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sewing machine / Repair of sewing machine head

1 120 S. Cranford Rd. Apt L-6Goose Creek, SC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 843-820-8003

I purchased my sewing machine some twentythree years ago, it has been a great machine until lately. Whenever I turn the dial to change the settings for say a button hole, it will not move or change from sewing a straight stich. The actual needle will not more from side to side, one of the main reasons I purchase this machine was the dependability of Sears products and the twentyfive year warranty on the machine.

I took it to a drop off repair center located in West Ashley, S.C., only to be adviced that I would have to leave thirty dollars and give the okay for them to do work on it for up to eighty dollars. I may be a woman, born in W.V., but I am no idiot, the warranty should cover this machine. Now when sears decide to farm out all of the repair work to outside vendors, as morally wrong as it is thats your choice not mine. If there is a charge for doing diagnostics work on my sewing machine that should be paid by Sears, and if it is covered under the warranty then it should be repaired for free.

If the work needed to be to be done is not under the warranty, I should recieve a written estimate then I can decide wether or not to get it repaired or buy a new kenmore.

When other companies bid to take over your warranty work, they should honor the way Sears does business, honestly, putting the customer first, our family if fourth generation Sears customers for this reason. Please contact me with how to proceed with this matter, I use my machine fairly often and I need help to resolve this.

My husband has been out of work since 11-14-08, I was injured in two different auto accidents and have been unemployed since 2004. I use my machine to feed my family of four, right now we do not have much to eat or money to buy it, please help.

Jeanne B. Baum
120 South Cranford Road
Apartment L-6
Goose Creek, S.C., 29445
Can not attch photos for I can not afford a camerta.

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  • De
      4th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I am a sewing dealer in Canada. I have found that NONE of the sewing companies with 20-25 year warranties will honor them, at least not to the customers satisfaction. If you carefully read the warranty you will find there really isnt a warranty for 25 years. It covers defective parts only for the 25 years, and its really hard to prove after 23 years if something is worn or defective. You are also using the machine for a business, that usually nullifies the warranty.

    I will not repair a machine under the 25 year warranty without the manufacturer authorizing it, and in the past 40 years or so in the business this has happened once or twice, and then the parts were covered but not the labour, which always is the expensive part of the repair. . If you carefullly read many 25 year warranties, the actual warranty is 90 days.

    I think you are expecting far to much out of the machine and of Sears as well. A new machine may be another option.


  • Mo
      2nd of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Jeanne, I am and have been a sewing machine service tech for 35+ years. The comment from Derek is correct. Read your warranty and you will see that the 25 year portion of the warranty is only for parts that have "manufacturing defects" (not worn out), and labor is not covered at all. Most people would agree that if the machine worked well for 23 years, there could not have been any defective parts, parts do not become defective, they are either made correctly or they are not. Your machine has worked for all those years, it needs servicing, it is not defective...

    Sewing machines warranties are usually
    - 90 days to 2 years for most parts and labor.
    - 1 to 5 years for the motor and electronics (labor excluded).
    - 25 years on "defective", parts (labor excluded).
    There is no warranty on worn parts.

  • An
      27th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I purchased a Singer Confidence 7463 machine 2 yrs ago. I've had nothing but problems. I had a Kenmore sewing machine for 40 yrs and never a problem. I bought the Singer for binding (zigzag) edges for altering. It didn't work like the saleslady at the Viking Sewing Gallery in Henderson, Nevada said it would. I went to the store and complained 3 or 4 times. All they said was I should take sewing lessons. The last time, about a month ago, I spoke to the manager and she couldn't sew a straight stitch or a zigzag either. Now, the warranty has expired and I have a machine that doesn't work. Don't believe the salesladies at the Viking Sewing Gallery because they know less about the machines than a 5 yr old.

  • Th
      27th of Jun, 2012
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    Your welcome Truth.

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