one dollar bills, but only gave me 8, ... in all actuallity.
    He laid it on the customer counter... but instead of picking it up and turning away to leave, I picked it up and immediately counted it back to him. I said to employee and witness behind me, you said 9 and left 1 in the register, and turned around and said
    to witness you heard him, and you just saw he try to cheat me twice. Witness acknowledged, employee argued w/me then reluctantly consented to give me my dollar out of the register, but sneering, curled his lip, proceeded to swear under his breath but loud enough for me to hear and recognize exactly what language, I speak en, Farsi, Spanish, Japanese, & Danish fluently & some Samoan, some Polish ... I said" thankyou, I believe I saw a police officer in his cruiser outside." you intentionally
    tried to cheat me, not once but twice .I have a witness for the entire transaction/theft..I will cooperate fully w/ his decision... (patrol officer had left ) as I returned to my blue Honda Accord Lx . I walked to the other side of the station parking lot to make sureI hadnt missed him. My evidence /proof is on the video shell store's security cameras. If they have been erased, perhaps the owner has knowledge of the intentional frauding and routinely additional acrued change on the change plate the employees use. check store videos at 3:03 pm Sat. afternoon March 3rd, 2012 I am a, blonde elderly lady ...dressed in a grey dress grey sandals and blk coat, black handbag.

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      Mar 04, 2012

    The employee ended up giving you the change due, a police officer could do nothing for you. Contact the manager and owner of the station and let them know about the employee's misconduct.

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