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I ordered a spell on May 6, 2011 and as of this date got no results. I was emailing Lilly she was my contact person. To this date I have paid Seductive Spell a total of $600.00. After four weeks have passed with no results Lilly kept stating my case needed more work. She states the refund policy is only offered after 6 months. I do not believe in their work. It has been eight weeks since I ordered the spells and still no results. Stay away from this site. I do not believe they are honest people.


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  • La
      Dec 10, 2011

    I ordered spells from this company as well. Seductive that LILLY is a fake. They promised to refund my money if the spells did not work within a 6 month time frame. This time frame started on the first purchase date. I mailed off the documents to receive my refund and followed the instructions on their website.. The delivery confirmation came back (return to sender -forwarding order expired -box closed no order. I sent the refund documents to the address listed on the website Universal Solutions P.O Box 503686 San Diego, CA 92150-3686. This company is taking consumers money and they are a fraud. Please do not be taken by this company as I was for $800.00.

    Lashunn (Valley Park)

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  • An
      May 25, 2012

    I, think I ordered this spell before I checked the board anyway only ordered last week so I will see.


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  • Ma
      May 19, 2019

    @Anniebel Smith Did your spell work?

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  • Ch
      Sep 04, 2013

    I fail to understand how Lilly is failing to make her spells work. I don't believe that at all. Lilly is so genuine it's unreal. When I was suicidal she was genuinely worried about me and helped me to get my boyfriend back. I am not sure what your personal problem was but sometimes spells can sometimes take longer to work. For example two years ago I went to a christian lady who deals with spiritism as I wanted my ex-back and yes the christian lady did help me but my ex- has come back to me now but only after nearly two years and obviously I have NOW moved on. I am not saying that Lilly takes that long because it definitely doesn't but some people's situation may need more work to make the spell more powerful and effective, but Lilly and her team are definitely not fake.

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  • Sh
      Oct 21, 2014

    This site is a fraud. They advertise a spell email you that they can help then act confused or disrespectful after they have received the payment. I am sure I will not get a response after the reply email I have sent. Fake fake fake. Con artist will pay on judgment day!

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