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bad service

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Contact information:
908 S. Mena street
Mena, Arkansas
United States
Phone: 479.394.4535
my 81 year old mother, May J. McCain, bought a roto tiller from Mr. Harold Jones in Mena Arkansas. 15 minutes into use the machine stopped. she had the tiller taken back to Mena with ALL the paper work expecting the machine would be replaced. the young man working in the store started the paper work on replacing the tiller. Mr Jones said NO. The tiller is now less than one month old. He said it would have to go out for repair. my mother agreed to what ever Mr. Jones suggested, trusting his judgement. The young man that took the machine in for my mother left the paper work. When my mother went to pick up the machine. (she NEVER received a call that it was ready) the machine was filthy, the tines were bent as were the wheels. Certainly not in the condition she brought it in. When she asked for her money back Mr. Jones told her to provide proof of purchase. I.E. a receipt. The young man who brought the machine in the first place left the paper work with the machine. Now Mr. jones has had a week to find the receipt and has not returned our calls. He STILL has my mothers machine! What is Sears going to do. My mother has trusted Sears for more than 60 years this is where she has purchased her washers, dryers, dishwashers, hand tools and power tools. Now this person has the audasity to call my mother a liar and Sears has not stepped in to assisst her. Where in the hell is your customer service? You can see that she did buy the tiller by checking her card # /information removed/ you can see that she also puchased the extended warrenty which did her no good! She is not a LIAR and she never thought she would see the day that Sears treated her as such. Please replace or return her tiller in new condition!
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N  15th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have rental property located at 925 5th St. SE Wash. DC 20003. Service was scheduled for July 10 between 8 AM and 12 noon. At about 11:50 a service rep called Mrs. Green who has the key and told her that the technican had a meeting and she didnot know when he would get there. Mrs. Green put the rep. on hold and called me and I told Mrs. Green to give her my cell # and I was on my way to the property. Mrs. Green had an appointment at 1:30 Pm and had to leave. Before Mrs. Green got back to the phone the service rep. had hang up the phone. Mrs. Green immediately called me and I called the service # at 12:15 PM and talked to a Ricardo and gave him the cell #. I waited until 2:10 and called back and talked to a Diana. Diana said that the customer was not at home and I had to reschedule. She had no record of a call to Ricardo at 12:15. No did she have a record of my cell #. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, she hung up. I went home and called Customer relations and talked to Mark at 3:45 PM. Mark informed me that Sears did not have a tech to send to the address. This is not the first time this has happened to me when I have tried to schedule an appointment for repair. I live about 30 miles from the property. It was a waste of my time and gas today. Had I been informed that there was no tech available, I would have been upset but my time and gas would not have been wasted.
N  15th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
June 16th, 2008 I took friends to a family-owned cabin for a week of fun. Upon arriving, we found the 11 month old Sears refrigerator had gone out and the food inside severely molded and smelly. I called the Ruidoso Sears who told me to call E. B. Repairs. Eddie at E.B. Repairs said I had to call the Sears 1-800 number or he wouldn't get paid. He came the following day, after we had cleaned it out, and said it smelled so bad that the smell wouldn't come out and said he would try to get Sears to replace it. They said no, to repair it. He told us it would take 5-10 working days to get the parts. I called Sears to ask about a "loaner." They said I would have to rent one at $75 to deliver, $100 to rent per week, and $75 to come get it. So, we ate out all week. The part did not come in for 3 weeks, the excuse was Sears wouldn't send the parts truck until it was full due to gas prices. So, when my uncle and aunt followed us a week later, they too, had to eat out. I have called Sears each week since this has happened and each time given a different song and dance. Finally, Monday, July 7th I called and asked to speak the to highest person available regarding the problem. I was given to "Sami" in the "Rapid Resolution Dept." and after explaining EVERYTHING I've been through with this problem--from no loaner, to no parts, to being in Arizona and the refrigerator being in New Mexico, she said Sears would replace it, and gave me a case number--244782. She said to wait until Wednesday morning to get the "Authorization number from the repairman who stated the refrigerator needed to be replaced, not repaired." I called Wednesday morning and was told that "Tracy" was on another line, but would call me back. It never happened, so I called back Thursday, July 10th and spoke to "Constance" in the "Escalations Dept." who told me she didn't know who Sami was but that they would not replace the refrigerator just because it is "smelly." She even told me I was negligent for having food in the fridge in the first place. The compressor went out and now E.B. Repairs has the part and will replace it tomorrow, but if it still stinks, we are out of luck. Why have I had to talk to so many different departments and why has each department told me something different??? Sears has been known for their service and we have several Sears appliances in our home. NEVER AGAIN!!! When I asked to speak to the top person, why is that person no longer able to be found? How do I reach the top? How do I get satisfaction for a broken 11 month old refrigerator? I will take ANY and ALL suggestions!!
N  11th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
We purchased a Kenmore refrigerator on 11/18/2007.

