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Service Protection Direct / Customer Service - Harassment

1 300 N. Tucker Blvd., Saint Louis, MO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-728-6037

I received a letter from this company to contact them to purchase Extended Warranty on my vehicle. I first spoke with a guy named Eric, who provided cost, coverage, and qualified discounts. I said thank you and that I need to discuss this with my husband before purchasing. He then passed me on to another person who claims that I am eligible for even more discounts. She continued her pitch and I also declined immediate purchase. Then Eric passed me to on a guy who tried to close a sale by telling me that he will offer the best deal on coverage that I can afford to pay on monthly basis. I again declined immediate purchase and asked who I should call back for. He then continued to be extremely harassing with me, stating that I should not need to discuss anything with my spouse and buy the warranty since its my car and that I should realize the importance of auto coverage. He raised his tone of voice and made sarcastic and harassing remarks about my relunctance to purchase. He said I will regret not taking the deal and that I will not have a special discount should I change my mind later to purchase. I was scared and shaken up after the call. Please do not let this company continue to do business!

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  • An
      23rd of Oct, 2008

    This company was very harassing and high pressure. The salesman also told me I would not need to talk to my husband and that I should make the decisions in my house. I did get suckered and put 200 on my card and am praying that when I called back to cancel that they will hold true to their word. Do NOT do business with this company..

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  • Jo
      4th of Nov, 2008

    i thought this letter was a spam and now i know it and will not call but terrup the letter!

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  • Ml
      17th of Nov, 2008

    The individuals in this company are so persistent and rude. The answers they give are totally out of range from your question. Just trash anything you receive from them!

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  • Ba
      17th of Nov, 2008

    I also received a letter from this company to purchase the extended warranty on my vehicle. The salesman advised that the cost would be 1900.00 for 5 years, with a down payment of 500.00 with 0 interest for the remainder of the payments. I told the sales person that I would have to consult with my partner. The salesman was upset and pressured me, stating that the offer would not be there if when I call back. *****I agree, do not do business with this company, it sound like a scam.

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  • Ri
      16th of Jan, 2009

    WOW, this is the second letter/mailer i've recieved stating "this is my second reminder... act fast" etc and just wanted to check them out.
    guess i made my decicion !
    thanks for all the great info !!
    V/r Richard L.

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  • Mi
      26th of Jan, 2009

    Just wait until they send a letter to your minor child. Quit an interesting conversation when you explain that your minor child has never purchased said vehicle & when you ask for information on who may have sold a vehicle in your minor child's name. Comical. My attorney called this type of company "scams" and advised me to contact the credit bureau on behalf of my children (and myself) to request that we be removed from all un-solicited credit offers, removed from the mailing lists that they sale & to add a fraud block based on the information in this letter.

    Of course the credit bureau wants everything in writing but at least it's a step in the right direction.

    Good luck.

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  • Da
      1st of Feb, 2009

    My wife had exactly the same experience with Service Protection Direct. When she told the rep she wants to think about the warranty, the rep says our car will be added to a national database and nobody else will give us warranty. He raised his voice and sounded threatening and harrasing with statements like "I don't understand what else do you have to think about". Even when my wife said thank you multiple times, the rep continued with his rude manner and would not disconnect the call. This company has very bad business practice and customer service.

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  • To
      3rd of Feb, 2009

    Service Protection Direct also uses the alias "Dealer Warranty Program SPD". I recently received a letter offer from them stating "Your vehicle factory coverage is expired or about to expire". This gave me a good laugh since my vehicle is now 12 years old. The letter quickly became a meal for my paper shredder. Avoid all 3rd party extended warranty offers, they are virtually worthless. If you think you need an extended warranty, contact your dealer, and purchase an extended warranty carried by your vehicle manufacturer (not the dealer). However, extended warranties are priced with a 70% to 80% profit margin, so most buyers do not benefit.

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  • Tt
      5th of Feb, 2009

    This company has been harrassing me for more than two years. It's always the same. A warning letter of "2nd Reminder" arrives in the mail. Then within a day or two a telemarketer calls to offer me information on the company's products and services. Recognizing the direct mail letters as a scam I used to shred them. However, with their telemarketers, if you ignore their phone calls they will continue to call you once or twice a day until you finally answer the phone. As a person who works nights this is a tremendous annoyance.

    This time when the telemarketer called I told her that I was not interested in the products or services. And, just like the last three times they called I advised her that we are on the FTC's Do Not Call list and she was to remove our number from her company's call list. And, just like the last three times, I was hung up on without a word. Only this time I hadn't yet shredded their letter and still had the information I needed to try to get them off my back.

