Searscustomer service / non-delivery

Jo Mar 06, 2016 Ocala, FL

We ordered a shed over 7 weeks ago from Sears. The first week they said it would take a week and would be there to be picked up next Friday. We show up and there is problem locating it. So I ask a man who said he was the manager, but who was not, if he could call the Jacksonville warehouse. He answers back very rudely No, so I ask him if he can check on the computer, again, same response from him, No ! I'm a combat infantry vet standing 6' 2" 240 lbs. he's all of maybe 5' 6", or 7" But I'm a easy going Christian man now. By the way his name is Glen Mekel.So he promises us it will be there next week. We come back next week, no shed, more excuses, another promise. Next week the same. Keeps going on, 4th week I walk with a assistant store manager, Rose. She finds out it was canceled, se she re-orders it for us and swears it will be there next week for us. Well guess what ? You got it. So week 5 comes, no shed still, so I call and talk with store manager Norma, who gives me that same story and reorders it and gives us the same promise. I also asked about Rose, (the other assistant manager I talked to) well she no longer there. I don't know, but I think she quit, because of all the complaints against Sears. We just want the shed, that's all. The way they have treated us is unacceptable. Yet, they seem to think it's ok to keep making promises and braking them. Also I don't think any discipline was handed down to the rude man in delivery that lied to us.

Sales Check # [protected] Store #01006
Ringing Associate # 4317 Transaction # 8308 Register # 009
Amount $264.99

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