The sales person told us that we could get rebate for deliverly fee of $65. He kindly showed us how to submit the rebate online, too.

However, the response from Sears rebate center was our purchase was not eligible because the payment plan we chose.

So I looked at the fine print of the receipt.

Okay, rebate offer cannot be combined with deffered interest. Our payment for the purchase should starts in May 2008. The sales person did not know or just did not tell us?

I kept searching their website looking for official description about Appliance Promiton on 11/18-22/2007. Funny thing, I found they have *no payments until January 2009*, not until May 2008.

So I wrote a letter to Rebate center and CEO about my experience and of course, no reply from them.

I am so confused about the rebate program and promotional offers they say.

What I know is that we are not going to buy anything from Sears again!
N  12th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
In September 2007 I purchased a large Mitsubishi HD TV from the "Great Indoors" in Scottsdale, Az. for about $2500. Based upon the recommendation of the sales person I also purchased a service agreement for several hundred dollars which would cover service and parts for a long period.

Four months later I attempted to turn on the TV and got no picture. I then contacted the Sears Service Center (parent of Great Indoors) and was told the earliest they could service the complaint was 15 days from now, which I told them was unacceptable. I am now forced to contact a local TV service company to repair (probably for several hundred dollars) a TV that is already covered by a service contract. I could easily do without TV for 2 weeks if it were not for the fact that I have a large group of friends attending parties both of the nest 2 weeks to watch the football playoffs.

I think it is disgraceful that a big company like Sears can't hire enough technicians to fix problems within a reasonable amount of time.
N  19th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
The service I have received from Sears has been appalling.

My complaint goes back 2 weeks. On November 24, 2007 I visited the Sears outlet at Cross county Mall, Yonkers, NY. The service rep was not at all proficient in the product I was intending to purchase (46 inch SONY LCD V3000). Late that day I met with the store manager to discuss the price match policy since Circuit City was offering it for a lower price. The Store Manager said that only if the product is in stock will they offer the price (This is not mentioned in Sears Price Match Policy). My family and I walked out of the store.

I continued to research the prices online and on December 5, I saw an online offer for KDL46V300 Sony and a Sony home theater Free with the purchase. I also read online that if I use my sears card I will get a mail in rebate of 10%. So I call the sears store at Cross County. The next 30mins of the call was the most awful experience I ever I had with a company that claims to be a Fortune 500.

My first call was to the service line 914-377-2100 where I spoke with Aaron (no last name since they are not authorized to do so), employee ID 14703. He explained to me that the offer was online and that he could help me place the order. Unfortunate it was middle of a work day and had to request him to assist me alter when I call. That�¢??s exactly what I did. At appx 2pm I called Aaron once again but this time the service rep (SR) informed me that there is no such person. The SR transfers the call to the electronics section at Cross county Sears. There I spoke with Mr. Tapley (no last name again). I will say with much confidence that he was the RUDEST person I have come across at Sears. He first informs me that when I called 914-377-2100 I was talking with a call service agent and that they are not Sears employees. Next he tells me that the offer is in-store only and after that he tell me that I cannot avail of the 10% Cash back mail in rebate since I am opting for the Home theater system. There was not an ounce of politeness in his conversation. I felt I had called a store manager at a Dollar-Store. After all of this I decided I needed more respect.

I called the sears 1-800 # and spoke with a complaint agent Stephanie (no last name) at 3:39pm on 12/5/07. After a 15 min conversation, she transfers the call to Ms. Tina (no last name and no department location). I spoke with Tina for another 15 mins and she explained that Juan (no last name, ID/Extension # 63753) at sears.com will assist me with the order. Juan informed me that I could purchase the TV online and that I was eligible for the Home Theater and the 10% CB mail in rebate. I informed him that I will place the order later that evening since I was at work.

