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Sears / sears sucks

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Phone: 773-284-4200

I was a sears employee, before they wrongfully accused me of embezzling money from a company that I put my heart and soul in to for the past 6 months. I can assure you that I am a well kept and honest person. To have my character attack so, hurt me very much mentally and emotionally. Why was I chosen to have such allegations put on my table I guess I will never know but I can tell you one thing I was the best the had. I was taught that good things happen to good people but I know now that good things never happen to those people they just got lucky. I was very unlucky to have spent all my time and effort in a company that can give two craps about who you are. Personally I will never work for sears or kmart again all they do is scam people out of there money and whom ever maybe reading this don't apply for a sears card and if you have one cancel it because they are going to boost the interest rates and start charging you even when you don't use it. So take my advise from the other side of that evil rotten phony company of theirs and tell them to shove it. Did you know that when you apply for a credit card they get $1000.00 for each one as an individual I made them the month of july $81, 000 dollars and I got fired because a friend gave me a gift card for $0.94 that I used for my purchase. That's how low down they are so whether you are a customer or an employee they will and I do mean will # you over...

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  • Fo
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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  • Sc
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I know what you mean .. when i went to work for sears i was assaulted physical, by the manager! of the auto center, they do not know how to treat their employees, , they screw you out of commission! ! ! My manger in the auto center worked for target at 1 point in time, , , and was caught embezzling from them (WHY IS HE A MANAGER! ! !) i worked for them for six months also and they just screw you over one after another (VERY BAD COMPANY TO WORK FOR) and when you train you get $9.00 per hour, , then after that you go to $5.75 per hour the screw with their books to make it seem you are making over 8 bucks per hour that's crap (SEARS SUCKS )

  • Ki
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Sounds like sour grapes to me...and associate being given $1000 for a credit app is ridiculous. Last I heard it was $5.00, so while you may be mad...lets tell the truth here.

  • Ch
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    i have a sears credit card i sent the check to the wrong credit card and sears cash it so i call them and they said they would sent me a check witch i never got i call several time and was told they where investigation it and the last person i talk to said there no investigation they lie to me i have paid them already and told the girl to put it back on my sears they will charge me a interest on my card the next time but i, m not paying for the interest only what i owe and then cancel them my advice is to not get a credit card with them and tell your friend too

  • Sa
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    My boyfriend and i were both hired at Sears. After a week my bf was fired for stealing what they said was over $1000 fromt he ccash register and putting $500 on a giftcard. :/ I still work there and i like it, the manager is pretty cool.

    but anyways my question is, he needs to work. so if he applies for another job will this ### about being fired be on his record?? oh and we are both under 18.

    please answer, i need help :/

    -Samantha tucson, az

  • Cr
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Sound like a lot of people with unjustified problems. First off I worked at sears up until 3 months ago and trust me I never would have left if I was making $1000 per credit app. If you made 81, 000 in one month you probably wouldn't be using that .94 cent gift card. You are coming across as stupid, from what I remember it is $2.00 per app if you get at least five in a month. Can you even define embezzlement, I currently work LP for another company and I have never heard of a store level employee being fired for 'embezzlement'. Sounds like your not showing the whole story.

    As for samantha, since your boyfriend is under 18 most likely not unless they call his former employer. How it typically works is an employee caught stealing, is usually put into a retailer database that almost all large retailers check before hiring an employee. Because he was under 18 though there is a chance he was not entered into this database. Bad way to get started at such a young age.

  • Co
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    People need to READ what a post says before replying. "Sears Sucks" did not say HE made $1, 000 per CC app, he said SEARS made that. He made SEARS $81, 000 in a month, meaning he solicited 81 consumer applications. He probably made $0.00, because they only run "incentive" promotions now and then where employees actually get anything, then they tax it at 55% as a "gift". The Bank underwriting the Sears Branded Credit card (MSNBA, GE, ect) does pay its retailers well- after all they receive millions in finance charges every year and don't have to work to get the accounts.

    I was a credit manager for another major retailer who used GE for underwriting for 5 years.

  • Co
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    Definition: n. the crime of stealing the funds or property of an employer, company or government or misappropriating money or assets held in trust.[1]
    . . .for instance, a clerk or cashier handling large sums of money can embezzle cash from his or her employer.[2]

    For an LP, or Loss Prevention (AKA Store Security) I'm surprised YOU aren't familiar with the definition. Cashiers and cash office employees are THE classic embezzlers because they often take small amounts over a long period of time so it isn't easily detected. It isn't larceny or theft because they are actually entrusted with the money. If they took a diamond ring, or a writing pen, it can be considered retail theft, larceny, or a number of different things based on the state you are in.


  • Ma
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    When buy any purchase from any store on a new appliance there is a 1 yr manufacture warranty no matter what. If you choose to purchase and extended warranty say like a MPA(master protection agreement) which gives you 4 services and 4 part failures on your appliance or if it has to be repaired and can't be fixed or parts are on backorder for over 3 wks, then it will get replaced. Or there is a SSA that if your appliance is demended unrepairable then it gives you upto $500 toward a new one. Then there is the RPA(repair protection agreement that has the repairs that you don't have to pay for, but the item can't be replaced at no cost to you. So, no matter where you buy you item, there is always an offer of an extended warranty. We must all accepted that appliances are not made like there were way back when and that there will be problems with them. So, think before you buy and to me, it is worth a little more for the extra warranty to cover my products. No one expects to have a new item break or not work, but it does happen. So whether you buy from Sears, Best Buy, Lowes or Home depot nothing isguaranteed to work forever. Cover yourself and your appliance. Only an idiot would think that something will run forever without problems. And if you dont get any satisfaction with service or the store call 8004796351 executive offices One Source like I did.They are willing to do what they can to help you. But if it is out of warranty with no extended warranty, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • Se
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Same for Sears Auto Center! The work crew is awesome and friendly, its just Eric Thomspon, Eric Lamb's, and Dann (all ### manager's) are ###ing jerks. They scam me on my hours every pay check, i get paid $5.75 an hour (and they complain about over time!!! Cheap ###s) a commission rate of %2 ###ing percent which comes out to be $9.00 an hour YAY!!!, no health care, no benefits what so ever!!! "There is no future working for sear's, you never get a chance to step forward..." as my co-worker, who has working for sears 14 years, told me. What ever you do DON"T WORK FOR SEARS AUTO CENTER!!! No matter how hard you try to sell your ### off in the end when you get your paycheck, it feels like your getting ripped off! OOOOOH and when they say they got a buy three get one free sale its a ###ing lie!! they just raise up the price of each tire in order to make up for the "FREE FOURTH TIRE".

