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Sears / wrongful termination

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Well it all started on the last day of the year (08), there was rumors of a huge layoff going around the warehouse and everyone was nervous. All of first shift had left save a few stragglers and myself and one other Mechanic had asked to leave for the day. Our supervisor instructed us to hang out and that is what we did. Being bored with all of our work done we started riding this three wheeled bike around the shop. One thing led to another and yes we did some silly things on the bike but no one got hurt and we all went home safe. Long story short three of us with no write-ups for horse-play were fired. They sited violation of company policy but forgot to mention that they were skipping several steps in the disciplinary process. Skip ahead and I find myself unemployed with three kids and a wife to support, I applied and got unemployment and was ready to put this chapter of my life behind me when out of left field I am blindsided with Sears appealing my unemployment. This is one evil company now that Eddie Lambert owns it and I would encourage every person to speak out against Sears with their dollars.

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      18th of Sep, 2012
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    The amount of stuff I have found/read about HOW they go about firing people is SICKENING. BOYCOT SEARS & KMART! I know multiple people who were fired in the same basic, bull-crap manner.

    Cincinnati - employees used a coupon (cash back for an amount spent or something?) that was for customers, but the customer did not want the coupon. Management said it was ok for employees to use those, that they had also used the coupons - then came back the next day & said it was not ok & for them not to use them again. Employees did not use coupons anymore.

    A MONTH goes past, they are called into "loss prevention/security" office, INTERROGATED like they were on COPS Live in Cincinnati over a drug bust or murder - by a BULLY with an ONLINE interrogation certification. One or more of said employees were MINORS. Parents were never contacted. Employees involved had never been written up, questioned or anything else during this month prior to the interrogation. Employees are asked to write statements, are yelled at, called liars, and their statements are "trash", and they can salvage their jobs IF THEY RE-WRITE THEIR STATEMENTS & are coerced into what Sears wants them to write. THEN they are placed on PAID leave, then called a few days later & fired. LIARS. NO paperwork given, nothing.

    Next thing you know, another TWO months or so passes & they receive "restitution agreements" from a "collection agency" in California for the amount they used in coupons. One employees was under $30! One was more, not sure about the others. Oh, and the manager who told them she used the coupons also - WAS NOT FIRED, not even interrogated - so she was clearly in on the BLATENT SET UP of these young men/boys. I don't know how ANY of them sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror.

    They wasted way more over $30 between paying the fat bald bully to interrogate the employees, paying them to be off work, paying someone else to cover their shifts, & then a collection agency? How is this "loss" prevention? Seems like the loss prevention "team" WASTED money on this, WAY more than it was worth!! The only loss here, was the loss of respect for Sears. I have personally stood by these employees when I learned of their unfair, immoral treatment - we all need to stand up & speak out against them. I will NEVER shop there, which is too bad; brought them a lot of business & I loved Kenmore products.

    They are CLEARLY not Christians in their beliefs or morals-immoral actually! What about grace, 2nd chances & their own write up policies? - first time someone does something wrong, EVEN THOUGH their manager stated it was ok, then the employees did everything they were told to work through & "keep their jobs" - they got fired anyway. THEY ARE LIARS!!

    Sears USED TO be such a reputable company - but not anymore. Google the wrongful termination phrase with Sears in it, along with the collection agency - the number of hits is crazy.

    Good luck to anyone who reads this!! :)

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