Later that evening my wife and I logged into the site and placed an order for the TV and the home theater sys. We were quiet excited with the prospect of owning a 46" Sony LCD as is evident from the fact that we have been researching for a good deal since late November, 2007. Only if Sears could stop disappointing us.

Today in the morning my wife receives an email from sears.com (mail attached below) that one or more of the item(s) in our order were not in stock. They cancelled the order.

How is it that a firm known for it service integrity is unable to service customers and seems to do it's best to keep disappointing them every step of the way. My family has been making a lot of purchases from sears as is evident from the reward points. I must also state that your firm employs Service reps untrained to provide service. Some of my colleagues are now aware of the "service I have received" and this is definitely not helping the firm�¢??s reputation.

In the last 2 days I have seem to have analyzed the strategy Sears uses for its "grant a wish" offers. Here goes- Sears�¢??s offers a Sony TV and a Home theater sys (FREE) along with a 10% CB or no interest until 2010. However to get this offer you have to fight you way through rude and obnoxious sales reps. Then you are told that the Sony home theater sys is replaced by a Samsung sys (worth half of what is being advertised, 399 v/s 699). Nonetheless you place an order. The next day sears email informs you that the TV is out of stock (it was in-stock when you placed the order the previous evening). Finally, the winner: SEARS

Let me conclude by saying that I am glad I could use this email as a source of resounding my frustration but if sears has a heart (so it claims) I will hear from some senior representative at the earliest and help resolve this issue. After all Sears does "GRANT A WISH THIS HOLDAY SEASON."
N  26th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Yesterday I bought a 1000 watt surround sound system.

I pluged it in to my computer, turned it up and it was far from 1000 watts. My 10 year old 175 watt stereo was way louder. Today I tried to return it and was told that there was a 20% restocking fee. I was not told that there was a restocking fee when I bought it. I had forgotten to put in the manual when i brought it back so my dad had to go get it, when he was doing that me and my friend wandered around the store ### about the service. After about 10 - 15 mins of ### they said if we come back in an hour they would take off the restocking fee so i got the full amount back. So the lesson today is Sears sucks and if you want your money back get a bunch of people to walk around the store and ### ALOT.
N  9th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I went through a series of pre-recorded messages to finally get a live person. Much to my surprise, the woman on the other end of the phone, spoke in a heavy accent, most likely India. She was rude, and insisted that that I get my manual (which I didn't have), and if I didn't get it, she wouldn't be able to schedule my in-home service call. There was about 1 minute of dead air when she finally spoke. "Ma'am?" Yes? I asked. Did you find that manual? I gave her serial numbers...any number I could find on the unit. That wasn't enough! At this point, I was angry, so I demanded to speak to a manager. She promptly hung up the phone.

After voicing my complaint to someone locally in the US, I was given a phone number to call "Corporate Offices" in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Speaking with someone there named Tina, I felt like I was being patronized...almost like her reply was "canned". "I'm sorry you had a bad experience, is there anything we can do to rectify this situation?" I said, yes, bring your call centers BACK to the United States.
N  11th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
So, Sears has finally irritated me for the FINAL TIME!!! I've decided to let everyone I know how bad Sears is. Their merchandise is shoddy, and their customer service is horrible. Whenever I have had trouble with them in the past year, their response has been, "Your product is out of warrenty", "We have no record of that purchase", and "Buy a new one."

"Your product is out of warrenty": My microwave hood stopped heating last October. This appliance was purchased with the rest of the new kitchen in 2003. I don't know how long a micro hood is supposed to last, but I would imagine it is over 4 years. Sears said that my warrenty had just expired the previous month and there was nothing they could do about it. I should buy a new one. (I did, but not at Sears.)

"We have no record of that purchase": So this July my refridgerator comrpessor quits. My refridgerator is the same age as the everything else that was purchased at Sears for the kitchen in 2003. This time Sears said that they had no record of the purchase. I gave them receipt numbers and date of purchase and they still said that they couldn't help me because they didn't have a record of the purchase. I would need to buy a new one. (I did, but not from Sears.)