  • St
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    Sears just fired me two days ago saying i stole money aka a gift card... WHEN I DIDNT. they pulled me into the LP office explained to me why they thought i was trying to scam them but didn't.

    SO when i did a return w/o a recite and i got a bit more money back. but i didnt think of it as stealing, but every time i did a return w/o a recite i always got less money back...they never pulled me into the office to see if got my money back but omg the one time i got a bit more money back i apparently stole from them.


    sears dose not pay you for all your hours
    sears dose not pay you for all your credit application processes
    and when you complain about it they ignore you.

    they fired me, and now some fat ### in LP is saying i do this from store to store...

    and the only time i ever did a return with out a recite was for a exchange but just once...


    plus sears ###s you over there their credit cards, don't EVER apply for one.

  • La
      24th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i was fired from kmart yesterday...and arrested for retail theft. It was my fault, I ###ed up...i wasn't ringing some purchases up for other employees and they were doing the same for me...needless to say, about 4 of us were let go...escorted by the police.
    Now that all being said, I never had a problem with my time not being paid, I always received my commission for selling the replacement plans and the credit card applications (it is $2 per application...after you get 5 in a month)
    What I did have a problem with is they would schedule me for 15 hours a week, then call me on my days off to come and cover for someone...and if I couldnt come in, they would tell me that I was not a reliable employee and that is why I was only scheduled for 15 hours a week. I was there 5 months and only missed 1 day of work...covered peoples hours when they were a no call no show and even worked on the floor (i was a cashier) when they were short in that area.
    Now, I am not looking for someone to tell me I am stuipd for stealing, I already know that...i figured it out all by myself as I was getting fingerprinted and photographed at the police station.
    Well, thats it, just wanted to put my 2 cents in...
    Oh I probably will never work for them again either...they dont want me anymore

  • Ne
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    They sure don't give a crap about their underpaid employees. I just recently requested a two week emergency leave to go out of the country and handle some family emergencies. The request was made 1-2 months prior the actual date I had to go. Couple of days before I had to go to my trip they denied it. Of course their not obligated to give me the time off considering I was a part-time associate. But come on at least give me the heads up a few weeks before hand so I can make my final desicions to put my two weeks notice or something. But yeah It's not worth all the trouble for CHEAP Labor. Goodluck in life ladies n gentz.
    P.S. ### Sears and everything in it.

  • Ne
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Oh I forgot I worked there for a Year and 4 months.

  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    I work for Sears in Richland County. I would like to know if it's ok if you're a stock-shipping and receiving employee and your supervisor makes you go outside and sweep and/or clean up the parking lot. I would think that either maintenance or housekeeping would be responsible for this.

    I understand the "other duties as assigned, but this would be within your immediate department, not going to do work where there are employees that are actually assigned to these duties.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Frustrated employee that feels like I'm being used wrongfully.

  • Re
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    I work in Loss prevention, we do not falsly accuse people of stealing money. We cant even interview you unless we have proof... and as far as the other complaints about sears...let me tell you something. I have worked for them for 9 years, are they always fair? NO...Do I get paid what I think I am worth? NO...I have several gripes about them, but every two weeks I get a check...I have a job. So...before you run them in the ground too much...appreciate that you have a job when so many other americans are losing everything they have because they dont. If you dont like working for Sears...go see if you can find a job some where else. Chances are you cant...stop some point they offered you a job for X amount of money and at some point you said there is no one to blame but yourself. To comment on "the other duties" do you know that it takes less time to do something than it does to stand around and belly ache about it? I am tired of seeing lazy ### people come to work for the company that want to belly ache and stand around doing nothing instead of doing they best they can. It doesnt matter if you make 5 an hour or 100 an should do the best you can. You accepted the job and the shutup or happy you have a job.

  • Su
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    To damspecial...I work at the Sears in Champaign IL...I just had to do that ### the other day myself, i just sweep the ### into the its the malls problem. I've been working for them for all of 2 weeks now and of those 2 weeks I've had 2 days off...I was under the impression that I was a Part time employee...?

  • Cs
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    This complaint isn't sour grapes. The employee doesn't get $1, 000, the store gets that from the credit card company. I also was accused of stealing and fired. I have never in my life stolen anything from anyone. Sears has no reason to treat their employees like this. You say that you always heard that good things happen to good people. I believe that too. We were both lucky enough to get out of Sears and that is a good thing in itself. I got a better job with more money and I wouldn't go back to Sears if they begged and paid me double.

  • Re
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    i disagree i live in florida i guess its different here from illonios

  • Mz
      26th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It sounds like there was an ambitious LP Manager who needed to build there cases of internals. You got caught in the middle of "Retail" politics. It happens more than you know.

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