    Attempting to lodge a complaint with the FTC was met with the usual ferderal bureaucratic mess so I gave up. Then I Googled the company name and found this:

    It seems that the Missouri Attorney General's office knows all about this company and actually sued them in 2008.

    This company is a bunch of sleaze bags! I recommend you file a complaint with the office of the Missouri Attorney General. Even If you haven't been taken for any money, recording your comments may give the attorney general more information in fighting a company that is giving St. Louis a bad name.

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  • Be
      9th of Feb, 2009

    I just called Service Protection Direct after their 2nd Notice. They told me all the same as listed above on the other complaints. The ""manager"" said he would give me one hour to call back, etc. I decided to look them up and walla, I found all this. Guess who is not calling them back? Thank you all for voicing your opinions on this place.

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  • Tu
      9th of Feb, 2009

    OMG I just got off of the phone with them!! I unfortunately called them and you would not believe the number of lies and sleezy sales tactics that they used. I spoke with a person names Charles Moyer x1015. He started off with telling me how my 2004 Dodge Durango was going to have a breakdown soon because it was basically in the stars. After I gave him my mileage he goes on to tell me how I have to speak with underwriting because I am over the mileage. Underwriting tells me sure we'll still take you and let you finance out for 18 mos same as cash with a down payment. I said I wanted to think about it and was immediately hit with "well what's the problem!" you don't want the coverage?!! I said sure but I don't like the payments. He goes on well I gave you discounts and blah blah blah. To make a long story short I was told that if I didn't consider it now that it would go in the system as DENIED and I wouldn't be able to accept the offer later so I was told that I had to give him something to hold my offer in the system. I gave him my bank account info to "HOLD" the offer in the system with the understandingthat I was to call back and give my final answer. My final answer was I do not want it-- and when I told him that he said "whats the problem" I said too expensive. He said ok then I can speak with underwriting and see if they have something else but in the meantime this was supposed to be cancelled--He called back with another "offer" and a lower price--$700 lower. I also asked him to email me a copy of the warranty-which he did a couple of hours later--after much scrutiny I still decided that it was too expensive for me right now. I called back this evening and got this character named Shawn --when I told him about my experience with Charles and his high pressure sales pitch--he proceeded to tell me how he had a problem with what I was saying. I asked him to cancel the account because it still showed a hold and not cancelled--and he told me no--to call back and speak with Charles tomorrow!!--or to speak with the cancellation department--I said no because I did not activate the account. When I asked to speak with his boss he told me NO and that there was no one on the floor who was higher than him. I hung up on him and called immediately back --asked for a mangager--I got someone named Scott who apologized for Shawns behavior and said that my account showed cancelled. DO NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY--and I still have to monitor my account to make sure that nothing goes through.

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  • Ma
      28th of Feb, 2009

    I also received a letter from "Dealer Warranty Program SPD" that was designed to look important. That means it is complete trash. I only came here trying to find a way to sent a message to "Thomas Grant, General Manager" that because this was in my mail box I will never for the rest of my life do any business with this company or any one that sounds like it - or anyone who sends me an advertisement I did not ask for regardless of the subject.


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  • Sh
      9th of Mar, 2009

    Despite all of the complaints here, the gentleman I spoke with was very pleasant. His name was Gavin Holohan at ext 1012. I called because I figured it was rubbish and he gave me a lot of information regarding the program. He was very persistent but never abrasive, aggressive, rude or threatening. He gave me the same bit every salesman does about what the cost was and the offers, I declined because I had no money to do it and the car belonged to my brother. He brought the cost down to as low as $150 up front which I had to decline as well. Through and through I was never going to put any money down myself, but I did tell him my brother may be interested if he has the money. It finally came down to me asking if he could call me back or vice versa. He had to get approval from a manager to keep the offer open, as everyone has agreed seems to be their tactic "buy now or never". He was to call me in three hours. I was able to contact my brother who declined for financial reasons, and I had been reading these pages becoming concerned about when I had to decline the offer.

    I called back and sat on hold and a woman answered with whom I requested a transfer to Gavin. He answered and I reminded him who I was. He thanked me for calling him back and I informed him my brother declined the offer due to financial reasons and I appreciated talking with him. He was very appreciative of my respectfulness to return the call and inform him of my brothers decision. He thanked me several times for the returned call, being so great, and being so respectful I returned his call. He advised, at a later date, their may still be a program available and more or less to keep them in mind. He wished me well, to be good and drive safe and bid me farewell.

    I understand everyone else seemed to have a poor experience with this company, and if I begin to receive harassing phone calls I'll come back to update my post, however I had a wonderful experience with Gavin. As any sales person needs to be, he was very persistent, asking me multiple times if there was any way I could make the payment or anyone else who could make it on my behalf (or my brothers). As I declined he would try to work another angle reminding me of the situation and if he got off the phone it would decline the offer etc etc. As I said before he was never aggressive or harassing, just persistent and he spoke very calmly and collectively.