"Buy a new one": And the final straw was the lawn mower drive shaft locking up, AGAIN!!! The lawn mower was also purchased in 2003. Every year for the past 5 years the drive shaft has locked up and needed replacing. Every year I go rounds with Sears service and repair that I should not have to have this work done yearly. I don't mow my lawn more than 5 times per year, why should I have to have the drive shaft mechanism replaced yearly. This repair is $200 each time I need to have it done. And again, Sears gives me the same song and dance they have always given me: "It's not under warrenty", "We have no record of previous repairs", and "Buy a new one". I have worked my way up through their customer service lines and into the national customer relations department only to be told the same thing at each level. There is nothing they can do, buy a new mower.
N  11th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Two weeks ago, I called Sears Home Repair to schedule the repair of my refrigerator. My call was answered by a call center. An appt was scheduled and I paid the fee up front. My appts have been cancelled by the company 5 times! The one time the tech did come he replaced the fan. I said it still doesn't seem right and he said oh no it will be fine. Well, it wasn't fine, it still doesn't work! I am self-employed so every time I schedule a service appt I have to redo my work schedule. I can understand once, maybe twice - but 6 times in 2 weeks and they want me to keep making appts with them. I have tried to talk to someone in the company to sort this out, but I keep getting passed around the people at the call center who never seem to deviate from their scripts! DO NOT USE this company! I assumed that I could depend upon Sears and they would be honest, I was very wrong. Don't make the same mistake.
N  11th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Kenmore window A/C broke after only two months.

2 hours waiting around to find out all new fans and motor were needed.

1 hour to unpack parts and store them.

8 hours waiting around for service to not show and not call. 2 hours on the phone to find out what wzas going on and reschedule. 4 lies about getting a call that day.

After reschedule, more time on the phone the night before to hear that the reschedule appointment would NOT be kept from 8-12. It would be more like 1-5 with 6 other people ahead of us because it "would be too inconvenient for the service person" to start with us because we were "farthest away".

Time invested in a broken A/C and Sears = 20 hours

Time invested reporting this to every site on the internet and everyone we know = 2 hours.

I am considering complaints to the BBB, state consumer protection, and possibly lawsuit.

So far, Sears has done nothing to compensate me in any way for time and money and aggravation. I would be just as happy to get my money back and buy another A/C elsewhere. At this point, Sears has lost several customers for life. The least that could happen is for somebody to show up at an agreed upon time and fix the unit we already paid for.
N  11th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Our 2006 Kenmore Elite 25 cu. ft. TRIO French Door, Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, costing a $2, 246.98 mal-functioned.

Fortunately, I left the house for only 2 hours and when I returned: I found the interior light stuck ON with the fan not working either, even with the doors closed. The plastic light cover was partially melted and the light fixture was scorched. The food products on the two top shelves and doors where ruined. After calling for service, unloading the entire refrigerator and cleaning the inside the problem seemed to resolve itself, somehow. Since the refrigerator was just out of warranty, I canceled the repair call.

So far, we have not had a reoccurrence of this mal-function but now fear that it might occur again. Not only ruining all the food in the refrigerator, but possibly starting a fire, if not caught on time.

I would like Sears/Kenmore to make a recall on whatever parts are necessary that will fix this problem.

As a long-standing and loyal customer, I hope this can be resolved very quickly.
N  15th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
On February 6, 2008 I call to schedule a repair service on my Whirlpool Washer and an agreement was offered to me. We purchased the Service Smart Protection Agreement for our Whirlpool Washer. When the technician arrived I ask my mother to inform the gentlemen to call me and give me an estimate of what this service would have cost to a cash customer without an agreement. He never called; he repaired the washer and left without honoring. I ask my mother to lookup the technicianâ??s phone number on the caller ID so I could call him. When I spoke with the tech he told me there was no way he could have given me a value for my repairs.

At a later date I called the Tech Line to question the technicianâ??s response to my request and they informed me he could have given me an estimate of the cost. At that time they informed me that the repairs where valued at 164.29. During our conversation they referred to my washer as a Kenmore washer, I informed them I didnâ??t own a Kenmore washer. On December 26, 2005 my husband did purchase a Kenmore washer but I wasnâ??t satisfied with some of the futures, so we returned this item and purchased the Whirlpool washer on January 6, 2006. I ask the representative that day to cancel the agreement on the Kenmore and transfer title to the Whirlpool after we discuss the value of the agreement and the service protection.

In August 21, 2008 I found out that my agreement had been canceled on 2/27/08 and a credit of 50.70 had been issued to my Corporate American Express Card that I was not aware of until I called for service. I stayed on the phone with a representative for over 45 min and was disconnected and no one called me back to rectify this issue. When I called back I had to start off explaining my situation all over again, so I asked to speak to the person I was talking to and inquired why they didnâ??t call me back since the call was disconnected they told me it was inbound calling center and not a outbound calling center. I didnâ??t want to spend another 45 minutes on the phone at 10:30pm.

