Sears Craftsman Push Mower 22 Inch Cutnew lawn mower in shop more than home

P Pensacola, FL Review updated:

I bought a 22 inch Craftsman Pushmower with a Briggs & Stratton 5.5 horse motor. I have had it in the shop four times. I bought a new mower so I would not have this problem but have had nothing but problems. I am getting very frusterated with the hole process. The first time the rings did not seat correctly from the factory and they replaced it with another new mower. I was not able to use it but once before I had to return it because the starter for rope motor was bad. The third and fourth time it was carberator troubles. Again now I can not keep it running and am going to have to return it to be worked on once again. This new lawn mower has only been used five times and has been in the shop more than it is home. I really wish I could get a lawn mower that I can depend on. I am not recommending sears or craftsman to any one as I am very dis-satisfied.


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      Jul 06, 2009

    If it was 'new' why didnt you just return it for a different one?

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