    If you do business with this company, I recommend speaking to Gavin Holohan at ext 1012. You could even tell him I referred you, that would give him a good laugh I'm sure.

    Please note, I have no affiliation with this company or Gavin specifically. I just wanted to put my input in as it seems everyone else had a terrible experience with their sales team. If their product is legit and you think it's right for you, Gavin is the one to speak with if you're undecided.


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  • Mi
      20th of Mar, 2009

    I totally disagree I have been with this company over a year and a half I have had numerous claims ranging over $5000 and more and they paid for every single claim. This company is not a scam, I have told friends about it and they have not had any problems, what so ever. I too spoke with the aggressive salesman, but it was my decision to do so, I don't understand why you people are complaining about those guy doing there jobs. You may have some saleman that are shady, but what salesman isn't? They make things sound better, they paint pictures that is there job. The guys at SPD are just selling themselves, everytime I call I am treated with nothing but respect! When I first called I was very skeptical about giving my information over the phone, but they have made me into a believer and I am very pleased with this company. They are far from a scam, they have help me out on claims that were not covered, worked with me on my monthly pymts and so forth, to you all who are bad talking SPD you must not have received the treatment I have from SPD. I give them two thumbs up!!!

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  • Nj
      24th of Mar, 2009

    I beleieve that the Shane and Shane9000 commenters are just shills for the company. I was able to check out a previous letter sent to me by this fraud of a company. I tossed it a long time back, but I recall it was signed by either Gene Corbett or Bob Bentrup - EXCEPT that neither person exists. The real names behind this are Gene Bentrup and Bob Corbett. A couple of new names came up in my search including Joe DiMartini and Jeff Reauseh. Can't find anything Jeff, but Joe DiMartini has apparently also gone by the name of Joe Wartonick. The latest letter is sgined by one Thomas Grant, but I was unable to find a record of him either. I have probably received 3 or 4 "2nd Reminders" from these clowns. I will be writing to the Missouri AG and the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Dept to report the harassment from SPD. Somehow they also have found my office number and periodically I get a pre-recorded message with the same garbage they put in their letter. I just hang up. They MUST be a scam outfit.

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  • Jo
      25th of Mar, 2009

    I totally agree with 99% of all the complaints. These guys (Service Protection Direct) state that these phony auto warranty notices that are mailed out a second time to unsuspecting consumers.
    I believe a first letter was never sent and they make it sound like it is such an urgent matter and need to be taken care of ASAP. Which is bogus.
    The bottom line is they are condescending, rude and very unprofessional. They also offer the most expensive auto warranties in the business.
    Well at least the auto dealers have nothing to fear, Service Protection Direct is priced just as high as the auto dealers. Is this someone you want to do business with? I don't think so!

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  • Lo
      27th of Mar, 2009

    I received the letter today - addressed to my ex-husband. We have been divorced for eight years. The car they referred to was a leased vehicle that was in MY name only leased four years AFTER my divorce. I have since returned that vehicle to the dealer as the lease was up, and I now own another vehicle. I'm glad to see they are so up on their information. What a crock!!

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  • Da
      4th of Apr, 2009

    How did they get my information to begin with? Did the licensing and registration company give it away?

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  • Ni
      7th of Apr, 2009

    i too agree with all the complaints. i hope everyone who is contacted by service protection direct trash their letters or dont take their calls and dont be like me. I unfortunately signed up with them but thank goodness i read the contract in detaIls and realized i could cancel. I called to cancel and like most businesses they try to prevent you from cancelling by suggesting discounts. I told the young man i still wanted to cancel because i found a similar plan with triple A that was cheaper. He started cussing me out and told me how stupid i was and that he is offering me a discount and i dont want to take it and that my car is going to break and i have no coverage. These guys are very rude and unprofessinoal. i hope no one every signs up with them. initially i spoke with justin jan and he was very nice and polite and i did sign up, but after reading the reviews from you guys and because of shopping around, i realized how rude this young man was.

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  • Ge
      9th of Apr, 2009

    I believe this company to be a total scam!!! I received a letter stating my 2005 Montana Sv6 factory coverage is expired or about to expire. I never bought or owned a Montana. The last car that was purchased new in the USA was a 2000 Chevy Astro Van. It isn't in my name and neither are any other vechiles we own. The last car that I purchased in my name before I got married was a 1985 Plymouth Turismo. So how or wheere they got this information is beyond me. It was also sent to my mother-in-laws house addressed to me not my own house.

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