A technician came on August 25, 2008 had me down a collect/cash customer and my husband showed the technician our Service Smart Protection Agreement, he ordered the part and had it shipped to our home for a future repair date. The same technician came out September 5, 2008 to repair the washer but couldnâ??t complete the repair, because the agreement was cancelled. I spent over 1hr and �½ on the phone with four different customer service representative and one person from National Customer Relations. The final persons that I spoke to was a Dida and Dennie at your San Antonio call center told me everything was taken care of. I asked them did I own them anything before I hung up the phone since they informed me a credit had been issued, they said no!!! Buy this time the technician had left for another service call and took the part with him.

On September 8, 2008 a technician came back out to the house to repair the washer without the part that was order, because the first repair man took it with him on 9/5/08. Dida schedule this service call and called the original technician back and ask him if he could go back to my home, but he informed her he was to far away from my address to come back that day. He call my home around 4:30 pm 9/5/08 to inform us he would return on 9/8/08 between the hours of 8am and 5pm. And the Tech Line called him to say everything was okay for him to return. A different technician came out 9/8/08 and this hold process started over again with me calling to find out why my service agreement was still not valid.

Now I have spoken to over seven different Tech Line representatives and supervisors from San Antonio, TX to Hoffman Estates, IL. ; Sears refuses to salvage our 30 year relationship over a 50.70 refund. I originally paid 214.99 for this service agreement. I was not aware the credit was given to my corporate account because the company pays the bill and I reimburse only the charges that are personal at the end of the month. They never informed me of a credit that was given to me by Sears, so I was not aware that my service agreement was cancelled until I called for service in August 2008. The hardcopy agreement that I had states that my agreement was good until 2/6/2009. I received no correspondence in writing that this protection had been cancelled. My husband and I purchased another service agreement on our Kenmore refrigerator months later because we realized the value of this agreement was worth the money. As you can see from the fist service call on the washer they charged 164.29 for a switch. To date they have never sent a hardcopy agreement for the refrigerator, but when I call about it they have it on file. It was mentioned several times during our conversation and debate over my washer agreement. Every time you call 1-800-4-MY-HOME line the first thing they ask is your phone number and which product do you need service for.

My husband and I own more Kenmore/Craftsman product in our home than any other manufacturer. And I donâ??t want to be haunted by this awful experience for the rest of my life. I just want Sears to admit to �½ the mistake of cancelling the agreement in error, which Stephanie at the corporate office did admit, but informed me that there was nothing she could do because the credit had been issued 6 months ago. Stephanie instructed me until this service was either taken care of as collect repair she could not issue another service agreement on this product. I donâ??t feel I should have to purchase another agreement when Sears insured the wrong item in the beginning. They dread date in February 2008 was only to get the correct item protected and ask the value of the service call. What does a shopper have to do to feel appreciated as a customer in this struggling economy, has Sears gotten so narcissistic they donâ??t care anymore about there consumers anymore. Until I get some justice I will spread the word national that this service agreement is not worth the paper itâ??s printed on. I hope this nightmare doesnâ??t results in divorce from Sears, but I do understand the love for a relationship can sometime be taken advantage of.
N  15th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I called Sears 4-Home Aug. 13 regarding y door latch switch on washing machine. I was told the earliest appt. was for Sept. 3. Not happy but had to deal with it. I told them what the error code read out was and be SURE and bring the part. On the 3rd at 3 I called to makes sure I was on that days' list. I was. He finally called at 3:30 (service calls are between 9 and 3) and said he was on his way. He was 30 mins. away. I asked if he had the part with him. Sears had the model # wrong on my warranty certificate and he didn't have the part with him anyway. He said he would order the part that day. That was Wed. Sears called Monday to tell me to call when the part arrived. It was due Tuesday. Didn't come. We called back when the part arrived on Wed. They were going to put me back at the bottom of their list! I called the repairman directly ( he is the ONLY repairman working for them in a 100 mile radius or more!) directly and he promised to be out on Friday the 12th. It is 4:40 and still no repairman and no phone call. What a way t run a business! I am totally disgusted with Sears and want them to refund my warranty ( I have never used it and they have never called to schedule that so called preventative maintenance they tout in the contract). I paid over $200 for a big nothing! I can order my own parts and do my own repairs as I can get instructions online from FixYa.com .So, Sears, what do YOU have to say about this? I am tired of fighting about getting my machine fixed. I have spent over $15.00 at the laudromat and driven a 40 mile round trip to do it. You call this service? OH, PLEAZE!
N  16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
A couple comments.

