Send Earningsdid not get paid

On 10/5/18 i did a survey/ took an offer, it was for 50 cents. Because some of these offers/surveys redirect you to several other surveys/offers it is hard to know what name to use, but i do know that one of them was "vibe". On 11/26/18 i took an offer, that one was "free samples" which in turn lead me to a survey panel called "shopper's voice surveys" (i took screenshots of that, plus, i have the conformation that shows i registered with them)but send earnings did not ask for them. I'am being held hostage by them because they don't want to give me my money. Though they say that i have to have at least$30, how do i do that since i'am not being paid for whatever tasks i do? i want to terminate my membership with them but can't while i'm owed that money.

Dec 05, 2018

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