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Sears Optical / waiting forever for sunglasses and being told stories

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I ordered 4 pair of glasses from Sears Optical during their "complete pair of glasses for $99" special which ended 6/28/08. This was on 6/23/08 in the evening. Less than a week later, I called in to find that my 2 pair of clear lenses had come in already but not the computer glasses or the sunglasses. I waited until I returned from vacation and called in on either 7/5 or 7/6 only to be told my computer glasses were in, but not the sunglasses. On 7/7, I was called by Terry, the store manager of the Optical department and informed that my glasses were shipped and should be here by Friday which was, 7/11. I called on Sunday and was told that yes they had been shipped and should arrive on Tues. or Weds. I called again on Weds, the 16th and was told it was Weds. or Thurs when they'd come in and they'd be there tomorrow. I again asked for a complaint number and was given some number that didn't work. So I went on the internet and found the number myself and called the next day, because of course, the complaint department is back East and I'm in CA.

After I complained I received a call the same day from Terry stating that my prescription was so strong that the lab had to back order the lenses and then on final inspection, they broke and so they should be here in? She said she would call me 7/18 and let me know when I could expect them. Well, 7/18 came today and WOW my sunglasses arrived! And they actually worked although I am having difficulty adjusting to them and they are the same prescription as my clear lenses.

My complaints are several fold. 1. My sunglasses couldn't have been due to arrive each time I was promised if they were broken.

2. Why lie to me? Why promise they will be in within 7-10 working days and then it take 18 working days! 3. I was blamed for the delay because my prescription was too strong and I wanted a difficult bifocal? What? I didn't have any choice about the bifocal!

I do want to report that I complained by phone a second time after Terry hung up on me! And I requested my glasses and a refund which they granted. I'm still waiting to hear from the District Supervisor, Michelle, who is supposed to call me within 48 business hours. We'll see! I doubt she will call!

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      27th of Sep, 2009
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    Your pretty stupid and have no life if you are complaining about this. #1, Terry did not lie to you...I'm sure that he would rather not have you in his face yelling at him about where your glasses are, and im' sure if he could have had it earlier, he would have. Maybe you didn't notice the fact that there is not a lab in the store, and they send out the shipments? I mean, people like you piss me off. I understand you want your stuff right away, but anything that's a custom job always has risks involved and possible delays, ANYTHING CUSTOM!

    although in your mind, they knew it was going to take longer and they lied just to piss you off, lol, keep looking at life like t hat, you ignorant excuse of a human being.

    and also, you requested a refund AND your glasses as well? wow, you defintely have some balls, and I can't believe they actually gave it to you.

  • Jb
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    I agree with Gok. I mean what evidence do u have the terry lied to you on purpose? Trust me, in sales the last thing someone wants to do is lie about arrival dates because that would only mean they are going to keep hearing from your greedy bum. It would b more convient to tell you in the begining that they will come late so they won't have to bother with u. So what interest is it in them to lie to u?

    Why r u so quick to assume they r plotting against you rather than its just an honest mistake? Sounds like u have major trust issues with life. You should look more into that. Why is it a must to receive all glasses so soon? Not greatful the other ones arrived early?
    You ppl are what's wrong with the world today. Gripe about EVERYTHING. All the crap like that just builds up!

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