First, a two week wait is common for appliance repairs being done by the same company that services the appliances for Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and every mom & pop appliance retailer in the country (yes, Sears and A&E Factory Service, a branch of Sears, service everyone's stuff).

Second, because they're servicing every appliance made by every manufacturer sold by every retailer on the continent, it is hardly realistic to expect them to have, in a single van, the necessary parts for every repair that they expect to do, much less the incidental repairs that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Third, Sears does not control the arrival date of parts. That's the delivery company, be it UPS, DHL, or Fed-Ex. If you have an issue with the whereabouts of your package, it would do you better to take it up with them.

Fourth, if the technician hasn't shown up, why not call service and ask them if he's coming? Sitting in silence never solved anything.

Fifth, Sears does not call you to schedule a preventive maintenance visit. Does your mechanic call you to schedule your oil change? No. It is incumbent upon you to schedule your service appointments, be they for repairs or regular maintenance. Wouldn't you think it rude if they were calling you regularly to schedule appointments while you were, say, trying to eat dinner? Well, that's the most likely way to reach you: at home at dinnertime. That's why telemarketers loved that time so much.

Sixth, if you get the instructions from Fixya.com, and spend the money on parts, and fix it yourself, you're voiding the manufacturer's warranty and voiding the terms of the protection agreement. Unless you're a licensed and approved technician, no manufacturer is going to back up the work you do with their own money (parts and labor), nor would any fiscally and legally responsible service provider.

While your situation is understandable and unfortunate, being unreasonable and irrational is hardly a constructive solution. Take a breath and a step back. What you're experiencing is commonly referred to as an inconvenience. That's what 99% of life is.
N  15th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
My Maytag washing machine, purchased 3/01, stopped working on Saturday. That day, I called Sears Repair Service to schedule a repair. The phone rep. asked if I wanted to buy the Smart Service Agreement. For $230.04, the agreement would cover any repair work needed on the machine for an extended time. If the machine couldn't be repaired, I would receive $500 toward purchasing another machine at Sear. I accepted the plan and gave them my credit card number to charge.

The repairman came on Wednesday. He said the transmission had problems and that he couldn't repair it. However, he (and the person he called by phone)said the machine was over 10 years old and therefore disqualified from the Smart Service plan. They would credit my card for $230.04. I was on my own.

I went to the Maytag website. It had a chart that provides the manufacturing date if you type in the serial number of the machine. The site proved that my machine was indeed manufactured in 2001 and was less than 10 years old.

I spent the rest of the day on the phone with several Sears representatives. Finally one confirmed that the repairman was wrong. He should have given me the authorization for $500 toward a new machine. I was given a case number and was told to call the next day for the authorization number to get the $500 "Coupon."

I called on Thursday for the number and was told that I needed to schedule another service call because the first repairman did not document the repairs needed. Nothing could happen until another repair person came to my house.

Sears has paralyzed my process of getting a new or repaired machine.
N  17th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I purchased an extended warranty on a Bissell Vaccuum. When I took it into a Sears authorized service center, they indicated that it was unrepairable and to contact Bissell. Bissell indicated that it was past the one year factory warranty and to contact Sears. I am now in a loop of calling Sears, Bissell, and Sears Protection Company, with each pointing at the other. Conclusion, this extended warranty purchased through SPC is worthless.----Update, after numerous calls, SPC finally stepped up and gave me a new vacuum. I am now happy- but wonder why I had to do so much phone work to get this done?
N  21st of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am very appalled at the lack of Customer Service when I called to inquire about a Service Repair Appointment scheduled for Friday 10-Oct-08.

At 4pm I called the 1-800 number to enquire when the Service Technicaian would arrive (I had been told 1-5pm). This was the second appointment I had made as a previous ( Weds 08-Oct-08 ) appointment was not kept by the Service technician.

