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Sears Automotive / unprofessional customer service

1 1150 Sunrise HwyValley Stream, NY, United States
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On 05/05/08 I took my car in to Sears Automotive to purchase two new tires, since I was getting two new tires, I decided to get an alingment done on my car, even though the alingment on my car was perfect (i thought since i was getting two new tires i should). It did not take to much time to have the work done on my car. Once they were completed with my car, I got in it and started to drive away. Right away I realized that the steering was very hard (stiff) and that my car was steering to the LEFT rather than straight. Since I had to go to work, I could not turn around that day. So, I insted went back to Sears Automotive on 05/06/08 so they can fix the car alingment, this time the customer service was not good, they hardly had anybody working that day. Once they were finished with my car, I drove off again. Once more the alignment of my verhicle was not good, it was steering even more to the left. Since I was leaving out of town, I could not take my car back the next day, so I went back to the store on 05/12/08, in a very calm, nice matter, I asked the customer service representative to please let me speak with the Supervisor. The supervisor made his way to the section I was at of the store, and ingored me and pretended to be doing something else, he finally then goes towards me with an attitude. I explained to the supervisor that I was being inconvenienced for the 3rd time by brining my car into the store, so they could fix the alingment. I explained that when I initially brought car in the alingment on my car was PERFECT, and the only reason I got an aligment done was because I purchased two new tires. I told him that once I drive away, the alingment on my car is HORRIBLE, it steers to the LEFT rather than straight. In a very UNPROFESSIONAL MATTER he started raising his voice at me, and said that he does not know if my car was good or not, he cannot take my word, he then said the streets are uneven and that is why your car is steering to the left. He then told me that he thinks, I don't know what an aligment is...Again in a calm voice, I told him I know what an aligment is, I know that streets are uneven at times, and I know for a fact that the aligment on my car is not straight, and steering to the left, I asked him if he could please get a qualified technician to do the alignment on my car...He claimed they are all qualified techicians, and he said that the alingment on my car was good, this according to the specs that he is given from his computer screen...Soooo they took my car back into the shop where a technician was to preform the alignment...The techncian working on my car called me to the back, because he wanted to show me what his computer is reading, he said that he did everything and the car is still not going to be aligned straight. The technician claimed that I was in an accident or my car was in an accident, and that is the reason why the alingment on my car is not going to be straight. MY CAR HAS NOT BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT, THE ALIGNMENT WAS PERFECT BEFORE THE DREADFUL DAY I TOOK IT INTO THE SEARS AUTOSHOP. The experience at this Autoshop was HORRIBLE. Also, the Supervisor whom I spoke with, was actually the Department Manager and his name is JAVIER RIOS...He tried to belittle me, and was very unprofessionl and rude. The technician who worked on my car his name was George (I have his last name, but I will not disclose it, as he was only trying to do his job, even though he too tried giving me an attitude). I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMEND ANYONE TO GET AN ALIGMENT DONE AT SEARS, EVEN IF IT IS FREE (I had to pay, and they did not even want to give me a refund, they keep saying oh you have a 6000 mile warranty on it). IF YOU WANT NEW TIRES OK...ANYBODY CAN PUT NEW TIRES I CAN PUT NEW TIRES...BUT FOR ANYTHING ELSE I RECOMEND YOU TAKE YOUR CAR TO THE CAR MANUFACTURER OR CERTIFIED TRAINED TECHNICIANS OF YOUR CARS MODEL, OR A CERTIFIED WELL KNOWN AUTO SHOP... Javier Rios the Dept. Manager very unprofessional and RUDE... Oh the only nice person was the Customer service representative who does the paper work. He was very pleasant and helpful in his own way.


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