When I called and spoke with the CSR (Ivy) I asked her to connect me with the Service technicans manager to confirm the appointment. She put me through with a person named Lisa, who stated the Technician would be at my home after 5pm. When I asked her if she had spoken to the technician directly she stated "No", but the system was telling her the Technicians route. I asked her if she was a Manager, and she stated she managed the route. I stated that my question was very explicit was she a "Manager", if not I wanted to speak with her Manager/Supervisor. I wanted to ensure that I was speaking with Management staff to ensure my appointment was kept. I asked her if she had spoken directly with the Technician to confirm the Appointment and she said "No". I asked her to contact the Technician directly. At this point I could hear her tone and she was getting angry and frustrated. Next thing I hear is just a dial tone.

Lisa had hung up the phone.

Despicable Customer Service Attitude.

"Ivy" was on the phone during my conversation with "Lisa".

I am extremly disappointed with:

a) the Customer Service Representations at the 1-800 Call Center.

b) lack of Repair Service Center at El Cajon, in keeping its committed timeframes.

My time is valuable to me, it is obvious to me that it is not valuable to Repair Service Center in El Cajon, CA.
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I bought a new Craftsman garage door opener, installed it, and it was dead. It was exchanged for a new one, and after installation, the new one failed to work properly. It randomly opens, fails to close properly (engages for about 6 inches, stops, and requires the button to be pushed again. Sometimes it goes all the way down, sometime not. It couldn't be calibrated because when cycled up and down a few times it overheated and shut off). The first service call was cancelled by Sears for unavailability of the service man. For the second one, I specifically asked to be called 30 minutes prior to the service call so I could be home from work. No one EVER mentioned that no call is made for the first appointment at 8:00. So about 8:20, I received a phone call saying the technician was at my house. DUH! How was I supposed to know that he was coming? As it turns out, the policy from Sears is to make NO phone call for the first appointment. This makes no sense. In the mean time, the brand new garage door can not be trusted, so is no longer in use. Yesterday as I was backing out of the garage, the door self-engaged and hit the roof of my car, denting it, breaking the antenna, and scratching the paint.

Sears could improve cusotmer service by coodinating its appointments and not expecting working people to sit home all day awaiting a technician who may not even show up.
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I bought a bedroom set for my mother in law who was very sad to move in a new senior home.

I wanted to have the bedroom organized before she could move in.

I told the salesperson that there would be nobody in the room and the delivery company had to ask the staff to open the door. The delivery day was set for thuesday.

The delivery company didn't get the instruction and knocked on the door, waited a little bit and left. They didn't leave a notice nor tried to call me.

On Wednesday, after many phone calls to Sears, they told me they could only deliver the furniture on Thursday, again between noon and 6 p.m.

I decided to hire a moving company to pick up the furniture at Sears warehouse because my mother was moving on that day. Sears has refused to compensate me.

When I opened the boxes, I found out that some screws were missing to assemble the bed. I call the salesperson and she told me that she could only get the repair man in 48 hours or I can get the screws myself at any hardware store.

I went to two hardware stores to find out that this type of screws are specially made for furniture and they didn't carry it.

At 6h30 pm. I went to Sears store and I asked the manager if I could get the screws from the bed on their floor model. I explain that I had a 95 years old lady that didn't have a bed to sleep on that night. She told me that this was out of question and I had to wait until Friday to have the repair man. She also blame me for not being in the room a the delivery day meaning that I would have had to wait from Noon to 6 pm in an empty room.

Sears was only 3 hours to close and she could have had the repair man come to the store the next day to fix their floor model. She was very cold and firm in her decision.

I told her that I could return the furniture and she replied that if it was going to make me happy to go ahead.

Then she went to her desk and handed me the Customer Service Center (which is a call center) and file a complaint.

Well, this customer service toll me the same thing and added that he could have the screws sent to me in a week. He also added that they didn't mind if I would return the set.

Sears Canada didn't show any effort in fixing their mistakes (delivery and bedrooms parts) in a reasonable time for a 95 years old lady.

I had bought a bedroom set for my son in July from BARNABY'S FURNITURE in Moncton and I had a SUPER service. They even installed the bed and put on the mattress they didn't sell me.


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In January 2007, I bought a Kenmore washer and dryer. The washer is the Elite Oasis Model # 27032602. When I start the wash, within a few seconds, it shows the F1 error code. Sears needs to place a recall on whatever the problem may be as there are many people with similiar washers having the same troubles. It used to be you get what you pay for, but anymore it is a crapshoot no matter what you buy or now much it costs. Sears needs to improve their products and customer services skills.

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